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Thank you…

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Derek!

Lilah loves the flowers and the bear- even if her face doesn’t show it.
(She’s not showing much of any emotion right now except discomfort for her hands and arm.)
Her mommy really enjoyed the surprise also.


Flowers!- Hey where’s the excitement? She was busy asking why people send flowers.


A little smile.



Sausage fingers. Not a good pic- really just a close crop of a larger one, but her fingers are very swollen.

The hives are also darker in real life. The flash washed out the some of the pinkness she has. She does looks more like herself today though.

Update from 5 minutes ago: 🙂

She loves the bear!






Lilah’s hives

Friday, September 21st, 2007

So today I took Lilah to see the nurse practitioner for her second steroid shot. I found out that my pediatrician is moving to Washington and is being a little shady to his patients, as in not telling us. If they get a new physician to take over the office I hope we like him or two that we can find another one we do like. I like Karen, the nurse practitioner, so if she stays there that would be a bonus.

Lilah’s doing OK. Her hands are like little sausages and have swelled up. I feel really bad for them and her.  She is still swollen and has a  lot of hives. Lilah took her shot well and since I went today and spoke to Karen she also explained to me that she feels it is viral since they’ve had several children go through these sever hives. It’s also uncommon for just an allergic reaction to react so severally hive wise. With finding out it was most likely viral, and letting it sink in, I called Julie and told her that I shouldn’t have Naia. I had Naia yesterday so I hope she stays healthy.
I also want to kick myself because I let the girls share a spoon yesterday with a milkshake. I just wasn’t thinking.
I’m hoping no one gets sick that we know, because I wouldn’t want to put anyone else through this.

Lilah also had to get blood drawn so we did that today. She was a real trooper and she didn’t even flinch.
She didn’t make eye contact with the women who drew her blood and shes hasn’t said a word to the nurse practitioner or the regular nurse. I try to tell them she’s like this most of the time with strange people and not to take offense.
Some say it’s kinda good because of the world today.

I’m hoping Lilah gets better soon. As for us I think I’m going to stay home and not do anything so I don’t give it to someone or their children either.
We should know by tomorrow if the blood work shows it is viral.
I just want answers, but I can’t imagine a virus doing all this to my baby.
Since the reaction did come with the use of amoxicillin we can still say not to give it to her because even if it is viral that doesn’t mean the hives weren’t also caused by the medicine. Karen also seemed fine with my desire to not give that family of medicine to my Eden either.