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This weekend has been fun and we still have one more day!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

We went on a date Friday night.
I love the ward we’re in. We have great people with great daughters who are willing to watch our girls for free and what parent doesn’t like free babysitting, unless the person is a total weirdo? (The Jewitt’s daughter, Shelby, is 14 and is the ‘technical’ babysitter when they have the girls, but my girls also love Hannah, who is 10, and is their playmate. I love the Jewitt’s. They are an awesome family, and not just because they give us free babysitting. ūüėČ )
Anyways, we traveled the 16 miles and saw the Elizabeth movie. I used a free pass and one we bought from Costco. The theater we went to charges $10.25 per person for a movie. Yeah, that’s why we’re picky and I buy discount tickets at Costco. ( It’s just hard to pay $20 for 2 hours of entertainment unless it’s really good.)
It was a good movie and we headed over to Coldstone afterwards for some yummy ice cream dessert since it’s only like 60 something degrees in the evenings still.
We got the girls to bed late, but we had a fun night.

Saturday we did various things round the house. I inside and Jon outside.
He found a lizard while cleaning outside and the girls had fun looking at it and touching it.


Our side-yard bug eater.



Don’t hurt the lizard.

Later that night we bit the bullet and cut Eden’s hair yet again.
She loves to play with her hair and lately she wakes with big honking knots in her hair. And she complains about me taking them out.
So Jon cut her hair and I helped towards the end.
It’s very short.
It gives me confidence that we can cut our boys hair, if we ever have one.



An example of the knot I face after she sleeps. I mean both nighttime and nap time I’ve had to deal with taking one of these out.



Her hair is pretty ruined at the tips where her knots have been.


The last picture with her having longer hair.



The first cut.



After…She might be destined for short hair throughout childhood.

Even though it’s so short it kinda fits her personality.
She’s still so cute but I’m gonna miss putting her hair in pigtails.

She didn’t enjoy the haircut. She was crying a little by the end when we were trying to make sure everything was okay. She has crooked bangs, but I think that’s standard on little kids.

We also visited Jon’s parents today after church and the girl’s naps. It’s been forever because someones been sick or we’ve had other engagements with my family.
We finally made it today. Jon also set up a machine that helps send information to Dad’s doctor from his pacemaker each night.
Dad was very slow getting around tonight and it was a slight reality check to see how bad he’s gotten, though it might also be that we just haven’t seen him for so long and have forgotten how slow he was before.

We also had a family from our old ward, as in the ward we were in for the first three years of marriage until we moved two years ago, move into our ward boundaries.
It’s ironic because Jon has a lot of respect for the father and he is probably the one person he didn’t want to know, or have to tell, about his change of heart. (His wife knows because we share a close mutual friend, so I’m sure he knows also.)
It’s still nice to have a family move into our ward because it seems like everyone is moving out.


Friday, November 9th, 2007

I bought some regal tickets/ gift tickets at Costco not to long ago.
I thought we could use them for a movie date, since we agreed we’d go see Elizabeth: The Golden Age.
Well, Elizabeth: The Golden Age is not playing at Regal cinema’s, but Century. So uh, I think someone will be getting movie tickets as a gift because we’re pretty choosy about what we see in the theater.
I’ve already given a set to Judy as a thank you for helping me while Lilah was having her hives episode.

Yeah, that’s life.
On an up note I went shopping on Wednesday and I’m gonna look really cute for Jon tonight wearing my new clothes and shoes.
I guess it’s nice to dress up for your husband every-once in a while.

Of course he says I’m cute no matter what, but I know he enjoys the hair and makeup done Lacey too.

Let me correct this. We do have one regal theater playing the movie we want to see but it’s 16 miles away from us, one way, so what money we saved in getting the tickets from Costco we spend in gas and break even, unless we use my free ticket from a time I gave blood.
16 miles away though. I love and hate living in a big city.

“Mmm, that’s tasty.”

