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Have a baby or else!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I get an e-mail from Merdian every day. They have links on the side to real news articles that are sometimes interesting. I’m not a big news reader. I should be able to find the time and become interested in it, but I’m not. There was one article that caught my eye though.
Washington Same-Sex Marriage Proponents: Require Heterosexual Couples to Have Kids or Face Annulment

I thought how ridiculous. You don’t have to read it to understand how degrading this is to couples. All couples. So if you’re gay and you don’t adopt within three years your “marriage” should be annulled also? What about those couples who cannot have a baby easily but would rather try for years with invetro (sp?) than adopt? What about those who can’t afford to adopt or do invetro? You’re infertile and can’t have a child so lets stick it to you more and annull your marriage. You just don’t want children so you’re marriage doesn’t count. Maybe you’re 55 when you marry but you’d better get on the baby train. It’s ridiculous.

Now this is not up for voting yet, they’re still in the process of getting it on the ballot. Maybe they’re trying to show that you don’t have to have kids to be a devoted couple, but really I think they’re going about it wrong.
Anyways there’s my light on news. People are idiots.