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The night progresses

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

The hives have gotten worse so I went and picked up the steroid the nurse prescribed. Lilah will also be sleeping with me tonight so I can monitor her breathing. She’s had no problems thus far, but since she was progressively getting worse as the day went on I don’t want to take any chances.
Her face is even more covered with hives and her legs are mostly red with white welt middles. It’s so sad.

With the first picture she was more, ‘Mom why are you taking pictures of my bumps and why must I hold the shirt up?’ it wasn’t until the evening came on that she started acting more like how that picture feels.
She’s my sad little girl.
So I think I’m gonna skip the birthday party we were invited to and the temple session with the RS sisters that I was thinking of going to instead of the birthday party because I was looking forward to that before the girls were invited to the party. I just need some me time and since I’m assisting Lilah’s class on Thursday, if I feel like I still can with all her skin problems, I wanted part of a day without craziness which interprets to time away from kids. Life is just crazy!
I may still go to the temple if the night goes smoothly, just because Judy is a very capable person, she does have 6 kids, and like I said, I need some me time to relax in this sea of craziness. Jon told me that this is probably what life will be like for the next few years and I say, why can’t I have it easy?
So we’ll see how the night goes. I’m praying Lilah doesn’t start wheezing, which is the reaction I had as a girl and would be cause for another expensive ER visit.

It happened…

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Nine days after starting Lilah on amoxicillin she is now having a reaction of hives. We had only one day left of the medicine, or two doses.

Damn allergic reaction.

Jon woke me up at 5:53 am to tell me Lilah had hives and I of course called my mom to see what I should do and he went to the Mayo Clinic family health book. She’s not wheezing and they’re just getting a worse, now looking better since I put some anti-itch cream on her, but no wheezing which would make it more of an emergency.

I’m just waiting for it to be 8 am so I can call the doctor and see if I need to take her in.
Poor baby, I hate hives.

Well, I called at 8 am on the dot. The nurse said there was no way to tell what the rash is from unless they see it, though she thought it would probably be form the amoxicillin, so I brought her into see the nurse practitioner.
It was an allergic reaction and I’m to give her Benedryl. If it looks as though it’s not clearing up I have a steroid prescription to get filled that should help.
I feel like they are getting worse, but I’ll wait a little bit to see if they affect Lilah. She’s been pretty much her regular Lilah self, just spotted.

I have some pictures so you can feel some sympathy for my poor little girl.



She’s a dalmatian.


her back.



Lilah’s leg after lunch. The others were before lunch.

I think the hives started being more defined in their borders.

I had Judy watch Eden for me so she could have some fun while Lilah got taken care of and I picked Naia up from Julie’s work after the appointment, since it’s right by my doctor’s office and I wasn’t positive that Lilah didn’t have something contagious.
Before I picked Naia up we stopped at Smith’s to get the Benedryl and I got us a couple doughnuts as a treat. The baker there thought Lilah was cute and she felt bad that she had some sort of allergic reaction. We got a couple of free bite sized cookies, though she was just giving them out.
Lilah’s become shy around everyone, grandparents included. I think she may be doing it for attention. ‘If I act like a baby I’ll get more attention’, though Jon will say she’s just shy. There are times she acts shy and doesn’t speak and then there are times she acts shy and doesn’t speak, but she makes baby type motions or sounds. I don’t know what to do with her.

So my worry about my girls having the same allergy as me has manifested itself in Lilah. I guess time will tell if Eden has it also.


We were going to have family pictures taken today, but I forgot about Lilah’s gymnastics’s class that goes from 5:30-6:00 pm. So I rescheduled it for next Wednesday.

It’s not like we can do gymnastics or pictures tonight though. Even if she’s not contagious I don’t want the other parents worrying about her or the other kids shunning her, since it would be the first class and we know no one in it. I also don’t want to worry the teacher with a new student that has a full body rash.

I hope she gets better soon.