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Our Date and other stuff

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

For our date last night we had $24 allotted in our budget. (We went over last month and  this month we compensate. It’s easier in some categories than others, like gas we’re -$50 since we went to Utah, so that doesn’t count when Jon has to fill up to got to work.)
We went to the Daily Chicken Gyro, it’s a fast food type Mediterranean restaurant and hookah lounge. I’ve only been there once before and I think we were engaged, where it had looked very cheesy and I was like, you want to go where for dinner?  They have since bought the space that was next to it and redecorated and it was very nice. We spent $24.02 for our date, score, now we have to be creative the rest of the month if we want to go out.
I enjoyed a garlic chicken sandwich  and some humus. It was not too garlicky but Jon did have a chicken that also had garlic. Really even if you both have garlic breath do you really feel more inclined to kiss? Anyways, it was nice to hang around and talk in the very quite atmosphere since their was about one other restaurant costumer and about 4 people in the hookah lounge.  I also enjoyed the aroma that the hookah’s gave off also. (Jon says it’s very busy at lunch hour, with being straight across the street from UNLV, they do business lunches there sometimes.)

We then headed of to Fry’s. I actually saw the welcome to Las Vegas sign for the first time. I never knew where it was located, nor cared. I think they have another one on a different side of town too, because I remember it being somewhere else.
I played solitaire on a computer while Jon chose what he wanted. Then we picked up our  girls from Sam’s house where they had had fun playing with Britta. Eden actually went in to help clean up the room before we left. She didn’t want to leave it a mess. Sam says she’s always a good helper. I’m happy that she’s always willing to help at other people’s houses, but it seems that it’s 50/50 whether or not she’ll clean up before she has to take a time out here.

So we have a new computer but it’s not set up. I still need to print out tomorrows Sunday school lesson and I forbade him to do anything until that was done. Jon’s also been doing other things.
I started cutting out Eden’s dress. I had the pieces pinned to the fabric and then it was time to lay Lilah down for a nap. I was tired so I figured I’d take a short nap. It turned out to be an hour later when Jon came and woke me in Lilah’s bed. I then went to our room and slept another hour and a half. So I have wasted some time but I think I’ll get it all cut out tonight. I was wanting to have the skirt sewn so I could hem it at my mom’s house while we’re there tomorrow. I do sew on Sunday’s if I have too and I consider this a I have too moment since I’d have to drive out there on Monday or Tuesday to do this one thing, I think not with how much time and gas I’d spend.

Side note. Jon’s dad fainted at Costco on Friday so they went to the ER on the recommendation of one of their doctor’s He was admitted overnight and as of 2 this afternoon they still have no idea what it was. They may not figure it out but we think he’ll be out soon.
He’s 77 for those who don’t know and as had declining health for most of our marriage, but he keeps chugging along. He recently had his pacemaker changed and the battery replaced and Mom said that really appeared to help him. I think he will be fine as long as he takes it easy, though he has a very hard time taking it easy.