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

This is a phrase my girls use every once in a while. They used it today while I was making the frosting for cinnamon rolls.
No, they weren’t saying the frosting was mmm tasty but the powdered sugar, or confectioners sugar for you bakers who know the real name.
They were dusting the sugar from off my counter and licking it from their hands. Lilah wanted to lick my strainer that I was using to sift the sugar with, but I was not that nuts of a mommy. In fact I think they would have started eating it from the bag had I let them.
I’m sure I need to store the tasty delight higher in my cupboard now that they know what it is, but more importantly how good it is.

I don’t need to buy candy or make cookies for them.
I just need a little powdered sugar.


Thursday, November 8th, 2007

So I survived my second enrichment meeting. The last one was stressful, but this one I felt more pressure, mostly because it was suppose to be more uplifting and motivational and not just a speaker telling us about crime, like our last one was.
We looked at family indexing. Something the church is partnering with other people and doing so you can essentially do genealogy from home eventually. Then we also looked at some ethical will questions and I had the women talk to a partner about their answers.

I think it went well. Without Jon I wouldn’t have been able to do either activity.

The ethical will he suggested and went off without a hitch.
For the family indexing we had a glitch because we use to have computers in the church building but that is no longer, so we couldn’t use a computer room to do a short tutorial. Then we don’t have wireless Internet so I created a PowerPoint where I essentially printed each screen and made it exactly what a person would see in the tutorial. (Jon was the brains behind creating the PowerPoint. He has been wonderful for bouncing problems and ideas off of.)
It worked out great and it seems like a lot of women are now interested in indexing.

I feel the night went really well.
I was over the ethical will portion and I just couldn’t help but be happy seeing these women take to one another about their life experiences.
It was really gratifying to watch.
It was wonderful.

I’m happy it’s over but I think it was a wonderful night.

Here are the Ethical Will questions I used for the night in case anyone wants to add these to there personal history or journal.

Ethical Will

1. Who influenced you most in your life and what did you learn from them that affected the way you’ve lived?
2. Describe the most important experiences of your life. What did they teach you?
3. What was the happiest time of your life? The saddest time?
4. What spiritual beliefs have guided and sustained you?
5. Describe the family stories you’d like people to remember. What meaning do they have for you?
6. What are you most proud of? Any regrets?
7. What do you wish you had learned earlier in life?
8. Who is the most important person in your life and what have you learned from him or her?


Not much…

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

… has been going on.

On Saturday I took the girls with me to my parents so I could clean out the inside of Jon’s car. He needed to study and my dad has a shop-vac so it was able to suck up a lot of big things rather than me having to comb through the layer of stuff in the car before using my wimpy vacuum because we’re too cheap to go to a car wash station and use their vacuums. (We had an old sunscreen that started shedding and it looked like we had fish scales everywhere.)
My dad and brother both asked why I was cleaning out my husband’s car. I figured it was mine too not too long ago and if he doesn’t have the time to clean it, why shouldn’t I?

The one bad thing was his car doesn’t have AC, and it was still warm this Saturday, about 80 degrees and when you’re on the free way and the the sun is pounding down through the windows it can get a little uncomfortable, especially for two little girls.
The other part is it continually blows hot air into the car cabin and when going at high speeds the air flow is pretty strong.
We even went through car wash to help get the layer of dirt off the car, though the old bird poop is still on it. Oh well.
The carpet still has a lot of little things stuck to it but it’s look a lot better than what it was, just not as clean as I would have liked.
I guess it just taught me that I need to clean out my car regularly.

I also cleaned our driveway and we went to a work party for Jon. It was fun. I was the only other spouse or significant other there besides the host and his wife and one other husband. His boss told Jon he had to come and bring the family so our kids could play with his kids. His daughter is 5 and the son is 3. Eden played nicely but it took a little bit for Lilah to warm up once we got there. (I had a baptism to go to so Lilah came with me and we got there a little late.)

It was a fun night and I liked talking with Jon’s co-workers, even though I fell that I have very little in common with most of them. (His boss is the only one with kids and the others co-workers all have dogs, and we don’t and I know very little about dogs. I’m also just not sure what we have in common. I think my age makes me a little shy and the fact that I’ve never worked in an actual career.)

