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Pictures- not of the kids though ;)

Friday, November 30th, 2007

We’ve got our camera back from Cannon.
Actually we got a camera of equal or greater value that has been refurbished, I can say it’s nicer than ours was, since they didn’t have the parts or whatever.
This makes it nice for me cause I was wanting a new one,  but couldn’t justify why since  ours still worked, or was getting fixed for free.
(I was kinda glad it stopped working thinking I could get  a new one, but Jon researched that they fix them if it was a defect. Anyways.)

I sewed my first hooded towel this week. We got tons of towels from our wedding. This was the only ivory towel, hand towel and wash cloth so I thought I’d make a hooded towel for the girls and then I thought I’d give it has a gift. I like it a lot and almost want to keep it.




So I spent money on ribbon and thread and that was it. I’m giving it has a baby shower gift for a baby shower I won’t be able to attend.
Too bad all our other towels don’t have hand towels to make hoods or they are not colors I’d use for kids.
But I really liked how it turned out and I plan on making hooded towels  as Christmas gifts for the girls that I wanted to make back in April for Easter. :)  My mom never embroidered their names on them, so I may just add ribbons.

When I was doing a little research on how to do it I came across many sites. One site had that they’re easy and if she needs a baby shower gift in a pinch she uses towels they have.
I thought that was yucky.
Used towels as a gift, just sewn together. Gross.

Also Here’s also a picture of the shelf I bought and put together almost completely on my own.


It’s nice because it gives us more shelf space for books in the living room.
I do worry because Eden at first was just pulling all the books of the shelf, or really wasn’t even letting Lilah put them on the shelf, but I think she’s got the hang of getting one book down and putting it way before getting another one down. Though she still grabs 3-4, but I’d rather 3 or 4 than a pile.

Field Trip

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Yesterday we went to the Anderson Dairy factory, where they package milk, cottage cheese and ice cream.
It was fun for the most part.
The girls got lots of ice cream, the scoop was rather big, and I only let them eat half because it was before lunch.
Lilah liked the fog that they had and the talking animals.
Afterwards we to to CiCi’s pizza where they have a pizza buffet with salad. I’ve never been but it wasn’t bad.
I was with Sam and Britta and Emily and her two daughters, Katia and Isabell, and we saw one other mom from our group with her two kids and husband, Crystal.
Afterwards we went to Goodwill where I got a new, never used, shelf for the girls room for $12. I don’t think I’d pay more than that for it, though I’m sure it was more like $20 at Target.

It was a fun day but while waiting to take the tour Eden scared me.
All the kids were playing and her and another boy ran into one another or something happened where she got knocked down. He was cute and gave her a kiss and I ran over to comfort her.
I’m not sure if she was crying at this point, but she did have a sad face on. I picked her up and I remember waiting for the loud yell of her cry. Children get so upset that they’re silent and then you get the loud cry. Well as I was waiting for it I cuddled her into me for a brief few seconds and then she pushed away from me, arched her back and I think went unconscious for a little bit.
It freaked me out because she was not her normal self and I saw her eyes gloss over.
I started to cradle her and said that something was wrong with Eden and Crystal, another mom, started saying her name to get her attention and she took her to bring her straight up.
She just lost her breath and passed out for a few seconds but it was freaky and it was the first time anything like this has happened to me.
She was fine and just wanted to cuddle and was back to her normal self by the time we went on the tour.

A year.

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Yesterday was busy so I wasn’t able to write about this until today.

A year from yesterday Jon announced his disbelief in God.
I remember my heart breaking and the sadness I had.
A lot has happened in the past year but in some ways very little.
I’ve realized I can survived a marital crisis.
I’ve realized that a spouse changing beliefs is not the end of the world.
I’ve realized how much my family loves me and my husband.
I’ve realized I am strong and that going to the temple alone is not lonely if you go with other relief society sisters.

I still long for a supportive husband that can teach the Gospel by my side, but I am happy that Jon is happy and is being himself.

So it’s been a year. I’m still married and still in love with my husband.

Christmas gifts

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

One thing my mom gives us married people every Christmas is one or two Cutco knives or other Cutco gadgets. ( I love Cutco.)
We’re so close this year to having a full knife set, or at least the basic knife set.
Heck, I don’t even care if we get the last knife, or spatula spreader,  I just want the block to put my knives in and use. (I’m strange and have wanted to get the whole set before we used any.)
Besides knives we’ve also receive a pizza cutter and vegetable peeler, seriously the best pizza cutter or veggie peeler you could ever have.
And then baking stuff, like spatulas and serving stuff. ( I forget I have a huge spatula that would be lovely for frosting large cakes but it’s tucked away with the knives for future use once I get the block.)
I really hope my mom got the hint in my e-mail and gets us the block to put the knives in because I would love to get rid of one of the knife sets on my counter. ( I won’t say which one. And yes we have two knife sets, soon to be three if I get my wish. We got two for wedding gifts. One is a new one, well five years old now and whatever cutlery brand you get a Target and the other is a Union Pacific set that I wanted more for sentimental value that is from Jon’s parents, but Jon didn’t like having only one butcher knife and he pulled them out a while back. Though we really only use the butcher knife out of that set and when I say we, I mean him.)

