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Real original FHE.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Last night we all took a trip to the grocery store for FHE. We needed to go grocery shopping since we were completely out of milk and we’ve had only one egg since I made Eden’s cake on Wednesday. One of us needed to go and neither of us wanted to go alone so we all went. It was fun to be together.
Jon and I always did our grocery shopping together before we had Lilah. We would both keep each other in line from going over our budget, or we’d also go over together. (If he wasn’t there I’d wouldn’t buy the snack I wanted, like ice cream, if I was already at our limit, but if we were together we’d often decide that it was OK.)
We really enjoyed our grocery shopping trips and of course it was time being spent together. Once we had Lilah Jon would sometimes go alone or I’d go to just to get out of the house. I think I went alone a lot and if Jon went he’d often take Lilah once she got older. It more depended on how much time we had to run the errand. Jon and Lilah would always have fun daddy daughter time when they went together so I enjoyed seeing them come home and Lilah excitedly showing me what they got. (He semi-regularly got something that really interested our little girl, like a ball or ice cream cones.) Once Eden came along it was usually one of us going alone, though we still took Lilah. In fact we got into the habit of only taking Lilah until Eden became old enough to realize that she was being left behind, then we started rotating who we took. I still do most of the shopping and I like to do it alone, especially if I hit two stores, which I often try to do.

Well last night was fun. Jon had Eden walking instead of in the cart and she loved it. She also love grabbing things that were at eye level and right there for her little hands. The best thing was to distract her and have her bring the other parent the grocery item that we were getting in that isle. Eden was good most of the time, but had to be put in the cart for the check out line, in which she was not too happy.Once the cashier gave her stickers she was happy the rest of the time.
It was fun to have us all together. I liked it when I didn’t know where the lemon juice was and Jon did so he went all the way back to the produce isle to get it for me and Eden trucked along with him. It was cute.
While Jon was getting the lemon juice Lilah and I were looking at the vitamins.
Lilah at one point hugged me and asked, “Where’s Hunny Bunny?”
me: “Hunny Bunny? Who’s Hunny Bunny?”
Lilah: “Daddy’s Hunny Bunny.”
Me: “Who calls Daddy Hunny Bunny? You don’t.”
Lilah: “You call Daddy Hunny Bunnny. Why do you call Daddy Hunny Bunny?”
Then I go into the explanation of nick names and how we often call people several names.
She replies saying that some people call Daddy Jonathan too.
I thought this was funny mostly because Lilah has never called us anything but mommy, mom, Daddy or dad.
She has called me Lacey after Katy had, but even then she didn’t know who she was really referring too and said my name wasn’t Lacey, it’s Mommy.
I also think I haven’t called Jon Hunny Bunny in a little bit, but she filed that information somewhere and it came out while at the grocery store.
If it weren’t for the fact that it takes more time and I’m not getting my alone time I’d have us all go to the grocery store more often.


Monday, July 30th, 2007

This Sunday was my week to teach Gospel Doctrine. (I teach every 1st Sunday and then we have the fifth Sundays divided between mostly me and one other teacher. With teaching first Sunday’s I don’t teach on General Conference weekend and even one of our stake conferences fell on the first Sunday. So when I made out the schedule I compensated for those weeks and each of the four teachers teach 12 times in the year. )
This Sunday was a hard lesson for me. They seem to give you so much information and all the information is tied together that I often have a hard time figuring out what I can skip, what I can summarize and what I should teach. Then you have some speakers that go over in Sacrament, like this Sunday, and that takes away precious time for me as a teacher.
I tried to be prepared but I was just a jumble of thoughts.
I also blame it on the fact that I teach only once a month, not that I want to teach more and have this stress every week, but this month I taught and then I wasn’t in an adult class for the three weeks between teaching. (out of town one week and then substituting the next two weeks in Primary. )
Gospel Doctrine is also just hard for me to teach overall.  If a long discussion is started,  it often isn’t in the direction I want to go,  or people don’t say much of anything. Yesterday it went ok, but I was rushed.  There are a lot of scriptures to read and sometimes the questions are hard to tie in.  I guess I’m suppose to be magnifying myself and this is one area I feel I need a lot of work in when it comes to teaching.


Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Friday night for a relief society activity we played Bunco and had a BBQ. Now I can be competitive and this game has no strategy whatsoever, so it was fun but a little annoying. I guess the good thing is if you win it’s just luck so their no hurt feelings. It’s just the luck of the roll.  The BBQ and Bunco included husbands but mine would not go. I thought that you mostly just sat at a table  with the same people, but he knew that you changed tables and there was no guarantee who you would be with, so I think it was better that he stayed home.  I had fun and ended up staying there until 11:30pm talking with various women in the ward and brother Jewitt, though I think he was just being polite since it was his house.
It was a fun night.
I like to be social but Jon’s more of the quiet type socially. It’s kinda funny. He was more outgoing before we were married in a way, but that was probably because you had to be outgoing to meet any girls. He’s caught his wife and now goes into his comfort zone of being home with me and the girls. We have done things with other couples, but it’s not often. He can also be quite social if he needs to be for work dinners and what not . I just don’t want to paint him as a hermit, though he’d be perfectly happy as one.
One funny thing I learned is some people think Jon looks like Doogie Howser, or his real names is Neil Patrick Harris. One woman mentioned it and when I told Jon he said that he’d heard that before. I was a little shocked because he does not look like Doogie Howser to me.
Jon was awake when I got home, kinda a shocker since he goes to bed early. He had taken a nap and was wide awake so we ended up talking and watching late shows until 2 am.
It was a fun night.

Eden Day

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Well Eden’s birthday was mostly fun. Lilah had a hard time sharing the balloon we got for Eden, or really even being apart from it, other than that whining it was a great day.
It started out that we had to got to Target to get Eden’s presents and some other miscellaneous things. We then stopped off at Smith’s for fruit and lunch for the adults that would be coming over.
Sam and Britta came over around 11:30. We had fun chatting while the girls colored and played  a little. I also baked some ready made cookie dough so we could have a snack.  We had the Stouffer’s Panini’s for lunch and the girls ate sandwiches. (I wanted to go to Costco and get turkey wraps but I didn’t have enough time to head over there.)

Towards the end of lunch Emily, from our church, and her two daughters, Katia (3) and Isabell (2), came by. I invited over just a couple people because our house is small and I didn’t want to do a party, it was more like a glorified play date.

All the girls got along well. One funny occurrence happened with Isabell. She saw a koosh ball on the ground and thought it was a spider and gave out a little scream. Emily went back to check on her and she tried to show her it was just a ball but Isabell was not buying it. Emily tossed it into the girls room and from that point on Isabell would not go into their room and stayed in the living room with us and she kept telling us about the “spider”. It was cute.
Everyone left about nap time.  I sent them off with some gladware containers that had Disney princesses or Hello Kitty on them. (They were in the dollar isle at target and I thought they’d be an easy “glorified play date constellation prize”.)
I baked a cake while the girls were sleeping and we had Eden’s favorite meal for dinner, Pot pies and rice and then some cottage cheese.

We weren’t planning on having any extended family for cake and ice cream but earlier that morning my mom called about coming over. She was out of town on Lilah’s birthday and had to work the night we celebrated Kaitlyn’s birthday so she wanted to come over for Eden’s birthday “since she could”. I think the grandma guilt of missing the other two granddaughters birthdays had just gotten to her. So for cake we had my parent’s and my brother Glenn here also.
Eden got two board books, one regular wooden puzzle and a fishing game board puzzle. It uses magnets and metal to catch the fish and was a big hit. (We’ve had it for 3 days and we’re already missing a piece, something that really annoys me because I’m kinda anal about keeping and finding all the pieces for these wooden puzzles.)

After the grandparents left we put the two girls down for bed and enjoyed playing with them a little longer than normal at bedtime.

