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Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The other night at bedtime Lilah started asking why we only have two kids and the Lee’s have so many. I told her they had six and she asked why don’t we have six kids. It’s funny because I use to want six kids, now I’m like three or four is good for me. We explained that our family just hadn’t grown yet and that Mommy and Daddy would have another baby someday. We asked her what she wanted a little sister or brother and she said brother.  So I guess I’m bound to have a boy sometime, Lilah and Jon both think we’ll have a boy, and then there’s always my fortune.
I think the development of her brain is interesting. Her realizing the difference in size of our family and wanting to have more kids. Really I think she just wants more kids to play with.
She asks questions about everything nowadays. She use to sit complacently in front of the TV and watch movies now she’s asking why about everything that occurs in the movies. It’s great to know she’s observing and wanting to understand her world around her but annoying when you were planning on reading your lesson for church while the kids were babysat by the TV.


Thursday, April 26th, 2007

My sister Andrea has finally announced to the blogger world that she’s pregnant!
In a very subtle way. Quote “36. He will make a great dad come this October.
She’s due October 29th. I’m sad they live in Ely. We won’t know the baby very well but once we get a second car I may take during the week trips to see the baby, that is if she’s a stay at home mom, otherwise I guess I’d be babysitting while she’s at work.
I do envy that she’ll be able to enjoy the cool Ely air in the summer rather than a terribly hot Las Vegas air summer while being pregnant, we’re suppose to get to 94 degrees this weekend and it’s only April, but I do think it’s funny that she’ll be pregnant for Carolyn’s wedding this August. This will mean that someone has been pregnant for three out of the four Harvey girl’s weddings. Kristi was pregnant at both mine and Andrea’s wedding.
I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy Andrea!

This was announced earlier to the blogger world but Andrea had kept it off her blog until now.


Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Well we finally did it. We went camping as a family. I’m not much for camping. Really it’s the dirt and the outhouses I don’t care for, and those were the main two things we had to put up with while camping at the Valley of Fire this past week, luckily it was just one night.
It all started when I said I wanted to go to this store in St George Utah. I wanted to try on the swimsuit, tankini short set, and rather than just order online and take the risk of not liking it or it not fitting right, I thought a day trip to St. George would be fun along with some good ole Chuck A’ Rama, which I can never pass up, in which you all know that. Jon thought a trip to St. George followed by a night of camping at the Valley of Fire would be fun. I saw an opportunity to go to Utah and I took it. So we went to Utah this past Thursday and the Valley of Fire to camp and came home on Friday. It was good that we went on the trip and I tried on the swimsuit outfit. Thanks to my large hips and small boobs my body was disproportioned for the shorts and tankini set, in which the store doesn’t sell them separate, just as a set. Hello! Most women do not have uniform bodies. I have a size medium top but a size large butt, sometimes I can get the small top and the medium butt, but then I’m labeling my boobs small and that’s no fun, but my butt does like to be a medium. Anyways enough about my body. I didn’t buy the swimsuit combo but I did buy some cute board shorts.

We ate lunch and headed back to the Valley of Fire. We got there by way of Overton and visited the Lost City Museum while we traveled through. (Jon had seen the sign on the way up and thought it might be fun.)
It was $3 for each adult and free for those 18 and younger. ( I wonder if we’d gone there when I was 20 if I could have convinced her I was 18?) I don’t know if the museum was worth $6 plus another $6 for the corn necklaces we bought the girls, but I know they mostly just need the support of income rather than surviving on just donations. We like to support things like this so we did.
Lilah had fun looking at the Indian homes and was asking lots of questions. She loved looking at the representative archaeological sight and asked a million times what the woman was doing. (It was as statue of an Indian women grinding maze, or corn.)
We left the museum and set off to the Valley of Fire to set up camp.
Once to camp Lilah couldn’t wait to hike. I occupied her by having her find animal tracks around our camp, she then started making tracks and would tell us to follow the Lilah tracks, or the Mommy tracks or the Eden tracks. I helped Jon set the tent up and then as he got the sleeping bags ready I went hiking with the girls.  We spotted a jack rabbit that came withing 10 feet of us and also yelled for Daddy when we reached the top of one of the “mountains”. Of course I didn’t have the camera due to carrying Eden most of this time.
After Jon was done setting up camp we all went hiking.
When we were at camp the girls occupied themselves by playing in the beautiful red sand. I did let them play in it but I drew the line at laying in it. I didn’t get any pictures but they sure had fun with it.