Anyways, as I’m typing this I have the knives in their boxes on my computer desk. Whenever I pull them out to survey what we have and let my mom know, it reminds me how sharp they are and how dull my current knives are.
A block to put them in would be the perfect Christmas gift.
I want sharp knives to use this new year.


Saturday, November 24th, 2007

My niece Shauntae tagged me and I’m procrastinating my lesson.

1. Five Jobs I’ve Had:
Busser at a restaurant
– File clerk at an insurance office
– File clerk at a law office
– Student worker
– Care giver for Naia

2. Five Vehicles I’ve Owned (or driven as my own):
-’81 Honda Prelude
-‘?? Nissan Altima– I drove it while Andrea was in France and after I blew up my prelude.
-’94 Subaru Impreza
-’04 Toyota Camry
-that’s it

3. Five Places I’ve Volunteered:
– Church
-  I volunteer to give blood often- does that count?
-  Um, I guess I need to work on volunteering

4. Five Musical Artists I love:
– The Dixie Chicks
– Brad Paisley
– The Beatles
– Faith Hill
– Journey

5. Five Things I want to see happen in the next Five Years:
– Jon graduate with a Masters…
– … then a big raise…
– … so we can buy a bigger house.
– Me succeed at homeschooling the girls, or at least them progressing academically.
– Me pregnant with another baby, maybe twice within the next five years if we get a bigger house.

If you read this, you’re tagged: Andrea, Elizabeth, Sarah, Molly and Jon (haha, he won’t do it but maybe now he will since I said he won’t.)

Thanksgiving Day

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Jon has been a doll. He has let me sleep in on the weekends and he takes care of the girls and gets them breakfast.
It’s been great.
Thanksgiving Day:
Jon made Thanksgiving breakfast. Yummy blueberry muffins that we’ve had in our cupboard for a while.
We hung out at home and I made pies for my parents house.
We got there at 12:45 thinking “dinner” was at one. Only the people who live there and were staying there were there and the turkey was an hour behind because my mom started a turkey dripping fire in the oven.
No one else showed up till around 2 so we only saw some people for about an hour. We ate at 3 or so and we jetted out of there around 3:45.
We got to Ann’s house late, 4:30 but they waited for us since I had the rolls.
Ann and Doug have a new little Yorkie and the girls just loved him.
Lilah held him at every chance and she thought it was funny that he liked to nibble on my belt.
We got home around 8:30, just a half hour past the girls bedtime, though they didn’t get to bed till 9.

I went to my parents house with the girls because Andrea and Brien would be heading over there later and Jon needed time to work on a term paper.
I hung out with family and held the baby a little and I even cleaned out my car.
It was a nice day.

On a down note I’ve been getting sick since I went out on windy Wednesday. Today I feel my worst and since I’ve procrastinated writing my lesson I still need to prepare it.
I’m terrible I know it.
I’ve also slept or rested most of the morning since I’m feeling stuffy and just plain terrible.
I have gone over it, so that’s a plus.
I love the holidays, just not when I’m sick.


Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Jon asked Lilah what tomorrow was and she enthusiastically replied “Turkey Day!!”

I’m excited for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why.
I made some really good rolls to take to the in-laws tonight. Like really good. The last batch I made, just last week for Carolyn, weren’t as good as these.
I’m making pumpkin pie that unless I take a piece with me I may not get any since we won’t be at my parents house for desert.

Andrea and Brien stopped by after their dentist appointments today.
It was funny because the girls got to see Zarina and even got their picture taken before I saw her.
She was grumpy and needed to be fed so I took a quick peak of the cute girl and ate lunch while I waited for her to get a full belly.
She’s adorable and decided to poop or pass gas while I held her.

I really love that Andrea and Brien make time to visit us when they’re in town.
Often on there way out or in they stop by since we’re just a small detour off and back onto the freeway.
And they have dentist appointments twice a year so they visit after or before their appointments.
It makes me happy and I feel loved that they do this.
I’m use to many relatives always saying we traveled this far you need to come see us, but it was hard when we only had one car or I never knew when they’re going to be at the house.
Also since our house is so small about only 2 or 3 other people can fit in it comfortably, though we’ve had more, and is also seen as a reason to not stop by.

I guess I just appreciate the effort put forth by Andrea and Brien to see my family.
It makes me feel loved.

Thanks Andrea and Brien.
We love you.

Anyways, tomorrow is Turkey day and it looks like I won’t need the turkey to be tired since I’m up at 1 am and my body likes to nap in the afternoon anyways.Jon is also up so I’m not sure who will be more fit to drive tomorrow after we have turkey at my parents and have to drive the 45 minutes across town to his sisters.(They’re 33.3 miles apart. So fun.)

Is there something on my face?

Monday, November 19th, 2007

So as I’m shopping I notice a couple of people look at me funny and I realize it’s my gigantic cold sore.
It’s in the starting to scab over and turn brown stage, so it’s not very pretty at all.