You’re two!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Dearest Eden,

You’re two today. I can’t believe how you’ve grown! You’re much more independent than your sister was at this age and you definitely let us know when you’re unhappy, though it’s usually due to Lilah doing something you don’t approve of. You and her usually get along well, but when you aren’t getting along, you are not getting along. You’re a very kind sister and if I ask you give something to Lilah or to share you usually quickly obey.
You’re a very loving daughter. You often come up and give me random hugs and you’ll lay your sweet head on my lap when I’m at the computer, it might be because you want attention that you do the latter, but you’re kinda a mommas girl. You love hugging Daddy when he comes home and you often get to him before I do.
You’re very polite and will say bless you when you hear someone sneeze, even a stranger. You love hair. You often annoy your sister by wanting to play with her hair. You’re beginning to be a picky eater, but you take after your father in certain taste. You love graham crackers and milk after you eat your cereal, and so does he, you also enjoy brown rice, though you like it better with potpies, you’ll eat it with just butter and salt like your father. You also love cheese and especially cottage cheese. You ask for it right after you finish your graham crackers and milk.
You can be stubborn about cleaning up though, you love making a mess but don’t always love picking up.
You’re an early riser. I am often woken up by the sound of your voice saying “Mommy I’m awake, mommy I’m awake.
You love washing your hands and brushing your teeth and you’re always so proud to tell us that you did it. “I did it!” is a phrase you use when you accomplish something.
You, like Lilah, love books and love being read too, and you enjoy coloring a lot lately.
You are a very sweet girl with a wonderful smile that is always on your face. You’re a bit of a cheese in front of the camera at times and you often don’t sit still long enough for a picture. You love to see the pictures that have been taken. You love being chased and playing games.
You are a very fun daughter and I am very happy to be your mother.
Happy Birthday little one.






Computer problems

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Our house has a lot of static electricity at certain times of the year, Fall and Spring. I would often shock the computer when I went to turn it on. Well a while back I guess I gave it quite a shock because it wouldn’t turn on. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it turned on like a charm. Ever since that day it has become increasingly harder to turn on. We finally decided to just keep it on 24/7 because sitting on the floor unplugging and plugging it back in for 15 minutes wasn’t worth it. Since that time we’ve had a couple instances where we’ve had to turn it off or there was a power outage. It took Jon at least half an hour to turn it on the last time and it took me all morning today. I would sit and try to turn it on for about 30 minutes and then give up since I had to do dishes, laundry and feed my girls breakfast.
Each time I pushed the button it was like gambling. “Please turn on baby, please give me what I want.” It even teased me to the point where it gave the monitor power and beeped as though it would start but it just shut down after that. I was very frustrated. I work on it a little after lunch today and it finally came on. Now I just hope we have very few storms because I am not turning this sucker off. My thumb started to hurt from griping the plug.
We’re not sure what’s wrong with it. Howard had some gadget that told us if it was the power supply and we hoped it was something that simple. Turns out it wasn’t. They think it might be the motherboard. She must have gotten ornery from all my shocks and now likes to make us suffer.
All I know is the computer is a pain in the butt to turn on if it gets turned off. I turned it off due to lighting storms last night, but I’m almost willing to take a bet that we won’t be hit by lightening as long as I don’t have to go through this morning again, because I have a feeling the next time it may take all day to turn it on, or may not turn on ever again.
We’re afraid it would be expensive to fix or that we’d just have to buy a new computer. Not that we spent a lot on this one. We had windows 98 so we just loaded that up, in which the software is the bulk of any new computer. I think we spent $400 and it’s lasted about 3 years. I guess you get what you pay for. I just don’t want to lose my connection to the outside world for more than a few days. Please continue to live computer please live!!

Lilah singing

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

The video is dark on my screen so I know it might be very dark on other’s computers. I’m not sure if I’m even able to edit that.

Anyways this was taken on December 6, 2005, so Lilah was about 2 1/2. I just love seeing and hearing her in the video. Oh how I love home videos, I think my girls are soo cute. 😉 Of course our videos are all taken on our digital camera which doesn’t give the best quality of picture, but you get the gist.

If your able to see it clearly you’ll probably notice that her hair is a complete mess and has three braids. I think was just being silly with her hair and she had already slept in it, but she’s still cute. I think this is my favorite video of her so that’s why I wanted to post it.

