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We survived.

Monday, January 21st, 2008

To ease the transition of going to a new ward I set up a meeting with Lilah’s teacher.
It was suppose to have been Thursday night, but she got busy at work and we rescheduled for Saturday. I baked cookies with the girls for us to bring, so Lilah would have a reason to go and feel excited. It somewhat worked.
She’s a single  sister who is just a few years younger than me. We talked for a long time but it was mostly her mom and I who did the talking. Lilah complained that we talked for too long. She did enjoy her cats and told Jon how many pets she had. ( “Two cats and a dog which makes three pets.” Lilah’s learning simple addition, kinda, she knows 2 +1= 3.  Though they must have talked about the pets at church because Lilah informed us today that she has three cats, but one doesn’t like people.)

So today we got up and went to church. They had the new people stand for a brief moment in sacrament. That was fun, Jon stayed seated with Lilah.
We took Lilah to Primary and she was definitely uncomfortable. She teared up a little and I desperately wanted to stay, but I knew that I would cry if she continued to cry and that she would just continue to cry rather then just get over it. I’m not sure if it’s the best way to go about it, but I figure the sooner she gains her independence the better.
Her teacher said she did really well and one of the leaders said she sang all the songs. Lilah is getting use to the idea of change and mentioned that she was there to help Britta.
I’m hoping next week is better for her.

Eden had no problem with going into the new nursery. Even though there were a couple crying kids when we got there she just went in and looked for something to play with. I would have left but there were some twins that were crying and the two nursery leaders looked like they needed help. Since I sat behind them in sacrament one twin wanted cuddles from me and the other still cried but allowed me to hold her. I worried about being able to go to Relief Society, but the parents came in and got them after Sunday school. The mom said she had some problem and could never stay for the whole block. I felt for the girls because they were just starting to play and get use to nursery and then they had to leave.
On an up note Jon said the older woman in nursery said Eden was delightful when he picked her up.

So I went to Relief Society. I sat behind another sister from the old ward and settled in.
For whatever reason I got sad during the opening song and cried a little. I was able to pull myself mostly together while they had every sister introduce themselves and give one or two facts.
Mine was: I’m a crybaby (since I started to well up right as I stood up.) and I received my degree in Psychology about a year ago and I just use to it mess with my children’s heads  since I stay home with my 4 and 2 year old.
The women got a chuckle and one woman said she also had a degree in Psychology and liked my use, or reason for it.

The rest of the class went fine.
We have a ward party this Saturday and I’m debating whether to go or not. It will somewhat depend on how I feel and if I feel like cooking more food than normal since it’s a potluck.
We also have family home evening this Sunday so that makes two potlucks in a row.