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Chirstmas 2007- the pictures

Friday, December 28th, 2007

If you want the long story of what happened on Christmas see my long post.
It might help to know the whole story, but this is the abbreviated one with pictures and video.



Our Christmas tree after all the gifts had been laid out.



Me: Honey I need to fill the stockings. Him-Oh well I’m sleeping.



Later that night after we both woke up.



The next morning. We made Eden wait behind the gate with Lilah even though she’d already been up.


A video of the girls opening the gifts they got for one another.





Why do I have to wear this towel?


Lilah with her towel.





Lilah with her towel.



What Santa brought and Eden with a gift that is not hers.



I found a big bow to put on his pocket microscope and apparently I used a lot of tape.



My pans.



The girls waiting for their gifts to be opened so they could play.

Jon didn’t care about cleaning up.



Eden likes Lilah’s laptop-I think maybe a little more than Lilah does.


The girls and then me opening my last gift that was a surprise. (watch how I pick up wrapping paper right by it and didn’t see it under the tree.)






Wait we need to open the package from Conrad, Jon’s brother. It was the gift of packaging peanuts with a doll house.



Lilah loves to play in messes.



A day later but a better picture of the doll house.



Eden was playing with the doll house, until I got the camera then she started playing with her pig.



Lilah wanted me to take a picture with her and her pig because I took a picture of Eden with her pig, when I was just trying to get the inside of the doll house.

Back to Christmas- but at my parents now.


Derek opening his gift, which was our Beatles CD. (read my long post to understand.)




The girls wearing two of the shirts Aunt Carolyn bought them and my father in the background with his crazy Christmas hat, it also has lights on it that light up.




Lilah showing Kaitlyn her toy.


The End.