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Monday, August 6th, 2007

Jon introduced me to this password lock safe program. Basically I remember one password and input the info for all my other accounts and it remembers them.
I liked it because I could randomly generate passwords and not have to worry about memorizing them, which made things more secure.
The one problem, and it was really because of me, was I didn’t keep the passwords current on my thumb drive. I just had them on the hard drive with a copy on the thumb drive.
Well we got a new computer and I forgot to get them updated to my thumb drive. The password safe on my thumb drive no longer opens so I don’t even have those, and we’ve had a heck of a time getting things organized and onto this new hard drive. Jon was up till 3 am, with some naps in between, last night trying to get info on here. He didn’t load the old desktop, instead he did profiles because in Windows XP that included desktops I guess, so still no passwords for me. I have been able to have the important ones emailed to me. Bloglines being my lifeline to other people and now my blog. I don’t have my passwords for other really important things like our online banking or direct loan info, though I could recover those I suppose, but I don’t need them immediately.
The other problem this new computer has created is we now need a new printer. Shesh! We only have a very old lazer jet one since I killed ours not too long ago.  The  new computer doesn’t have the input for this older printer and an adapter cable is not worth buying. Luckily Carolyn is getting married and her and Derek have their own printers, so once they decide which one they don’t want they’re going to give us one.
It’s a nice setup and Jon likes the look of Windows Vista. He keeps saying it’s so pretty.
I think I’m getting  a headache from everything and I’m not even the one doing all the hard work.