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Funny Mormon.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

A while back I heard a funny/sad story on This American Life told by Elna Baker. (It’s in act three at the very bottom if you want the summary.)
Just recently my friend Sam sent me this video of the author.

Warning: It’s funny, but it does use the word vagina, but not in a dirty way, so if you have children in the room and you don’t want them repeating the word vagina, use your headphones or try to wait until bedtime.

In bloom

Monday, February 25th, 2008

The flowers Jon sent me are so beautiful and are in full bloom. I though I’d take a picture.


This one is with the flash.



This one is in natural light and really the color we see.

Also here are some pictures of my hair.

To show how light it is I’ve posted one of my natural hair color which was taken at Zarina’s blessing in December and I happen to be wearing the same shirt. ( I guess it is one of my favorite shirts.)




I told her to be bold with the highlights and this is what she did. I wanted to do more red, but the light brown is fun, I’m just not sure if I like it.

I really like having dark hair and fair skin and Carolyn says this coloring makes me look more tan, I also look a lot more like her which is freaky according to Derek. (He cracks me up. )
She also didn’t cut bangs because they don’t go with this hair cut, but I’m fine with that.

I think I need to get a larger round brush and some smoother stuff for my hair.

Also Lilah’s response to my shorter hair, she doesn’t like it and yesterday she noticed the highlights and said my hair had funny stuff in it.

Oh well.


Our Anniversary.

Monday, February 25th, 2008

So Jon made a delicious breakfast of french toast, sausage and some orange juice.
Then after some hanging out we got the girls ready for a birthday party.
After we dropped them off we saw Juno, which we both enjoyed.

Later that day we left the girls with Beth, or Sis. Jewitt, since in a last minute decision her daughters went out of town with their father.
She gave them some necklaces to win them over since her daughters weren’t there to play with them.

We ate at Austin’s inside Texas Station.
It was delicious and absolutely the best filet mignon I have ever had, though I don’t eat filet minion very often, but it was so good.
Since we had a gift card to help with the cost we spared no expense. It really was delicious, but a lot more than we would ever regularly spend or have ever spent.

We picked the girls up and retired home.

It was a wonderful anniversary and I loved spending time with my husband.

Happy Anniversary to me

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

So, I’ve received my anniversary presents.

One dozen lavender roses.
One box of chocolates.



They’re delicious. They’re Grey and Smoked Salt Caramels by Fran’s Chocolate Ltd.

Very tasty.



Lilah says we should send her flowers and buy her chocolates.

Changing my hair appointment from 10 am to 5:30 pm has been worth it because they both showed up before 12:30 or while I would have been gone. (I called Jon just to see if I’d be getting anything today when I was making my appointment yesterday.)

So those are my gifts from Jon.

The hair appointment is my gift to myself. I’ll be getting highlights and cutting off about 2 inches. Shoulder length is just too long for me to do and feel cute and sassy, plus I think I might add bangs again because they also help me feel cute, even if they drive me nuts on days I don’t do my hair.

Tomorrow we’re planning on a matinée movie while the girls are at a birthday party and then dinner at a restaurant his office manager recommended and gave us a gift card for. (The gift card is good for any Station Casino restaurant but she recommended a specific one.)
She gave it to Jon as a Christmas present, but since we rarely go somewhere this nice I thought we’d save it for our anniversary.

I love anniversaries.
I love when they’re kinda a two day event.
Gifts one day and dinner the next makes it very fun.


Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Jon’s been officially admitted for the Fall 2008 school year for the Electrical Engineering master’s program at UNLV!

Wahoo, what a wonderful anniversary present!

It was through e-mail that we got the news, so we’ll be getting the letter shortly in the mail. Plus he only has about a year or so till he’s done!

This is such a relief and a good thing for our family.

I’m so proud of you babe!

6 years

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Our sixth year anniversary is this Saturday.
I can’t believe how the time passes.

My friend Elizabeth made a video for her husbands birthday and it inspired me to do this for our anniversary, especially since Jon told me to be cheap for his present.

Well, I was cheap and I created this to remind you of the fun we’ve had Sweetie!

The song is one I love, Dixie Chicks Easy Silence, even though some of the lyrics don’t go with an anniversary video, but it makes me happy to sing along with it and it reminds me of my husband and our relationship.

I’m not one for withholding surprises so I’ve posted it early, in which I’ve been asking if I could show him the surprise since Monday!

I was also worried that two little girls might spill the beans. I told Lilah it was a surprise and Eden nothing, cause she’s two, and at dinner when Jon came home Monday Eden started saying how you and mommy got married and then Lilah said it was a surprise. :oops:

I now know that I must keep it from them if I want nothing said, but for Lilah’s credit she didn’t say anything detailed.

I love you dear!


Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Jon took Yesterday off. We had dentist appointments in the afternoon and he has tons of vacation time since we hardly use it.
We took his car into the mechanic in the morning. The AC appeared to not be working and we’ve had an oil leak that has progressively gotten worse.

Well the AC actually does work it’s the knob that’s broken, which isn’t too surprising to me and they fix the gasket that was leaking.
Since they don’t keep 94 Subaru Impreza AC knobs handy they’re ordering it and we’ve decided we’d just bring the car back in for that.
So instead of blowing all hot air, it now blows all cold air, and it’s really not warm outside.

