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Set Back

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Yesterday I travelled to my mom’s house and put in the hem to Lilah’s dress.
Today I realized that I left my yellow thread in my Mom’s sewing machine. The ironic thing is I’m going to just buy a new thread at the JoAnn’s just down the street from me since it would probably cost me more in gas to go to my parents, also a lot of time.
So I have this small set back. I still have things I can sew, the sash, the bow and I can do the lining with white thread since it’s just the lining, but I also have Naia right now and I’m using her as my excuse not to sew since what I have left to sew needs ironed in hems. Of course her mom should be her soon, so my excuse will leave soon.
🙂 I’m getting there. I think I can possibly still have it done by Saturday night if I work hard.

I just wanted to mentioned that I’ve been tired lately. I fell asleep two nights in a row to watching “The Producers”, and I don’t think it’s the movie I think it’s me. I’m usually able to stay up late, but I’ve had to go to bed at 10:30 and 11 pm the past couple nights. Which has also taken two instead of just one night away from my sewing, but I don’t mind since in it’s the name of spending time with my husband.