Saturday night Lilah had a terrible cough. She came and lied with us for a while but we put her back in her bed with my pillow as extra support because Jon needed rest so he could study the next day and I needed rest because I would be teaching. She was exhausted and didn’t wake up til 9:30am, which was really 10:30 am since it was daylight savings. Of course she also didn’t get to bed until almost 10 pm.
I felt bad that her other sunbeam had to be by himself for two weeks in a row, though they’re moving at the end of the month so Lilah will have about a month as the only sunbeam and next year she will probably be combined with another class.

I’m now just trying to focus on Enrichment which is this Thursday. I have a powerpoint I need to create, but I’ve been procrastinating by talking with my sister Andrea and my friend Anna will be coming over for lunch. I know what I need to do, but I also need to start it with minimal interruptions so I don’t lose any steps while creating the powerpoint.

Ah life.

North and South

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

So I received North and South today in the mail. I confused it with some civil war era movie with Patrick Swayze, it does have the same title and I’ve heard the 80’s one is good, or something, I’m not sure why I wanted to watch it.

Anyways after the girls had gone to bed I began watching the movie. I knew it was a mini series, it did have 2 disc and since we only get one movie from netflix at a time, I only get the first part, so Jon mentioned how I could watch it on-line but I was like whatever because I hadn’t started watching it and was not involved with Patrick Swayze. Good thing it was the BBC mini series and not the 80’s one.

I started it and since I loved it so much and did not want to wait to see how it ended and I started watching the second half on-line. ( I love that we have high speed internet now, dial-up so would not have worked.)

I just finished it and I loved this movie/ mini series.

It was just wonderful.

It was very much like Pride and Prejudice, but still great, in the mean guy and nice girl, both being too prideful then he professes love and she rejects him. You totally see it coming, but it was still so sweet and a great watch.

If you liked Pride and Prejudice you should totally see this movie or read the book. I’m sure it would be a great read too.

I loved North and South. I’m totally putting it on my wish list to buy. Sometimes four or five hour miniseries are the best.

Yeah it’s almost 2 in the morning and I want to go to my parents house to give Jon time to study tomorrow. I’m gonna be so tired.

P.S. Mr. Thornton is kinda cute in this passionate way, even though I would not normally be attracted to him and he reminds me of the guy from “The Office”, or Steve Carrell.
(There was an ad for a Steve Carrell movie and I thought “Wow, Mr. Thornton looks a little like him but cuter.”)

Let me just remind you it is 2 o’clock in the morning so I don’t always make sense.


Friday, November 2nd, 2007

My lesson is done. It’s a short one so I hope we have a¬† long testimony meeting tomorrow.
I did shower. My hair was just too yucky to wait another day.
No laundry is folded.
Jon is staying late at the office so he can study. We have too small of a house and no where nice to concentrate.
I might do dishes.
I think we’re gonna have cereal for dinner because I don’t feel like cooking, and I can’t just run and get something unless I bring two girls.

I hope to clean our front driveway. We have no yard, just a driveway. That is covered with pine needles and trash that has blown in.
Maybe I’ll also clean out the inside of one of our cars.
I’m gonna go for the Subaru if I do clean a car. Just because it has never been vacuumed in our entire marriage. Well, maybe once right after we were married, but it is so yucky inside it. After being in my mostly clean car- it is getting pretty crumby in the Toyota, I get a slight ick factor when driving the Subaru and it’s our car! I’d hate to know how other people feel when they’ve had to ride in it.
Sue definitely needs to get some TLC.

(Sue is the name Jon has given the Subaru, very inventive I know. I have yet to name my car. The only car that ever had a name in my family was my father’s green jeep that was named Norman Greenbomb. It may have had another name in there too. )

Where’d the day go?

