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Working from home

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Today Jon is working from home. UNLV is hosting a Democratic debate and they asked that any staff who can work from home to do so.
It’s also a test run to see how it would work out if he was able to work from home. Something his manager is trying to do for him and her.
It would be Thursday. Lilah’s class day which means a guaranteed 2 hour time block of no kids and then the regular nap, which sometimes works out.
I’ll tell you the one thing that kills me is not having access to my computer when I want access and only having limited time.
I would love him home, though it would take getting use to. Not bothering Daddy can be pretty hard for our girls and even me.
Also how lazy would I feel if he was working and I didn’t want to do chores so I just sat on the couch or took my regular nap while he worked.
He said I should save the chores for Thursday so I can keep busy while he’s around and not need the computer as much.

It would be fun to have him work form home. Heck if it saves us just a little in gas money and gives us more time, theoretically, with him it makes it worth it.
But oh to have another person on my computer all day and infringing on my space, and not being able to lend a hand whenever I want. That’s a little tough.
I dream for the day where we have at least 4 bedrooms or an area for an office so he could be away from it all, but for now he’s the middle of everything while working.
I love him, but it’ll take some adjusting if he is able to work from home regularly on Thursdays.

My time is up. Lilah is lying on Daddy as he rest on the couch and Eden is yelling for candy.