It was a beautiful night. We enjoyed a tinfoil dinner of salmon with yummy broccoli, cauliflower and carrot. They turned out great.
The night was windy though. Even though I was spoiled with an air mattress and a new sleeping bag, I felt as though I was awake more than asleep. The wind rattling the tent made it hard to sleep and Eden was pretty restless during the night. Luckily Jon was next to the girls so I just had to nudge him to have him take care of them. πŸ™‚

I was going to take a picture of our tight sleeping quarters but I forgot. Our tent, which we inherited from Jon’s brother Conrad when he had to leave it behind, is just 8×8 feet and about 4 feet tall at it’s highest point. We fit a twin sized air mattress, that I was willing to do without but Jon thought we should use it anyways, Jon’s sleeping bag and the girls bags were folded in half and took up the space of one sleeping bag. We initially borrowed bags from Jon’s parents but they were too light and so we plundered my parents camp stuff Wednesday night before we left and found heavier ones which came in handy on the cold night.

Thursday was cloudy, cold and windy. Our luck with dinner the night before was just that, luck. Jon wasn’t able to get the coals hot and keep them hot on Thursday so our eggs were cooked just enough and the sausage not enough, though Lilah ate it before I could tell her not too. ( Some of the sausages were done more than others and she and Jon never did get sick. ) This was our first time cooking with charcoal, so I think one meal success out of two ain’t bad.
With all the wind I had Eden in the car for most of the take down. She kept getting upset because the table cloth was being blown by the wind and she didn’t want to move from the bench so I put her in the car. She was a real trooper and sat in her seat for the hour or so of taking down the camp. Of course I was in and out of the car. I also gave her books to look at. I think she was just tired form not getting a good nights sleep or a good nap the day before.
We left earlier than anticipated because of the wind.
Instead of doing lots of hiking on Thursday we packed up and drove around. We hiked a little at the White domes. The girls liked sitting in a cave.
Then we went to the visitors center before we left. By this time Eden had fallen asleep so I stayed and took a nap with her while Jon and Lilah went to the visitors center and climb a few rocks.

It was lots of fun. Lilah didn’t take to well to the outhouse but she still used it. Anytime we had to go she’d cover her nose for the whole walk there, but once out she’d breath deeply. I think I hid my disgust for the outhouse pretty well and never vomited while there.
We hope to return there again. Lilah had so much fun climbing and Eden did too. We need to enjoy God’s beauty more often. I think they’ll just be day trips though. I’m not fond of camping, though it was a little fun.

Camping Trip- Pictures

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

We didn’t take any pictures until later in the trip. Lilah picked flowers while I changed Eden’s diaper. It was very fragrant.


We visited the lost City Museam on our way to camp.


Eden was looking through rocks, or at least holding them up to her eyes. I thought it was funny.



The girls outside a Pueblo.


Outside the original part of the Lost City Museum.


A basket weavers home/ hole in the ground.


Our camp surroundings




Strong girls, high climbers!



Where Jon was taking the pictures from.



Our yummy dinner.


Day 2



Crazy windblown, slept in hair.

I wasn’t able to comb it because of the wind outside and the static electricity in the tent and car.



The cave we found on our hike at the White Domes located at the Valley of Fire.



A picture Jon took while they were climbing at the visitor’s center.

100 more…. but about Jon

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

My husband and I had a conversation last night. It was about him knowing at least 100 things about me. I told him he needed to recite the list and his reply was that he didn’t know their would be a pop quiz. Some how the challenge of whether or not I know 100 things about him came up. I then started listing things and he said I should right them down if I wanted them to count. So here are 100 things about my husband.

