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The Art

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Eden often likes to play games with Lilah. She’ll count and go find Lilah for hide and seek and even though Lilah will continuously say she’s not playing, Eden will continue to count and go find her sister in the exact same spot. It breaks my heart a little but Eden doesn’t seem to be disappointed by the situation. She laughs as she counts and gives me a big smile once she finds Lilah.

This morning the girls had chased each other or raced to the room. Eden continued to chase Lilah and eventually I heard “Eden I’m not playing, stop chasing me.” So Eden did. In fact I think she’d been in the bathroom brushing her hair for at least a minute before Lilah realized she was in fact not being chased. As Lilah realized that Eden was not interested in chasing her but was in fact interested in brushing her hair her attitude changed.
After a short time I heard, “Eden come chase me.” and Eden apparently was not in the mood because she just came and stood between me and the mirror and said no.
Eden had had enough rejection.
Eventually Eden did go play with Lilah and they had a grand ole time running around chasing each other.
I realized that Lilah was mastering the art of flirting without the flirting, so I guess it was the technique of flirting.
No I don’t want you now that you want me. Wait, you don’t want me, I want you.
Maybe it’s just familiar to us. As long as we’re doing the rejection it’s fine, but once a person willfully leaves we lose the power that we wanted.

Rear view

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

A little while back Jon made me change my side mirrors.
At first I was skeptical, but now I’ve adjusted and have found that my blind spot is now zero.
I love to drive on the freeway and watch as people pass me, not that I drive slow, I just don’t drive 80mph on the freeway like others, well sometimes I do.