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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

A lot of people are happy about fall and winter coming. I’m just a little sad that the summer passed so quickly.
I had planned on taking the girls swimming weekly.
It happened three times.I would have taken them this week but Lilah’s had a fever for three days straight and now we’re getting to just 100, instead of 110 degrees, which seems cool right now, or at least not hot enough to swim in. Anyone need the swimmer diapers next summer? I have about 20 left and Eden better be potty trained by then.

I had planned on finishing my drapes.
I still have one bare window.

I had planned on reading some books and maybe organizing more.
I haven’t even completely read the book I chose for book club and we’ve had like 3 months to read it. And my house is no more organized than when I did this months ago.

Summer passes to quickly.

The girls like hot chocolate as a treat after dinner and tonight I made them and myself some.
As I sipped my hot chocolate in my 81 degreed house I thought about how I love to drink hot chocolate on a cold winters night, and how much I want to splurge and buy Stephen’s hot chocolate in like every flavor. I was sweating a little as I drank my Kroger brand hot chocolate, but the winter will be coming fast.
How I wished we had fall colors in Vegas, but we don’t unless you go to UNLV’s campus for the two days a few trees turn red across from the LDS institute of religion.
We just get cold and then leaves fall off and it gets colder and when you think it’s just gonna keep getting colder we start warming up.

Ahh Winter, it’s like Fall all Winter long in Vegas.