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Is there something on my face?

Monday, November 19th, 2007

So as I’m shopping I notice a couple of people look at me funny and I realize it’s my gigantic cold sore.
It’s in the starting to scab over and turn brown stage, so it’s not very pretty at all.

I got a lot done today in shopping but I burned about $12 because I left my Sterilite containers in the bottom part of my Target shopping cart and of course they weren’t there when I went back a couple hours later and no one had turned anything in.
I was going to buy 2 more, but I just felt bad and didn’t want to spend any more money since I had already spent a lot at two grocery stores. (More than what we had left in the food budget, though it was the diapers that killed us.)

I’m sad that people don’t return things to the store that were obviously left behind.
I’m sad that I spent a part of my allowance for next month, even though the shirt and sweater were on clearance.

We’re not hard up for money so that’s not what’s bothering me.
I just have finally come to a point where I had the thought today that I’d rather go home and make lunch rather then buy it because that $12 could go towards one of our savings projects. (As I just read this I realized maybe it was the spirit knowing I’d be a ditz and loose $12 in Sterilite containers. 😉 ) Though I was not thinking that way when I bought my shirts, but I figured it was my allowance not just miscellaneous money I would be spending.
I think I’m PMSing also so losing the Sterilite containers has gotten me in a funk.

I am happy because I’ll be getting my hair cut tomorrow. I wanted it cut before the Holidays and she had one last appointment left.
I only called her Friday, so I feel very lucky to get in because I usually have to wait a week or two.
So I’ll have great hair for Thanksgiving, but not the greatest face.

There’s not much to report in our immediate family.

Monday, November 19th, 2007

I just have a gigantic cold sore to start off my holiday week.
It started Wednesday and I’m pretty sure it won’t be healed by Thursday.
Oh well.
At least my family loves me, beautiful or not. 😉

In extended family news:
Jon’s father went into the hospital Thursday because his parents felt he had a mild heart-attack.
He’s doing well and is still there.
They ran test, I think Thursday but possibly Friday, and they still don’t have any results, I think that’s why he’s still there,
Dumb hospitals.
As an added bonus Mom’s knee cramped up on her so she’s been tied up at home and unable to visit him since she can’t get around or drive easily. She needed knee surgery a while back, but didn’t have it and now she’s the only capable one in the house. (At the time she first needed it Dad could drive, but they decided not to do it.)
Dad hasn’t driven for a while and he doesn’t cook or do anything domestic.
We’re hoping he gets home soon and that things get back to normal.
Life is crazy for them right now and with the Holidays this just brings added stress.

I really love my in-laws and it’s hard to see things go down hill. They are closer to the age of my grandparents than my parents and with that I think they show a lot of love towards us and are very patient. Not like typical in-laws.
When we saw them on Sunday Dad mentioned how tall Lilah was and how grown she is compared to Eden. Eden still looks like a baby, or toddler and Lilah looks grown up to him.
I had to agree with him.
Lilah and Eden are their youngest grand kids and the ones they see most often since we try to see them once a month, though it’s been hard with different sicknesses so it was more like August the last time we saw them.
When we were there on Sunday Dad mentioned how before his fathers death he didn’t visit him because he had a cold, and then he died the next day so it wouldn’t have matter that he had a cold.
Jon and I don’t know how to take that story. I feel like he’s letting go and he just wants to see us and the girls. Even if it’s just to watch them play and even if they’re sick.
But we still want to be careful because we don’t feel like he’s going to die tomorrow and we wouldn’t want to hide the fact that our little girl’s cold, or our own, gave the final blow to Dad’s immune system. That would bring some unnecessary guilt.

I’m still happy for the Holidays because it means seeing the family and being gathered together. We’re going to focus on Jon’s family this Thanksgiving. Not because of Dad but because we hardly see the rest of Jon’s family and we see mine fairly often. ( I’ve also been asked to bring rolls and I love making rolls.)
Andrea and Brien will be in town and I hope to see my new niece Zarina on Wednesday since they have a dentist appointment just down the street from me. (You guys better come over.)
I can’t wait and it’ll be nice to only fight my girls to hold her.
Ah family.
I can’t wait till Thanksgiving.