the girls

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Naia had a fever all week long. She had no other symptoms besides being a little grumpy so we thought it was just teething. She’s 4 1/2 months, in which some children do teethe this early, and it was just a fever. Eden had a fever off and on the whole weekend. Now she could have caught it from Naia, but she also could have gotten sick from being in the nursery class on Thursday. Neither would surprise me. Yesterday she had to stay home from church and the big family home evening we have with my family once a month. She was sad, but she had a Daddy day.
Now her birthday is coming up this week. We’re probably going to just stay home. We do have swimming planned, but it was more coincidental than on purpose (I don’t have Naia on Wednesday and so we planned swimming and then I realized it was her birthday.), but we’ve gotten clouds in this week and it’s monsoon season so I’m afraid we may not be able to go swimming. According to the weatherman it should still be cloudy and thunderstorms are likely. We’re mostly planning her favorite meal for dinner that night, which seems to be potpies with rice, and a cake. It won’t be as crazy as Lilah day, no party, but I don’t think she’ll care. She doesn’t eat pizza lately so Chuck E’ Cheese is a little unappealing. Though she did love the slide. We’d go to a park but if it wasn’t raining it would be hot and humid so that’s out of the question. Maybe we’ll play some inside games and chase her around. She loves being chased.

In a way I already think of her as being two. She gets 2 minutes for time out and has for a couple months now. She also is stubborn and hasn’t eaten her lunches lately. (She doesn’t eat the crust so I give it to her first the next day and she either doesn’t eat it or she plays with it, which gives her a time out and it put away for dinner.) I guess I feel as though she acts two so she seems to be two and has for a while. She also talked sooner than Lilah did so I think that aged her in my mind. Lilah didn’t really talk until about a week before she turned two where Eden has been saying a lot for a while.
My baby is getting big. I find myself holding her more lately and trying to enjoy these moments.

Side thought: There’s this boy in our ward that is 3 weeks older than Eden but really small. So small that I often think of him as being just one. When we were at a Relief Society activity the mom had him and he was getting in trouble. I heard her discipline him and my first thought was he wouldn’t understand her since he was so little but then I remembered he was Eden’s age and I often talk like that to Eden too. I think as a parent you know what your kids understand but forget what other kids might understand. People often underestimate what kids can comprehend if they don’t know them.

Lilah thought:
Lilah hurt her arm when I was at my parents on Wednesday. She did a belly flop on their linoleum floor and her left arm caught a lot of the weight. She’s been hurting since then. I had her arm in a scarf brace for a couple of days and my friend Sam also gave me some homeopathic medicine for bumps and bruises. She likes it and asks for it often and even though I can give it to her a lot I only like to twice a day. I don’t know if she hurt her arm seriously since some times she really babies it and other times she acts like nothing is wrong with it. Also, she hurt it on Wednesday and then Thursday she fell off my bed onto her hurt arm, so I think she hurt it again. I thought she was faking it mostly but then at my parents house yesterday my father accidentally hurt it while tickling her since I forgot to warn anyone about it. So I worry a little that’s it’s serious but at the same time I have a hard time since it appears that she plays it up for sympathy. Anyways the arm thing has made her very whinny lately. I guess the whining thing is a big circle. It gets better and then worse and right now it’s driving me nuts.
So I have a disabled daughter. I want to take her to the doctor but at the same time I think it’s fine, but like I said she still babies it and it appears to hurt easily if you do something to it. I just don’t know what to do.

Now, I should get sewing. I got out of my groove and didn’t sew this whole weekend. Instead I cleaned my bathrooms, a worthy cause but they’re not getting married in less than four weeks.


Saturday, July 21st, 2007

I just discovered Google video. They allow you to upload your video but you can choose the option to not have it as part of the search engine.

Here’s Eden kinda singing the ABC’s with Lilah’s and my help. Lilah sings the first verse of I’m a Child of God with become instead of “all that I must do” and then you see Eden give a surprised ending, but she recovered quickly I promise.

Come again. I’m also going to load of video from a couple years ago of Lilah singing “Tomorrow, Tomorrow”. It’s dang cute, but right now it’s 1:14 am and I’m tired.

Random Pictures

Friday, July 20th, 2007

I decided to put up random pictures I’ve taken lately. 🙂


Lilah decided to draw Heavenly Father, or she drew this picture and then decided, I’m not sure.



The girls watching a movie. I thought it was sweet with them lying next to one another and Lilah letting Eden play with her hair, which she never does.



The decided to pile up all their toys in this corner.



Eden relaxing on the toys.



Eden being silly.



The evolution of tan in our house. Eden’s our tan baby, Lilah’s getting tan and I’m pale, but I am tanning a little, you can see my flip flop tan line.



Eden was crying while I took our leg picture. She wanted to see the pictures I had taken, not sit there for one more.