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Yesterday was a day that I got very little done.
I had nursery duty yesterday so I was with Eden and her class from 10-12.
Then our activity that goes on the first Thursday of the month, so I got home around one.
Naia only took a short nap, so she was awake enough that when I got home I got the girls fed and Naia fed. Then I did my Halloween post.
We called my parents house and the girls sang Happy Birthday to the machine for my dad’s birthday.
Then it was time for naps.
Eden went down and then Naia was already falling asleep.
I’m not sure what I did with the time before Lilah’s nap.
I may have been on-line.
I got Lilah down for her nap and took about a 15 minute one myself. (It’s now about 4:30)
I started getting our mountain of dishes in the dishwasher, then Julie came to get her sleeping Naia.
I finished dishes. Started dinner and then well, entertained Eden a little by watching Nemo.
Jon came home.
We ate.
I studied my lesson for Sunday.
The girls finished Nemo while I studied.
The girls were ornery as I watched a little bit of Ugly Betty.
Got the girls to bed.
Watched TV and ate lots of Halloween candy.
Did stuff on the computer.
Went to bed late.

What I need to get done.
My lesson foremost, so if Jon needs the computer I can oblige since he has a test on Monday.
Fold two baskets of laundry that I should have been folding instead of eating candy last night.
A shower would be nice.
Maybe some cleaning.
It’s already almost 10 and I fell like I’m not gonna get anything done except my lesson.
Hopefully I can shower.

A shower would be really nice.

Happy Halloween- 2007

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

¬†I gave the girls an early bath and put Lilah’s hair in curlers to start off our Halloween.
Then in the morning we carved our pumpkin.


¬† (I bought it for it’s cute stem and beautiful orange color, never mind it was lopsided and had a scar on it. )



Lilah enjoyed taking out the “guts” of the pumpkin.



Lilah sketched a face for  me to carve.



 Eden just scribbled so I carved an E for her.



I did my own pumpkin face also. ( I love Eden’s “smile” I think that’s what it’s suppose to be.)

Jon came home early, a very nice surprise,  so I left early to go to my parents house. I met my sister Kristi there with her kids and my sister Carolyn. (Jon was left with candy duty. I love to take the girls out trick out treating.)

We started trick or treating shortly after dark and the girls looked beautiful.


Glinda and Dorothy.









We just went up and down my parents short block, then we stopped by “Grandma’s store”, aka JoAnn’s, to see my mom as she had to work last night.

We got to our neighborhood and went up and  down our little block. There was actually 8 houses including ours this year giving out candy opposed to the 5 or 6 from the previous 2 years.

Then we visited one of Eden’s nursery leaders, because they love her so much and I love to show the girls off. Then the Jewitt’s since they’re in the same neighborhood and the girls were more excited to go see the Jewitts than the nursery leader. (They love the Jewitt’s cats, toys and daughters who watch/play with them.)

Funny story: When we pulled up to the Jewitt’s, Sis. Jewitt, or Beth, was walking her oldest daughter and her boyfriend to the daughter’s car. As we walked up I said they couldn’t leave without seeing their cutest trick or treaters. So they said how cute the girls were and then Beth said to the other two that they needed to go into the house so the girls could knock and say trick or treat. So she ran the other two into the house with her.

After a short visit at the Jewitt’s we stopped by the store for milk and cereal. I heard a¬† a lot of how cutes. (Have I said how much I love to show my kids off, though we went to the store because we were completely out of milk and it’s on the way home from the Jewitt’s.)
We came home and had a little fun with the glow sticks Britta gave the girls.



 Then the girls had fun in their candy.


Mmmm, candy.



 MMMM, candy!




They got to bed about 10 pm. Only an hour past their bedtime, though it’s been more like 9:30 lately anyways.

We had a great Halloween and Lilah has decided to be Dorothy, a mean witch, and Tinkerbell for Halloween next year.
Our pumkins with the candle. (I forgot to take any pictures before the girls went to bed so you get just the pumpkin.)





¬†Lilah’s pumpkin face.

The holes from my carving’s eyes give an interesting affect, in which Lilah actually had a circle within her larger circles, so this is more true to her drawing.

Now I know why you only carve one side of the pumpkin.




My carving illuminated.