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On my weigh….t

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Well I’m trying to get serious about working out. Well exercising. I don’t have a gym membership for a few reasons: one it costs money; two I don’t think there is one within 20 minutes of me that I would like to go to anytime at night or early morning when it’s still dark; three I’d have to go in the evening when Jon got home or before he goes to work (I’ve mentioned how I don’t get up until he leaves at 7:30 right?); fourth even if I had a car Jon doesn’t trust gym daycare, so I’d have to do a trade or wait until he got home anyways.
The last reason is I’ve never been to a gym so I’m afraid I’d look like a complete idiot trying to work certain equipment and also I’ve heard gross things about the germs and bacteria on gym equipment.

My solution Winsor Pilates. I have an aerobic workout and a toning one that I plan on alternating each day, where as before it was do one or both of them once a week. I also have other videos once I get good/bored of these.
I’ve worked out each day of the week, or three days thus far. I plan on doing my ab workout tonight. It just works out better for me to do the toning at night on days that I do it, and the aerobic during the day on those days.
I’m changing my diet a little. I think it has helped, though I’m not sure. The one reason I’m becoming diligent is I gained like 5 pounds last Sunday. I think the trip up to Utah caught up with me and it all went to my gut, butt and thighs, especially my gut. My pants are getting very uncomfortable and I fell so self conscious in them because they’re so tight. For this reason I want to really lose weight and why I’ve been motivated to workout three times this week alone.

So here are things I’m hoping will help:
Drink more water or at least a glass at each meal. (In the end it will be about 6 cups a day.)
Have a smaller breakfast and a snack in the mid morning. (I like a big bowl of cereal at breakfast and I don’t eat until lunch.)
Eat eggs regularly to help with protein intake. ( I like them with toast at lunch, this way I last longer. I get so light headed at 3pm or right at the time I’m finally able to work out when I eat a light lunch without eggs. if I have my afternoon snack before I workout I then cramp during the aerobic and have a need to stop anyways. I honestly wonder if I have a blood sugar problem.)
Eat less sweets and chocolate.
(I’m doing well on this. We still have some of the chocolates in the cupboard from valentine’s and the girls have helped me eat most of them, though I’ll be glade when they’re finally gone. I did just buy some girl scout cookies on Saturday though.They’re for a good cause at least.)
Don’t eat after 7-7:30 pm. (This is a hard one. I get hungry at 9 and have a snack. This was explainable when I was breast feeding but now it’s just habit.)

I already feel better after trying this week to not eat at night. It may just be placebo though. I’m just trying to regulate and do better. I want to eat in a way that I can continue it the rest of my life, or for a very long time anyways. I just want to build good habits. I know there are faster ways to lose weight, but I don’t mind if it takes a while. I really just want to be healthy and happy to know that I’m taking care of myself and I hope that I lose weight along the way. I do want to lose some weight quickly, like the 5 pounds I just gained, but we’ll see.
I know the Wendy’s I had for lunch is not going to help the process. Maybe I should do the aerobic and ab workout today……