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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

I love holidays. I love baking. I love giving. I love receiving.

I’m in a rut this year. As the girls get older learning toys get more expensive, and we’re not big on giving tea sets or other more frivolous things. I leave those toys for my sister to have and my girls to visit at her house.
I just don’t know what to get the girls this Christmas. We’re not big spenders and most of what I want is kinda expensive.
I’m just at a lost of what to do. I have a couple ideas of things they would love.
Then I don’t know what to put on my wish list. I mostly want clothes but Jon will never buy me clothes, and he doesn’t like to give cash or gift cards. I do have some jewelry and watches, but that’s it besides movies or new cookware, which is expensive.
My husband’s wish list is so full of books that I never know which he wants to have bought, or which ones are just there for him to remember to read someday.
I also have to get gifts for my eldest brother and his girls. Since he’s divorce it’s hard to know what to get the kids and I never know what to get him.
Christmas gifts, blah.