1. Jon has lived in Las Vegas his whole life.
2. Jon has 7 siblings. He’s third from the youngest.
3. Jon’s best man at our wedding was Jason, his younger brother who has down syndrome.
4. Watching  The Electric Company helped him learn to read.
5. He learned to swim at 16.
6. He never got his eagle scout.
7. He has three adopted siblings.
8. Jon’s first major in college was mechanical engineering.
9. Jon’s graduating major was computer engineering.
10. He went on a mission to Rochester New York.
11. He went on a trip to the sacred grove while in high school.
12. Jon went and graduated from Western High school, as well as all his older siblings.
13. Jon took German in high school. (I think, he’ll call me on it if I’m wrong.)
14. Jon took weightlifting in high school and was pretty buff if he dare says.
15. Jon played viola in high school
16. He was first chair viola his senior year in all state orchestra. (I think, either that or at his school.)
17. The main food Jon knew how to cook in high school was scrabbled eggs. When his father had a heart attack he feed the grandkids scrabbled eggs for a week until his dad was out of the hospital and his mom was back home.
18. One time a neighbor boy came to his doorstep naked wanting to play.
19. Lacey was Jon’s first kiss.
20. Jon only had one real girlfriend before dating Lacey.
21. Jon went to Redrock elementary.
22. Jon took 10 years to graduate college. He had no motivation to graduate till he got married. He was on his mission for 2 of those years.
23. Jon loves to read.
24. His favorite series of books as a kid are by Joe Dever.
25. He currently works with a team of volunteers to put Joe Dever’s book online.
26. Jon does not affiliate with any political party.
28. Jon use to be a Republican.
29. Jon use to be a Mormon.
30. Jon is a naturalist.
31. Jon has no favorite color, but his wife likes him in blue.
32. Jon has no favorite food, but he most often likes fish a restaurants.
33. Jon does not like sports but will watch them with Lilah.
34. Jon likes to play and spend time with his girls.
35. Jon is even tempered.
36. Jon wants to hike the grand canyon with his family.
37. Jon doesn’t want to go to Italy.
38. Jon likes learning toys for his girls.
39. Jon doesn’t like Wal-mart for political reasons.
40. Jon thought Lacey was cute from the first time he saw her, even though she was under age. πŸ™‚
41. Jon has never gambled.
42. Jon puts the toilet set down.
43. Jon has a crazy tie collection from his mission.
44. Jon has a crazy shirt collection from his mission. Most are unapproved by his wife and will become a quilt eventually.
45. Jon is an excellent writer.
46. Jon knows a lot of two dollar words and even five dollar ones. πŸ™‚
47. Jon is very good at math.
48. Jon has shared a room his whole life, except the few days when he stayed at our apartment before we were married.
49. Jon is a good money saver.
50. Jon has about 100 CD’s, or a least a lot.
51. Jon is a lover of almost all music, though his favorite band is Jethro Tull.
52. Jon was introduced to Jethro Tull while on his mission by another missionary.
53 Jon had three mission presidents while on his mission.
54. Jon had many pets growing up. One was as dog named Blackie who was protective of him.
55. Jon become an uncle at the rip old age of 3.
56. Jon types very well and fast.
57. Jon tries to teach his stubborn wife typing shortcuts but she’s stubborn.
58. Jon wants to retire before he dies. πŸ™‚
59. Jon wants to adopt a child or two someday.
60. Jon enjoys gardening.
61. Jon enjoys the outdoors.
62. Jon cooks wonderful omelets.
63. Jon mostly cooks breakfast foods and bread.
64. Jon doesn’t like cooked carrots.
65. Jon helps his wife by doing dishes.
66. If you ask Jon to do something and you’re perfectly capable of doing it he it won’t do it, or won’t like doing it.
67. Jon wasn’t ticklish until Lacey tickled him.
68. Jon likes to buy tools. Something we didn’t do until we got a house.
69. Jon likes mowing with a push mower.
70. Jon thinks global warming is a crock.
72. Jon sleeps mostly on his belly.
73. Jon wakes up early now that’s he’s old. πŸ™‚
74. Jon enjoys doing yoga.
75. Jon never wants to be in a management position.
76. Jon took Latin in college.
77. Jon has a Qur’an
78. Jon collected bottle caps for a time.
79. Jon has long toes.
80. Jon likes his wife the best.
81. Jon didn’t use his AC when driving alone before he dated Lacey, unless it was really hot.
82. Jon worked at a machinist type shop that built a few robots when in college.
83. Jon had a some smarty pants scholarship when he first started college.
84. Jon has 15 credits towards a masters degree.
85. Jon enjoys working in the higher education system.
86. Jon reads a lot of different blogs daily. He introduced his wife to Bloglines
87. Jon shaves with a straight edge safety razor.
88. Jon is 5’6
89. Jon is the shortest man in his family, and mine.
90. Jon fold clothes for his wife.
91. Jon lets Lacey hog the bed.
92. Jon gets Monday headaches. Sometimes other days of the week also.

