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Family Reunion 2007

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Our trip started out rough.

On Thursday I had stomach cramps. Like really really bad ones. I could hardly move. I think it was due to the forth like Eden’s sickness. Jon took off work shortly after noon and came home to help me. I had Naia so he actually took care of her since Julie had errands she was running that day. He feed her and changed her diaper and I even heard him playing with her while I was resting. He sad it was hard work taking care of small baby, well at least feeding her lunch, it took about an hour or so. hehe.
So with me being sick on Thursday I was unable to do any laundry or get anything ready for the trip. We weren’t leaving until the afternoon on Friday, but we were hoping to shampoo the bedroom carpets before we left. (Yeah that didn’t happen, so I now have to think of a way I can keep the girls out of their room for about 12 hours. Um, I’m not sure how I’m gonna do that unless they’re no where near my house for a full day, including nap time.)
So we left late on Friday, 3:00pm. Our destination was Filmore so we weren’t in any rush. Since I was still not feeling well and we were thinking of stopping at a restaurant in Delta on the way home, we bypassed Chuck-A-Rama. 🙁
We just ate at a family restaurant in Filmore called Larry’s and had delicious shakes. The girls ate very little the whole weekend, since we mostly had fast food.
On our way to Filmore we passed the forest fire. It wasn’t as big yet, but it had filled the valley of Beaver with smoke. The sun was also red as we passed through the smoke. We hit Filmore around 8:00 pm Utah time.
We all slept in a little on Saturday morning so we didn’t leave Filmore until 9 am Utah time, in which we needed to leave at 8 Utah time to get to Tooele. Oh well.
When we went out to the car Filmore’s air was full of ash and smoke. Our car had a slight layer of ash covering it.
The smoke didn’t really let up until we reached the outer limits of Delta near Tooele.
Luckily the day was hot, but not too hot for the outside family reunion. We had the gazebo at the park and we were right outside their huge pool. Lilah was not feeling well so we didn’t go swimming. 🙁 When we mentioned we shouldn’t go swimming when we’re sick she decided she was fine but we didn’t buy it. We had a fun afternoon seeing family and doing various crafts. We mostly just sat around and talked and then had a BBQ for lunch, a raffle and some trivia questions. Andrea’s in charge of next year’s reunion, so we’ll see if it’s in Ely. We aren’t planning on going because I want to do a major vacation. (If Jon’s family has one we’ll be there, but that’s because they haven’t had one since Lilah was one. Which means we’ve only missed one thus far since they only do them every two years, but one missed reunion often leads to a second one and a third and so forth.)
After the reunion we headed to my parents hotel. The girls had fun running around and Jon took a couple winks. We ate Wendy’s for dinner, mostly because it was right across the street. When it was around 8pm our time Lilah decided it was bed time and consequently Eden also decided to go to bed. Lilah settled on the couch and Eden laid down in her playpen. They both went to sleep without any problem. Lilah did come into bed with us at one point. She was little heater next to me though and it was cold in the room so I didn’t mind.
Sunday as we were getting ready to go Shauntae called to tell us her boys had caught what she had, so it must have been contagious. (We were hoping it was just allergies.) So with that we we decided to just pack up and head home. I wanted to come home at night so the girls could see the city lights so we left late and even stopped at a park to get some of their energy out. Jon had looked online and the roads had been opened so we thought we’d get home no problem. Unfortunately had we left earlier we could have missed the detour, but we left late. We saw some pretty mountains during the detour and at one point Jon thinks he saw someone pee off the side of the road when we were at the beginning of the detour and just in standstill traffic. It was entertaining to have someone pee at this time.
Eden slept through most of the detour and Lilah entertained herself. At the beginning of the detour Eden kept shouting “Truck go away” or something along the lines of telling the 18wheelers to leave. It worked as we were moving and passing them, but then we were in standstill traffic. Too bad they were right next to us and had no where to go. It was cute though.
After the detour we made it home quickly, though late, 10 pm. Eden had taken a long nap so she was awake to see the city lights as we entered the valley, Lilah had fallen asleep shortly after Mesquite.
It was nice to be home and in our own beds last night. I have Naia bright and early at 8 am tomorrow so hopefully I can get my dishes done tonight.
I made cookies with the girls tonight, so I’m reluctant.

One thing I learned. I really do not like driving on the interstate at nighttime. With the darkness and lights it’s just harder to estimate the distance of the cars and keep track of where they are mentally. I was happy when Jon took over after I drove through the gorge.  It’s fun to drive at night in a way but more stressful to me if there are a lot of cars on the interstate. Of course in the city we have tons of street lights so it’s not as dark driving at night even on the highway.