I got a lot done today in shopping but I burned about $12 because I left my Sterilite containers in the bottom part of my Target shopping cart and of course they weren’t there when I went back a couple hours later and no one had turned anything in.
I was going to buy 2 more, but I just felt bad and didn’t want to spend any more money since I had already spent a lot at two grocery stores. (More than what we had left in the food budget, though it was the diapers that killed us.)

I’m sad that people don’t return things to the store that were obviously left behind.
I’m sad that I spent a part of my allowance for next month, even though the shirt and sweater were on clearance.

We’re not hard up for money so that’s not what’s bothering me.
I just have finally come to a point where I had the thought today that I’d rather go home and make lunch rather then buy it because that $12 could go towards one of our savings projects. (As I just read this I realized maybe it was the spirit knowing I’d be a ditz and loose $12 in Sterilite containers. 😉 ) Though I was not thinking that way when I bought my shirts, but I figured it was my allowance not just miscellaneous money I would be spending.
I think I’m PMSing also so losing the Sterilite containers has gotten me in a funk.

I am happy because I’ll be getting my hair cut tomorrow. I wanted it cut before the Holidays and she had one last appointment left.
I only called her Friday, so I feel very lucky to get in because I usually have to wait a week or two.
So I’ll have great hair for Thanksgiving, but not the greatest face.

There’s not much to report in our immediate family.

Monday, November 19th, 2007

I just have a gigantic cold sore to start off my holiday week.
It started Wednesday and I’m pretty sure it won’t be healed by Thursday.
Oh well.
At least my family loves me, beautiful or not. 😉

In extended family news:
Jon’s father went into the hospital Thursday because his parents felt he had a mild heart-attack.
He’s doing well and is still there.
They ran test, I think Thursday but possibly Friday, and they still don’t have any results, I think that’s why he’s still there,
Dumb hospitals.
As an added bonus Mom’s knee cramped up on her so she’s been tied up at home and unable to visit him since she can’t get around or drive easily. She needed knee surgery a while back, but didn’t have it and now she’s the only capable one in the house. (At the time she first needed it Dad could drive, but they decided not to do it.)
Dad hasn’t driven for a while and he doesn’t cook or do anything domestic.
We’re hoping he gets home soon and that things get back to normal.
Life is crazy for them right now and with the Holidays this just brings added stress.

I really love my in-laws and it’s hard to see things go down hill. They are closer to the age of my grandparents than my parents and with that I think they show a lot of love towards us and are very patient. Not like typical in-laws.
When we saw them on Sunday Dad mentioned how tall Lilah was and how grown she is compared to Eden. Eden still looks like a baby, or toddler and Lilah looks grown up to him.
I had to agree with him.
Lilah and Eden are their youngest grand kids and the ones they see most often since we try to see them once a month, though it’s been hard with different sicknesses so it was more like August the last time we saw them.
When we were there on Sunday Dad mentioned how before his fathers death he didn’t visit him because he had a cold, and then he died the next day so it wouldn’t have matter that he had a cold.
Jon and I don’t know how to take that story. I feel like he’s letting go and he just wants to see us and the girls. Even if it’s just to watch them play and even if they’re sick.
But we still want to be careful because we don’t feel like he’s going to die tomorrow and we wouldn’t want to hide the fact that our little girl’s cold, or our own, gave the final blow to Dad’s immune system. That would bring some unnecessary guilt.

I’m still happy for the Holidays because it means seeing the family and being gathered together. We’re going to focus on Jon’s family this Thanksgiving. Not because of Dad but because we hardly see the rest of Jon’s family and we see mine fairly often. ( I’ve also been asked to bring rolls and I love making rolls.)
Andrea and Brien will be in town and I hope to see my new niece Zarina on Wednesday since they have a dentist appointment just down the street from me. (You guys better come over.)
I can’t wait and it’ll be nice to only fight my girls to hold her.
Ah family.
I can’t wait till Thanksgiving.

Working from home

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Today Jon is working from home. UNLV is hosting a Democratic debate and they asked that any staff who can work from home to do so.
It’s also a test run to see how it would work out if he was able to work from home. Something his manager is trying to do for him and her.
It would be Thursday. Lilah’s class day which means a guaranteed 2 hour time block of no kids and then the regular nap, which sometimes works out.
I’ll tell you the one thing that kills me is not having access to my computer when I want access and only having limited time.
I would love him home, though it would take getting use to. Not bothering Daddy can be pretty hard for our girls and even me.
Also how lazy would I feel if he was working and I didn’t want to do chores so I just sat on the couch or took my regular nap while he worked.
He said I should save the chores for Thursday so I can keep busy while he’s around and not need the computer as much.

It would be fun to have him work form home. Heck if it saves us just a little in gas money and gives us more time, theoretically, with him it makes it worth it.
But oh to have another person on my computer all day and infringing on my space, and not being able to lend a hand whenever I want. That’s a little tough.
I dream for the day where we have at least 4 bedrooms or an area for an office so he could be away from it all, but for now he’s the middle of everything while working.
I love him, but it’ll take some adjusting if he is able to work from home regularly on Thursdays.

My time is up. Lilah is lying on Daddy as he rest on the couch and Eden is yelling for candy.