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Monday, September 3rd, 2007

I often play teasing games with my girls. Like I’ll ask what should we have for lunch and suggest we eat Eden and then they say “Nooo, we don’t eat Eden!” and then I’ll suggest Lilah and they say “Noo, we don’t eat Lilah!” and so forth.
I think I’ve also mentioned how I like to substitute the girls names in songs. Like in Ba Ba black sheep I’ll say one for the little Lilah/Eden who lives down the lane and they always reply “No, that’s not how it goes! One for the little boy!”
I really love it.
Lately I’ve been playing a game with Eden to ask her what she did at nursery or in her class.
Did you go swimming? No! Did you color?  Yes!
But I’ve realized now that I can ask her an open ended question and know that she probably is giving me the correct answer which means I’m having meaningful conversations with my two year old and she’s expressing to me her day when I ask questions.
Which means she’s growing up.  🙁
Yesterday I asked her what she watched at Carolyn’s house and she was able to tell me Fox and the Hound.
Then this morning I asked what she had for breakfast and she told me oatmeal.
Communication is great, but it makes me a little sad to see her growing up.
I really love the age Eden is at. She’s still little but she’s talking and responding and knows what she wants, though knowing what she wants can be a pain.

My baby is growing up.
Of course if Eden heard me call her a baby she’d say “Noo, I’m not a baby! Naia a baby!”


Monday, September 3rd, 2007

So I taught my lesson yesterday and I helped Lilah give her talk.
Now I just have to focus on enrichment and possibly getting costumes made for the girls, Halloween is just around the corner.

Yesterday my lesson was interesting. We had a visitor. Anyone who visits usually go to gospel essentials because of a couple reasons, one to help teach lesser doctrine to those who don’t know the gospel, or receive the milk before the meat, two as to not distract the gospel doctrine class of the topic at hand. It seems a little mean to banish those who have not been members for a year to the gospel essentials class, but I think it’s so we can keep on topic in this class.
A man brought his friend who was Catholic. I have no problems with Catholics and I have no problem with him being in the class. I just thought his beliefs were interesting and to me a little sad.
He gave some input that was a little off topic, well very off topic, but all classes get off topic and he didn’t dominate a lot of time, in fact by the time I would have cut him off he stopped talking. If anyone were to dominate the time of the class I would want to cut them off, so it wasn’t just that he wasn’t Mormon.
During class he mentioned some of his thoughts or beliefs.
What I got out of it was about a certain saint that he believes in. It dealt with the thought that we’re all preordained to go to hell or heaven. We have no say. God just chooses. Those who are going to hell, such as homosexuals, usually have an easy life, he used Elton John as an example. Those who are destined for Heaven need to even out there sins, or pay for them. So they get punished, he used the example of physical ailments and I think even situational things, such as wealth. I interjected that the ailments were to strengthen us, but he said no it was just to balance out what wrong or sins we had done.

I think I mostly found it sad that we’re predetermined for heaven or hell. To me it seems pointless to be either good or bad. Jon mentioned since it doesn’t matter or you have no say where you go it could be good because then you just live you life without worrying about heaven or hell, or you don’t do things out of fear because you’re going there anyways.
I just find that sad to have no say in where you go. Also to be punished physically for sins goes against the New Testament. Such as the story with Christ and the man born blind.

John 9:2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?
3 Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

After class he started talking to me and mentioned how he didn’t want to go into deeper thoughts and how he also believed we have a certain number of sins while here and once we use them up we die.
He used the example of a lot of people coming here to Vegas to gamble, drink and participate in immorality and that he believed about 20% of the people would probably be dead by next year because they’ll use up their sins.
In a way I can see what he says, but I guess it still seems strange that we only get so many sins and for each person it’s different. I suppose it balances out that we’re preordained, so you’re going to Hell but you don’t want to get there too quickly so you don’t sin a lot.

I don’t know many devote catholics. I just found these two beliefs to be so opposite of my own. I’m not sure if since the beliefs came from a saint if you have a choice to believe them or not, or if it’s universally taught within the Catholic church