93. Jon likes to listen to KNPR public radio.
94. Jon likes it when his wife sings to their daughters
95. Jon doesn’t like to make small talk.
96. Jon likes to take photographs of his girls.
97. Jon likes to brake the sex barriers by letting his girls have boy pajama’s
98. Jon got married when he was 26.
99. Jon loves hugs from his girls when he comes home.
100. Jon doesn’t like American cars. Subaru is his favorite car maker.

So I did it. I was able to list 100 things about my husband, unless I’m wrong a on a couple. Oh well.
I love you honey!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

A couple weeks ago my friend Anna took Lilah and Eden to the park in which she took tons of pictures. Of course I love pictures of my girls so I’m posting some.
I love the colors in the photos and I think I might get some printed so I can hang them in their room.
She took them with a great digital camera so they came out with great quality.
Thanks Anna.











Monday, April 16th, 2007

My niece just posted her 100th blog, which had the low down on 100 things about her.
I didn’t ever do that and consequently I am on my 237th post, but I don’t think anyone wants to read 237 things about me so I’ll do just the 100.

1. I am the youngest of 6 kids.
2. I don’t like the spelling of my middle name. Lilah has my middle name and it’s spelled the way I like it.
3. My last true best friend was in the 7th grade. We were best friends for 4 years. Now I have my husband.
4. I shared a room until I was 15 or so.
5. I got my first credit card when I was 21 or so. Before I was just added to my husband’s accounts.
6. I worked from the time I was just over 16 till 4 weeks before my 20th birthday.
7. I worked three jobs in one day once.
8. I had a teen pregnancy with Lilah. πŸ™‚ I was 19
9. I was the youngest to get my drivers license in my family, at the age of 16 1/2.
10. I paid half of the driving school. My parents paid the other half because I was the only one required to take it because of a change in law.
11. I learned to ride a bike when I was 7. I was taught by my friend Theresa.
12. I learned to swim in the third grade at nearly 10 years old and was taught by my best friend Tiffany.
13. I love to bake. I just hate to clean up afterwards. My favorite desert is brownies alamode
14. Deep down I love math and I wish I was naturally better at it.
15. On an 8th grade career test it said I should do psychology and that’s what I majored in for my degree.
16. I played the clarinet for 3 years in middle school. I might have played in high school of it weren’t for three reasons: 1. my sister sat on it and broke it half way through my 8th grade year. We never told my dad but instead glued it back together. In which it would break periodically throughout the rest of that year. 2. I didn’t want to be in marching bad, which was required for one year in order to be in band. 3. All the Mormon kids were in Choir.
17. I hated performing in front of people, but I’m getting good at speaking in front of others. I always wanted to be a performer.
18. My dad wasn’t there for my birth, but was stuck trying to get back home from a flight.
19. I love being pregnant.
20. I love the feel of giving birth.
21. I would mind being a segregant mother, so I could experience pregnancy and giving birth but without having the baby at the end.:)
22. I dislike cleaning.
23. I’m inherently unorganized.
24. I bite my nails.
25. I love sitting in front if the mirror after my shower to pluck my eyebrows and pop my blemishes.
26. I pick too much at my blemishes and subsequently get scars.
27. I always wanted to be like my sister Andrea.
28. I always want to be as organized as my sister Carolyn.
29. I love the color lavender.
30. I have the same eyes as my sister Andrea. green with a brown middle.
31. My top teeth are naturally straight.
