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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

For our Ely trip Jon took Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. He took three days off so he wouldn’t lose two hard earned vacation days with the new fiscal year that begins this July. (Yay! More money, just to be spent on my now due student loans.) (He can only role over a certain amount of vacation time to the new year.)
So the past couple of days have been us at home doing not much of anything on our to-do list. One reason is some things cost money and we don’t have much of it. Another reason is when were home together we don’t do anything but read, do regular chores so the house isn’t overrun in chaos, though at times it is anyways, and we each try to use the computer when the other isn’t on it.
My friend Sam’s husband is a teacher and he’s home during the summertime. I can’t imagine how slothful Jon and I would be together if he was a teacher and we had about 3 months to be at home together.

Literally the dishes are never completely done and the laundry never completely put away on his vacation days. (Not that it’s that much different on days he’s at work, but I have been able to keep the sink empty most of the time.)
There’s also toys that are kept on the floor due to us not making the girls clean up through out the day.
Chaos on vacation days, utter chaos.
Weekends can be different. Jon will do a lot on weekends sometimes. Sometimes he makes me feel bad because he’ll do more laundry or dishes than I did the entire week. Sunday is usually our not do anything day on weekends though.

So the things we accomplished the past couple of days. Monday Jon finished the clothes that I started, which included folding and putting away whites, folding towels that had been washed last week, and washing and folding the girls clothes. I did one load of dishes, but only because I felt bad because I slept half the day and he worked hard watching the girls and doing laundry. I was just soo tired and exhausted though. Jon also baked bread Monday night. Not much of anything else happened but Jon did do a lot. Today we went to the Library to return and check out books for the girls and one on home-schooling for us to read and we dropped our Netflix in the mail.


Really we’re not go-to people. We’re stay home and cuddle people.

Lilah got Eden her blanket for bedtime. While Eden said the prayer the first thing she said was about Lilah getting the blanket. It may have had thank you in there also. I just thought it was too cute.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

I have 26 blogs that I’m tracking on bloglines.
I have 3 that I have to track myself.
I don’t want to know how many Jon tracks. It’s crazy.

I would put them all on my sidebar, but I feel that some people prefer to keep theirs private and some I just lurk so I don’t want them knowing I read.  Mu-ha-ha.
How many blogs do you read?


Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

My husband has his own blog and it deals primarily with his evolving thoughts on religion and other things. My blog is primarily about my day to day life and the things I do with my girls. Every once in a while I get things that peeve me but overall it’s my life not much more.
I’ve recently gotten e-mails from old friends who have discovered my blog and the post specifically dealing with Jon’s decision to become a nonbeliever in Mormonism, or as he would like to say a naturalist.
I haven’t posted much about life and how I’m dealing with it because, like I tell many, it doesn’t affect me each day and it is not a burden per say in my life. I have a difficult path ahead of me, but I feel that my marriage is secure.

Jon is open with Lilah who asks so many questions and with that she asks questions about Jon’s non belief in God. So I have to, and he has to, answer questions about why Daddy doesn’t believe in God and why Mommy does. We try to show each others side and not just persuade her to one.
The funniest thought Lilah had because of this was this question: “Why doesn’t Daddy believe in poop?” She ask this question a couple of times as I dealt with the aftermath of her bodily functions, but I tried to explain that Daddy does believe in poop because you can see poop, no I didn’t add feel, I went on to say that Daddy doesn’t believe in God because he can’t see God, but Mommy believes in God because of the good feelings she’s had. I know it sounds a little lame but I am trying to put it in Layman’s terms for my just 4 a week ago 4 year old.
So, my new dilemma is testifying my belief to my daughters. I don’t see it so much as a trial but as an opportunity for me to learn and gain a greater understanding of my faith so that I can tell them in Layman’s term now and as they age tell them in deeper terms so they can then decide for themselves.

I am well. I love my husband and my daughters. I am happy.
I just wanted to put this little update so those who might wonder how I’m doing know that I am well. All prayers are still welcomed though. I still think they are needed, but more in the light to help me find my way in faith rather than find my way in adversity.
Some might say that this is my trial, my flame to becoming purified through Christ. I don’t know if I see completely that way. After all how is Jon’s disbelief suppose to get me to the celestial kingdom if I can’t be with the person I love? I see it as a way to show a more pure love towards my husband and a pure love towards my children whom might follow my path or chose another.
I ache and long to know my destiny. I wish I could see the end, not to change it, well maybe to change it, but so I know the difficulties that lie ahead.