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Funny to LDS people or if you know about sunbeams

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

I was visiting a site and found this humorous antidote.

Sunbeam psychosis


Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Jon was looking somewhere and he found that boiling vinegar and water will remove bad scents in the air. I came home one night and he asked if I could tell what he had for dinner. I said no. He was happy to tell me he had had some canned fish which of course canned fish always leaves a yucky scent in the air.
While boiling the vinegar and water it smells like vinegar and water in the house, but once it settles you don’t notice any scent.
Yesterday he had canned fish again for dinner, it kinda made eating french toast a little strange,  and when I came home the fish scent was still overwhelmingly in the house. I made him boil vinegar and water. He had taken the diaper trash out and decided to see if the vinegar and water wouldn’t help with the scent of poop in the pail. So he boiled it and then placed it in a cup inside the diaper pail. It actually worked pretty well. The diaper pail does smell like vinegar but I’d much rather have that scent then the poop. I usually spray it with Lysol and air it out outside to get the scent out, but this was a more natural solution.
We also wrap poopy diapers in grocery bags to help cut done on the scent of the diaper pail. It works pretty well and we don’t have to pay for diaper genie refills.

Vinegar and water a natural neutralizer of odors, who knew.