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Thursday, October 18th, 2007

When Lilah was 2 1/2 she used the word probably. It was funny, because she used it often and in the correct manner and most 2 years old don’t use words like that very often.
Last night at dinner Eden started using the word probably, like three time in a row. It was too cute. (She is around the same age as Lilah was.)

Then Jon said how Lilah mimic something I said. I had used “like she really wants to be eaten” while Jon was playfully pretending to eat Lilah. Then later Lilah said something with “like” in the sentence and it reminded Jon of me.
At least she wasn’t being the mommy. I have to remind both girls they’re not the mommy.

Another fun thing. The girls were being babysat while I was at the temple and Lilah started telling them about gravity. “Gravity holds us to the earth otherwise we’d be floating around and it would be silly.” My summary of what the family told me an what I sometimes hear from Lilah myself.
Kids are funny. I like mine.