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“I’m so glad when Daddy comes home”

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Jon was away for a conference this weekend for work. (That’s why I went swimming on Saturday with Carolyn. Before the whole swimming fun I had to drop Jon off at the very bust airport, but I don’t like to mention that I’m home alone until the day my hubby returns, which is today!)
I was lonely this weekend and the hardest part was getting me and the girls ready for church on Sunday. Our church starts at 9 am and I’m not much of a morning person. I did get us all ready which included me showered and the girls bathed within an hour and a half. So we were ready at 9 but a little late for church. We made it before the opening hymn was over so I consider the job well done. I want to write down my crazy morning just because I’m proud of my multi-tasking
Eden woke me up at 6:45 am, I planned on getting up at 7 so I wasn’t very happy about this. We laid in my bed for a short time and then she decided it was enough and got out. I was still tired so I hung out with her on the couch while she looked at books. Well I rested my eyes anyways. After the books no longer occupied her time I started a movie and got in my shower at 7:30. Of course I took a super quick shower and before I did my face stuff, i.e. tweezing my eyebrows and putting on face lotion, I got the bath ready for the girls. Lilah was still asleep so I got her up and she eventually joined Eden in the tub. While they played I did my face stuff and what not then I washed Eden and got her breakfast so Lilah could play for just a couple of minutes in the bath. After Eden was set I got Lilah out, dressed and then breakfast. I blow dried my hair then got my cereal so I could eat while I curled my hair. Eden had finished eating so I think I got her down and dressed at this time.
Lilah finished while I was brushing teeth and putting on makeup. I got dressed and the girls hair done, packed snacks and books and paper for church and we left right at 9. This is a large accomplishment because I take about an hour to get ready with showering. To get us all cleaned in this time was very crazy.

Monday- I took the girls to the library and then we went swimming at the Jewitt’s. I got home around 1:30 and the girls read books while I read blogs and IMed Anna.
Eden went down for a nap and then Lilah about 20 minutes later. I also took a nap so I didn’t finish cutting out Lilah’s dress. No sewing today. 🙁
Anna came over for pizza and us girls had a blast. We ate and then Anna chased the girls around the house. We had sherbet and then blew bubbles outside. I had her over to distract the girls and give me some sanity since Jon was gone. When I told Lilah that Anna would be over for dinner she said she wanted Daddy home for dinner. 🙁
After we ate Jon called and Lilah had quite the conversation with him. My favorite thing she said was “to drive safely on the plane home daddy”
Eden even talked a little to daddy and I was happy to know that he’d be home the next day.

Tuesday- I have Naia and it’s going to be a little tricky if Jon’s plane comes in late. So I hope it’s right on time or a very late, but only by a half hour late, so Julie’s able to pick her up when she needs too.

I finished cutting things out last night. I was too lazy Sunday night and I had to figure out this netting thing with the pattern for a ruffle. Cutting out the fabric always takes longer than I think it will and white netting is hard to see on a white board with blue measurement lines. I was going a little nuts.
I hope the sewing goes smoothly. There are hems that I will need to do by hand or I’ll travel to my mom’s house and use her very expensive sewing/ embroidery/ quilting machine. I will probably travel to her house since I my hands get sore very quickly when I do sewing by hand. It almost seems like arthritis but I only get it with sewing and decorating cakes….hmm maybe I do have some form of arthritis.
Life is crazy. I think the girls will look beautiful in their dresses so I’m excited for this project and the wedding.