32. I clench my jaw when I’m mad.
33. Nair air removal doesn’t work on my coarse leg hairs. (Thanks mom.)
34. I wish I was a great singer like my friend Alana.
35. I love ribs smothered in BBQ sauce.
36. I love my father’s dutch over cooking. Especially his beans, cobbler and chicken.
37. I’ve cooked since I was about 8.
38. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 21.
39. I’ve burned myself with boiling liquids twice. The first time I missed my brother Scott’s graduation day (11 years old or so). The second time Lilah was 10 months old and I couldn’t nurse her because of the medicine (20 years old).
40. I’m 5’4
41. I think I have cute feet. size 6 1/2
42. I’ve never smoked or done drugs.
43. I want to travel Europe someday.
44. I want to be in a great choir again someday.
45. I’ve never wanted to be a teacher but I’m planning on homeschooling my kids.
46. I blamed things on my siblings when I was little.
47. My favorite place to eat is Outback.
48. I didn’t pass kindergarten because I couldn’t read.
49. My mom taught me to read so I could go onto the first grade.
50. I was 5 the first time I snuck out. I went to my friend’s house to run in the sprinklers.
51. I have a great memory for remembering how to get somewhere but I don’t know which way is north.
52. I have a great memory for strange things, like the last place I put something, but I can’t remember half of what I learned in college.
53. I went to college because it was expected of me.
54. I graduated because I wanted too.
55. I love sleep.
56. I hate getting dirty.
57. I want to go to Hawaii
58. I want to get laser eye surgery.
59. I want to get laser hair removal on my legs.
60. I like not working.
61. I want a Subaru Tribeca.
62. I’ve never swum in the ocean, I’ve only touched it. I only touched it because Jon said I had to since I was there for the first time at the age of 19 and pregnant with Lilah.  (it was a cold day so we couldn’t swim even if we wanted to.)
63. I don’t like being in natural bodies of water. My exception would be crystal clear water.
64. I type looking at the keyboard.
65. I’m a procrastinator.
67. I hate crumbs on the floor.
68. I love to sew clothes for my girls.
69. I hate sewing clothes for myself, they never fit right.
70. I love the scent of rain.
71. I love seeing the lights of Las Vegas when returning home from a trip in Utah.
72. I want to take my girls to Sea World.
73. I love and hate it when Lilah asks questions about everything.
74. I hog the bed.
75. I hate it when someone breaths on my face.
78. I’ve lived in Las Vegas my whole life, except for one year in Henderson.
79. Both my daughters were born in Henderson.
80. I love driving on road trips.
81. I was 16 the first time I flew on a plane.
82. I’ve bungee jumped once.
83. I love intelligent men.
84. I want to learn how to decorate wedding cakes.
85. I’m scared of being in dark bathrooms
86. I believe in ghosts, I just hope I don’t ever encounter one.
87. I’ve never been to a gym to work out.
88. I love daisies.
89. I love teaching Relief Society but dislike teaching gospel doctrine
90. I try to be the friend that I would want, but I sometimes fail.
91. I have beautiful dark hair and fair/ pale skin, and I love it.
92. I can’t do the Spock sign with my fingers.
93. I can roll my tongue
94. I’m very gullible to a point.
95. I love to stay up late.
96. I love real fires in real fireplaces, but ours is covered by our desk.
97. I’m allergic to penicillin.
98. I love period films like Pride and Prejudice and Daniel Deronda
99. I do things the hard way because I don’t like to ask for help, I figure it out and do it. This drives my hubby crazy.
100. I want to learn how to play the piano someday. Though I wish it was like the matrix and you just download the information straight to your brain. πŸ™‚

