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Something about my house must say “Throw things at me”.

Friday, March 9th, 2007

We were in the backyard on Wednesday. Our neighbors directly behind us have a ladder propped up on the back wall. It doesn’t make me especially comfortable but I didn’t care until Wednesday. I was sitting on the grass and looked over and saw a little head peeking over. It was, I’m guessing, the young daughter to that neighbor. This didn’t bother me. What bothered me it when she tossed over a small batter powered, used, sucker fan thing. She’s young I’m sure it was just to be friendly, right? Then she decided to toss overĀ  a bracelet and play pearl necklace. I then said please stop tossing things over or I will tell your mother. It stopped. I was mostly worried about heavy things hitting my girls. The battery sucker fan thing had a plastic stick that poked from it and had it landed on a head I’m sure stitches would have been needed or brain damage had it landed right on Eden’s soft spot. (Yes the possibilities are slim but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.)

The other incident. Our neighbors next to us have two young girls, about 4 and 2. Yesterday they decided it would be fun to throw rocks into our driveway. They’re not rocks, but the basalt yard rocks that crumble if you drive over them or if you’re heavy enough stepping on them will cause them to crumble also. (Geology class paid off!!) When we got home yesterday I asked the neighbor girl if she threw the rocks. She said yes and I asked her to not throw them because they could hurt our car. I don’t know how much she understood in my statement because they speak Spanish as their main language at home.

If you can see “throw things at me” on my house please tell me. But it might only be read by little children or I suppose heard by them.