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Sunday, March 4th, 2007

The week’s been busy. Thursday we had our first preschool class with the other kids in our ward. Lilah loved it. Eden was good. We have the classes split. One with the kids born in 2004 and before, and then one for 2005 and after. It was suppose to be more of we take turns teaching, assisting or being in the nursery, and if you weren’t in one of those three positions you could go do what you wanted, but the Church isn’t suppose to do a daycare/preschool type setting so the moms now have to stay in the building. I was in the nursery with Eden. I taught them about wind but 20 month olds don’t really care about wind, paper bag kites, or twirling with crate paper. They do like bubbles and wind chimes. They also like just playing or being read too. I had four kids and a young women from the ward helping so it was pretty easy, but boy does times stand still when you’re entertaining young toddlers. The first hour felt like 2 and then luckily the second hour their was another activity that I was able to go to and get some socialization. I’m in the nursery again this Thursday. I think I’ll bring some of my books form home and maybe something that makes music to entertain them more. I’ll have the whole two hours with them this time to fill by myself and another young women, so we’ll see how it goes.

Saturday was a good day. Jon’s niece Shauntae, and her family came to town. We had a dinner at Annie’s house. I made rolls and everyone loved them. They turned out well anyways. It was fun to sit and chat with her and family for a couple hours. They were down just for the weekend.

Today was stake conference. Jon didn’t want to go so I thought I’d go by myself, but we stayed up late watching Memoirs of a Geisha and I didn’t want to get ready this morning. (Absolutely loved the movie. It’s now on our to buy list.) I use to pride myself on being one of those people who went to stake conference instead of taking a Sunday off. I could sympathize why they would want to stay home rather then sit on hard chairs for two hours and try to entertain their kids for twice the normal time. Today I was one of those slackers. I really enjoyed it though.
I did get a lot done, even though it suppose to be a day of rest. I decide to fold the 2 partial loads of kids clothes plus the whole load that was sitting in the dryer. (I wash clothes and as long as their is room in the laundry baskets and dryer I don’t always fold. Two loads had been done of the girls clothes but neither folded so they were now partial because we had used clothes from them.)
I also did three other loads of laundry. Jon played with the girls outside and did a lot around the house. Dishes and dinner. 🙂
It was such a beautiful day. I hope tomorrow is the same way. I think I’ll wear shorts in hopes that I’ll get a tan.