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Help Wanted

Monday, January 7th, 2008

So I’m no longer watching Naia on a regular basis.
Things happened and now Julie has family who can watch Naia, and her new cousin, for free.
I definitely can’t blame them for wanting to take advantage of free child care.

So now I’m trying to find ways to work from home.
I thought about selling truffles but that was my only thought.  (About half of Jon’s co-workers told him I should sell the truffles.)
It might take more work and time that I’m able to give and room in my freezer that I don’t have. We don’t need the extra income, but life is pretty tight without it and I like having flexibility.

I’m mostly sad that the girls won’t see Naia as regularly.
They loved her and Eden still asks about her, especially since Carolyn brought her over the other day.