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Monday, February 19th, 2007

So I went on the trip.
Eden had a small fever on Wednesday night, but she only puked once that day. Thursday morning she was her normal happy singing self in bed so I decided to go. I had folded all the clothes I washed for the trip so it would be fairly easy packing. We were all set and then at 10 am when I started to think about getting everything in my mom’s car I realized we’d left the car seats in our car. Jon was a doll and dropped them off for us so we left about 11:15.
Both girls seemed normal on Thursday. It was very happy traveling and we didn’t use the DVD player my mom brought because they were quiet the whole time, napping or reading books.
They didn’t eat very much Thursday night, though they ate well at lunch. (We went to Chuck -a-Rama’s in St. George, one of the reason’s I so badly wanted to go on the trip in the first place.)

Friday morning Lilah was great, Eden ate hardly anything but drank a lot of orange juice. We stayed at the hotel while my mom went and decorated the cake for my cousin’s reception.
Eden threw up about 10:30 am. I was able to clean it up easily, luckily the carpet was hunter green. She seemed fine after that so we took a walk across the street and played at a little play ground that we found. The maid came while we were gone, I warned her about the throw up, and our room smelled like cinnamon when we returned.
We walked to a diner for lunch and just had it to go since I was alone and Eden was sick. I felt like a single mom. Why you ask? Well I was there with my girls alone and two Jon had my rings so he could get them checked for our extended warranty plan. So I was without my wedding ring. I felt like everyone saw that I had kids, and saw that I was not married because I had no rings.
Lilah had her drink while we waited for our food and she spilled it. 16 oz of soda and ice on the bench. Her and Eden thought they were helping by running their hands in the soda and wiping the bench but without any napkins. I got mad at Lilah because she continued to do this and she started to cry. Luckily we had our food so I was able to usher them out as she cried and Eden tried to give her a hug. I felt like people were thinking, “Oh the poor single mother can’t keep her temper when her child spills her drink”.
I just felt single the whole time. Anywhere we went really. I was there with my mom, two girls and without a wedding ring. Of course I know I was more self conscious then others really noticed, but being in Utah I felt more judged for some reason.
We all went to the reception. Eden seemed to be doing better, even though she had a diaper blowout, and Lilah was still fine.
My cousins, Brittany (16) and Celeste (14) kept holding Lilah and Eden. I had to remind them that Lilah had legs and she could walk. Eden was very cuddly and she liked just being with me that night.
Here’s another reason I felt like people thought I was a single mom. At the reception people noticed I had kids, but never asked about my husband. (The the groom’s family.) So I felt like they thought I was single or maybe thy didn’t want to ask in case I was single.

Saturday neither girls ate much of anything at breakfast. Eden had a pretty good day, but Lilah did not.
We stopped at Beaver for lunch and right after we ordered Lilah started coughing, which has been pretty normal for the last two weeks. Then she threw up right there by the registers at Wendy’s. Luckily she hadn’t eaten much so it was just watery, not chunky. She threw up a little and I thought it would stop but then she threw up a little more and I tried to rush her to the bathroom where she threw up on the way and just a little in the toilet. The girls shared a banana and we ate lunch.
They both slept a lot on the way to St. George.
We stopped in St. George and Lilah went into a store with my mom for some knitting needles. Once inside the store she threw up again. ( I asked her if she felt okay and she said she did, but we think the walking made her sick.)
The rest of the trip was fine, but neither of the girls ate or drank much.
Saturday night Lilah coughed and threw up once,and then throughout the night felt like she was going to threw up anytime she coughed.

They stayed home Sunday and slept all day.
Eden threw up on Jon Sunday night right after I canceled dinner with Carolyn for tonight, Monday.
Today has been more sleep and slightly lethargic girls.
I hate having sick girls. Luckily today is a holiday and Jon has it off. I may make him stay home tomorrow, but well see.
Eden seems to want food, bit she won’t eat the applesauce I give her. I think she’s sick of applesauce.
Lilah just wants cuddles and she eats a little.
I hope they get better soon. They did have a good time on the trip though. Lilah didn’t want to leave the hotel. I think she liked all the soda’s and restaurants we were visiting.