Hey Big Spender

Monday, April 16th, 2007

We bought bunk beds this weekend. Not because we really needed them at this time, though Lilah was getting big for her toddler bed that was just a crib converted to a bed, but they were the right price and we’ll need them eventually.
When we were at dinner a couple Thursday’s ago Jon’s boss’s wife mentioned how they were looking for bunk beds and how sad she was that she could only find them for like a thousand dollars, but her friend mentioned Big Lots and how they had bunk beds for $200. They had the bunk bed with a futon bottom, which is what I originally wanted, but they also had this regular bunk bed that converts to two twin beds. The futon bed was dark wood with black metal so I decided against it and we got these. Of course I decided on these after hitting an RC Willey clearance, which had a bunk bed futon for $400 and the Air Force Base which had an ugly wood bunk bed, a primary colors bunk bed and a black metal futon bunk bed. I like the beds we got. They’re well made for being cheap, but they still have some cheapness to them. The bad thing with using someone else’s truck who lives on the other side of town, AKA my dad, is you hate to return things if they have a defect. These just has some wood separated on a leg. Nothing to big that will affect the safety, but not pretty. One day we’ll fill it in with something and then paint them. The beds have other things wrong but, but we’re overall happy with them and we did only pay $200 for the beds them self. Of course we had to also buy a mattress, only one so far, and we’ll need to get a solid board to go under the bed, but for now it works.
I have the room arranged so we actually have about the same space that we had with the two cribs. I like it. Don’t mind the mess in the photos. The mattress is still airing out and I just piled everything on Lilah’s bed so it wasn’t on the floor.
Luckily we have our tent set up out back so Lilah and Jon slept outside last night. I had the fan on to circulate air and the door opened while Eden slept because of the strong scent to the new furniture. I need to go light a candle in there so by nap time it smells nice.
We spent a lot of money this weekend.
We bought the beds, which totaled $323, we visited Costco, which is always over $100, and I bought clothes for the girls. Mervyn’s was having a sale so I was getting knit pants for $2 a pair and overall saved a total of 49%. Some things we’re clearance other things were just on sale. It was great, though half the cloths are for now and half are for winter.:)

It was a crazy weekend. I think we’ve done our big spending for the next three months.


The new bed and a half, since we have only one mattress.



The small room.



My new changing space.


At first we had the beds parallel to one another, but that left so little space that we decided to put them perpendicular.
I also had the changing table against the wall but that left no where for the diaper pail. Putting it against the bed gave me more room.
I like the new arrangement and can’t wait to get ride of the other crib. It’s under Lilah’s bed so I can have so much more storage space once it’s gone.
Anyone want a crib?


When She Loved Me

Friday, April 13th, 2007

A week ago we borrowed Toy Story 2 from my friend Anna. Lilah subsequently watched it nearly everyday. There’s a scene where the girl doll, Jane I think, recounts her experience of being with her owner. It’s done to the song “When Somebody Loved me” sung my Sarah McLachlan.
Whenever this scene came on I always sat and listened to the music. I thought how sad it was to love someone so much and to have them change, change to where they no longer needed you.
Well lets go to today. Lilah was sitting on the computer chair. She does this in a straddling the horse way. I can’t describe it easily. Anyways Lilah was holding her happy meal toy car from Cars the movie, the Blue character. Again even though I’ve watched it a dozen times the names slips from my memory. She sat turning in the chair and holding the car in her hands singing ‘When somebody loved me. Everything seemed beautiful.’ It made me want to find the lyrics and music online. I found them and youtube doesn’t have an actual video of the movie or even just Sarah McLachlan singing it, but they do have it to the theme of Anastia, which Jon found toady. Yestery I could only find it to a Star Wars theme. Well, as we sat watching the video, Lilah on my lap and Eden at my feet, I thought of it in terms of a mother daughter relationship. Mothers stay the same, even though we know they do change, yet daughters change so much through the years. Some stay close to their mothers others move on. It made me sad to think of the girls not needing me anymore someday. Though I can’t stand it some days how much they do need me, I’m grateful in the end for all the thank yous and smiles I get when I help them.
I suggest you just listen to the music or read the lyrics as the music plays. Don’t watch the video just yet.
Have you had a relationship where someone changed only to leave you behind, or are you afraid of this happening?
My husband says it sounds as though it was suppose to be sung by a man about a woman. Like I said before it makes me think of a mother daughter relationship in some cases.

