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Yearly truffle making

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

So I did popcorn on Sunday night and the truffles today. The girls were actually pretty good and only in the afternoon was the TV on.
Lilah liked to watch me do things and was there to lick up any stray chocolate that got on the counter.
At one point she was relieved of her chocolate counter licking duty when she was getting in the way and trying to lick things like the spoon I still needed. She wasn’t too happy. Plus I’m not having her take regular naps so she becomes pretty sensitive.

So I made about 150 truffles.
I did have some difficulty when a batch of the candy melts were terrible and not looking nice as the coated the truffle. It had an oily separated look, so I made a lot of chocolate covered almonds with that chocolate and a went through a few bowls trying to figure out what was wrong.
Jon has 25 things of chocolate covered popcorn and 25 bags of truffles, each containing one of each truffle I made, and I did 5 kinds.
He has a lot of people at work to give them to. The list became so long because Jon would want to give some to a person in one office but they share the office with other people he knows and somewhat works with so he feels obligated to give a some to the whole office. Hopefully he has enough. He gave me 22 names and he has 3 to work with.

I’m just happy the day is over and the dishes are washed. (All our bowls had been used so I had to do dishes tonight so we could have something to eat from tomorrow.)

For tomorrow Christmas shopping and cutting out snowflakes for our window.


Sunday, December 9th, 2007

This weekend we kept out of Jon’s hair so he could study and write his term paper. (Something that is hard to do at a library and nicer to do from home, but as he said, he can’t study with kids around and admires those who can. Thanks honey.)
Lilah had a primary activity in the morning on Saturday so I just went and took Eden along.
We were in a group of mostly boys between the ages of 8-11. Some girls were added later on, also between 8 and 11, but I was glad that I stayed so Lilah didn’t get lost in all the traveling to room to room.
After the activity we came home and ate lunch.
Once Carolyn got off of work we went to her house to make some cookies. ( I invited myself and the girl’s on Friday knowing that Jon would need space.)
We made some carrot cake cookies, very yummy and some sugar cookies.
The girls were good at rolling the cake cookies.
We let the girls decorate their own sugar cookie and eat it. After watching them decorate their own cookie I decided Carolyn and I should do the rest.
(Lilah was piling all our white frosting on her snowman. We had to take some away to have any for the other snowmen and snowflakes.)
I do have a few pictures, but since my hands were mostly dirty I didn’t take any.
I mostly wanted to get the cookies made and clean up so we wouldn’t be there too late.

These pictures are by Carolyn.


A chair after Lilah was helping to make cookies.

Carolyn and the girls played while I got frosting made and the sugar cookies ready to cut out.


Where’s Lilah.




They loved what Carolyn’s couch did to their hair.

Today we’ve been home. Jon came home after Sacrament and had those two hours to himself.
I took a nap while Eden was taking hers and Lilah stayed up and watched a movie while Jon studied.

Tomorrow I’m making truffles. A lot of truffles so the girls will probably be glued to the TV, fighting, or possibly getting along with one another in their bedroom, but probably making a mess in the process.

It should be interesting.


Monday, December 3rd, 2007

So I just bought the girl’s gifts.
I am totally an shopper.
Though some things will need to be bought in person or at the dollar store.
Wouldn’t that be funny if you could buy things from the dollar store on-line?
Anyways. I’m excited for Christmas and some of the things we’re getting for the girls.
Yay for the Holidays!
Now I just have to purchase for Jon and my brother and one close friend who does a lot for me without asking for anything in return.

Even though we both have amazon accounts, it still makes it hard to buy things for Jon because he only puts things like books and Cd’s up there and I want to get him something other than a book or a Cd because that’s what I always get him.
I like we’ve gotten t-shirts from there and there are a couple of gadgets Jon liked.
Though I may just buy books and more books for him.

Ely- Zarina’s Blessing

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

This weekend we did a very short trip to Ely to visit Andrea and Brien and to see Zarina blessed.

We left late on Saturday around 1 o’clock. (Jon was topping off fluids and accidentally put the pink windshield wiper fluid in the pink coolant fluid. It might have been OK, but since we were going on a long trip with very few towns and a lot of nothing in between we thought it would be better to have the engine flushed to be on the safe side. He was there for 3 hours. Ugh.)

We got on the road and the girls and I got excited when we we saw that there was snow on the mountains outside of Alamo.


Just in the car having fun.


Snow on the mountains!



Pretty cloud on mountain.


Are you sure you want to go this way?

We went the long way, or scenic drive to Ely through Caliente.


The Union Pacific train station in Caliente. Jon said he rode though Caliente several times as a kid on the train. (His father worked for UP.)

We stopped and played in some snow on the roadside.



I will say I thought it was pretty until Jon decided to throw snowballs, which he did immediately after getting out of the car.


The girls weren’t in the snow clothes I brought and I didn’t want them getting wet from the snow sticking to them.
OK I also didn’t want them getting dirty.

They loved it and wanted to make a snow angel like Daddy had, but I was wanting to get back into the warm car and onto the road again.


Jon mentioned how driving in the snow made him feel like he was on a different planet.
I’d have to agree.
Neither of us grew up in snow, Jon did go on a mission to New York, but that has been over 10 years ago.
Snow is just foreign to us Las Vegans.


I just noticed this guys headlights weren’t on.


It was pretty. The scenic drive wasn’t very scenic with the snow storm, but it was still pretty.


Uh, where’s the scenery?



We’ll have to visit Mount Charleston for some snow. The girls just loved it and maybe next time I’ll let them get dirty and wet.

We got to Ely around dinner time and headed over to Andrea and Brien’s for a short visit.

Eden loved Zarina and wanted to hold her.



The next day while getting ready for church Eden began to smell. So I gave her a bath and Jon inspected her dress.
A poopy diaper that she had that morning had leaked on the dress, so it smelled. We decided we’d better dress her in her pants rather then have her be stinky and in a dress.

The sacrament meeting was nice and we headed over to Andrea and Brien’s for a delicious meal of pulled pork sandwiches.
It was all of Brien’s family and then us, and his one neighbor.
(My parents wanted to wait till the crowd died down since they had my aunt who has cerebral palsy with them.)


Zarina after church.

We got some pictures and then took off home.


The Parks.



The Parks with Lilah and Eden. (This is what Eden wore to church.)


Proud aunt with Zarina.

It was a very long drive and the girls started being roosters right as we got near the city and they continued for about the 20 minute drive in. And that is Eden at the end talking, for those who think she doesn’t talk, she does talk and a lot at times.