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Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

A while back I did a post about Eden sticking bread up her nose. Well she continues to randomly do it if I’m away from the table, meaning I think she’s learned her lesson and stopped but then one day she does it again. One day I had snot and bread coming out of her nose for a while after lunch was over.
Her new favorite thing to do is stick the small rubber bands I use in her hair into her ears. They’re just a little bigger than rubber bands people use for braces. Anyways, a couple days ago I laid Eden down for her nap and when she woke up I could only find one of the two in her hair. It’s pretty normal for them to be missing once she takes them out so I thought nothing of it. Well today on the car ride home she stuck one of her rubber bands in each ear. One was easily retrieved the other was too far back. We got a flashlight and some tweezers and I held Eden down while Jon retrieved the rubber band. He was inspecting her ear and we saw another one way down in her ear. Luckily we were able to also retrieve that one, but it was a little more tricky. I’m just glad that I hadn’t cleaned her ears the other day because I probably would have lodge the rubber band pretty far back unknowingly. I think I may have to use the larger rubber bands or make a rule of taking them out once we’ve been to our destination. She’s good about keeping them in right after I put them in and while we’re out, it’s the ride home that she takes them out and after her naps.
It’s just driving me nuts. She had a time out and a very stern warning but we’ll see if it sticks. From now on I just need to be extra vigilant in watching where she puts small things.

I never had this problem with Lilah.