Scroll down for the video.

When She Loved Me

when somebody loved me
everything was beautiful
every hour spent together
lives within my heart

and when she was sad
i was there to dry her tears
and when was happy
So was i
When she loved me

Through the summer and the fall
we had each other that was all
just she and i together
like it was meant to be

and when she was lonely
I was there to comfort her
and i knew that she loved me

so the years went by
i stayed the same
but she began to drift away
i was left alone
still i waited for the day
when she’d say “i will always love you”

Lonely and forgotten
never thought she’d look my way
she smiled at me and held me just like she use to do
like she loved me
when she loved me

when somebody loved me
everything was beautiful
every hour spent together
lives within my heart
when she loved me.

Easter 2007

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Well I had planned on making the girls hooded towels for Easter but my mom wasn’t able to embroider their names on them and I was too tired to make them. πŸ™
Instead I got them each a bag of goldfish colorful crackers one mini cadbury egg , some robin eggs and green pear applesauce. (Lilah didn’t like the applesauce. I actually think it’s too sweet for her taste.)

Church was early for us so we had breakfast and got dress to go. Lilah wanted to just stay home to eat candy and hunt for eggs but I said she had to go to church or there would be no more Easter. (She kept asking to stay home so that’s when I gave her the ultimatum.) She went to church but apparently was noticeably grumpy to a primary counselor and her teacher during singing and sharing time. I’m sure waking up at 5:30 am didn’t help either. (Our power went out about 4 times on Sunday. Lilah woke up because the door wasn’t lite by the hall night light, or rather she started crying for that reason.)

They girls got tons of stuff at church, really Eden got tons of stuff at church, play dough, M&M’s, a goody bag. It was more than we had given her! Jon got a picture of the girls and all their loot.


The girls and their loot. This is also the only picture I have of them together, so I had to post it.




Sleepy Eden

Eden also woke up early that morning. As you see she feel asleep in her high chair at lunch. Jon had seen the signs of sleepiness and warned that we’d have to hold off on the egg hunt until after Eden’s nap since she was so tired. I didn’t believe that she was that tired until I saw her eyelids close and her head bob. Lilah was too psyched for the egg hunt so we decided we’d do two that day. She got hers that afternoon and Eden got hers after we got home from my parents.


Lilah’s egg hunt



Her reapings

We all took afternoon naps and then headed to my parents for dinner. It was delicious and the kids couldn’t wait until they went egg hunting.


Howie, Kaitlynn, Eden and Lilah


Eden finds egg!


Lilah goes right by the egg!

Howie was a real trooper and aloud Eden to get some eggs that he spotted at the same time as she. Poor kid, they’d both see it and he was obviously faster than Eden but we’d always ask him to let her get the eggs.(She got 5 and he got 8. ) He’s a great cousin.

Their was tons of candy in each egg. I mean this is a picture of what we got in the one basket my mom gave us and then the 15 eggs the girls found.


Jon wants the candy to be gone within a week, either we eat it or it gets tossed, though I’m sure I can’t do that I love chocolate too much and I’m trying to be good, so I want it to last, we just don’t like the asking of candy each morning by the girls.
Anyways between the candy filled eggs and the best Easter basket ever we’re going to have a lot of candy to eat or give away. Anyone want candy?

Oh here is a picture from Eden’s egg hunt that night.


It actually worked out well to do two. This way she could just look and find rather than us hurriedly point so she could have a chance against her sister. Lilah wanted to help find eggs but we kept her on the couch and Eden laughed with delight each time she spotted an egg on her own. Lilah did help me hide them for Eden. She wants to do more egg hunts, but I can only take so many and three’s enough for me.

Happy Easter Everyone!