After we dropped our car off in the morning we went to Costco to buy nuts. I forgot to get almonds for Jon earlier this month and he wanted to also price walnuts, two things he uses in his daily nut mix for his snack at work.

We found the almonds and the walnuts, but we also found a no salt seasoning Andrea told me about, dresses for the girls and a CD of all the Beatles #1 hits.

We did stop at that, though had I gone alone I would have just bought nuts, because we have a tendency to approve things for one another when we’re together at the store.

So we get back to the car and I smelled something.
It was odd to me because I noticed this smell in Costco  and now it was also in my car! It reminded me of a strawberry scented car freshener. I asked Jon if he smelt it too and he did.
So while I then drove us to the jewelry store for my semi-annual ring check I realized what the smell was.

My new deodorant.
Apparently Secret Platinum botanical silk smells like strawberry air freshener when mix with my sweat.

After the ring check we headed home for lunch.
After lunch I dropped Jon and the girls at his parents house, which is only five minutes away from our dentist, and I went to get some cavities filled.

After that I then stayed at his parents house while he went to have his semi annual check up.

The girls had fun at the Blake’s and Lilah did this foam floor puzzle they have for about an hour and a half, just taking it apart and putting it together again a couple times.

Our Subaru was ready to be picked up after Jon’s appointment so we went straight there to get it and then home.

We had no silverware or dishes so I then went to Quizno’s for dinner. Soup sounded so good and hot sandwiches seemed appropriate for last nights chill.

Now today, Thursday, Lilah’s class is canceled because all the other five kids are sick or have a sibling that is sick.

The girls are playing nicely together, something that started earlier this week. But they are making a huge mess. Something I just got upset about.  Lilah says she’s tired whenever I tell her them clean up. I’m now going to try to enforce a one toy rule. They each get one toy and once that toy is put away they may get another.  Lilah uses the tired excuse a lot and I’m tired of hearing it.

I have things I need to do around the house, like mopping the floors and dishes, but I don’t want to get sweaty while mopping the floor since I’ve already taken a shower and dishes just aren’t appealing.

I feel like I should go take the girls somewhere fun, but it’s a little chilly outside and I’m a wimp. Plus we need to get a gift for Lilah’s friend who’s having a party on Saturday, if she’s felling all better.
Maybe we’ll go shopping and to the Library.

Our Holiday

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Yesterday was President’s Day so Jon was at home with us.

He made pancakes for breakfast and after doing the dishes he reached under the sink for the detergent and realized we had a leak.

I called my dad for some advice. I also e-mailed him this picture.

In the end we changed the on/ off valve but it is still leaking, just at a slower pace. It appears to be part of the pipe, or that back bolt which is very rusted.

For now we have a bucket catching the falling drops of water until we figure out what plumber we want to call.

Plumbers are so expensive, so I’m not really wanting to call. But I hope it is something that can easily be fix, and not something like the pipe needing to be ripped out of the wall and redone.


So after Jon fixed the pipe the girls were hanging out outside.
I went to check on them and realized a glass jar that Lilah had filled weeks ago with water and dirt had been broken.

We cleaned up the glass and since our sidewalk on the side of the house was horrendous I trimmed the bushes picked up the shingles, trash, and pine needles that had blown into that area and swept it so it’s now easily passable.

I then needed a shower but since I needed to clean the tub I did and then took my shower.
Jon was taking care of the girls, folding clothes and reading. I think he also may have unloaded the dishwasher.

In taking care of the girls I mean:
– Putting Eden down for a nap in only a diaper. (Her clothes were dirty so he took them off, he just didn’t replace them with anything. He did change her diaper though. )
– Letting Eden get up from her non-existent nap even though she’d been awake since 6:30 am. To his credit she was laying down for about 45 minutes. ( He is such a softy when it comes to letting the girls stay awake.)
– Letting the girls watch Mulan, which is why Eden came out from her nap. And yes, Eden was still naked when I finished cleaning and taking my shower.

Later in the evening I made a delicious dinner of salmon burgers, garlic potatoes, and fresh steamed green beans that were cooked to perfection according to Jon. (I also made the dinner because we had cereal for dinner two nights in a row. Partially because we didn’t have something easy like pizza to bake and he let me take late naps until it was dinner time and Jon really just makes breakfast and bread.)

And after dinner Jon did the dishes once more.

He’s such a sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Tuesday we made truffles at the Jewitt’s.
Wednesday we made muddy buddies to give to the girl’s classmates and printed off Valentines for the girls to give away.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day.
I had to teach Lilah’s class. I wanted to send her away with all her whining. (She is so needy when I’m around. Later she said she didn’t like that the other kids needed me too.)
So my morning was pretty stressful. Lilah did become her normal none whiny self for the second half of class and was able to enjoy handing out Valentine’s to her classmates.

So after class we came home and ate lunch.
Then we baked a red velvet cake.
Then I put Eden down for her nap and I was tired and Lilah has been extra whiny lately, for the past week, so I tried to have her take a nap. Instead she lied there stroking my arm, keeping me a little awake, which was kinda good because I was too asleep to hear the timer on the cake and she was the one who told me it went off.

My sister called and since Lilah wasn’t falling asleep, I let her stay up and help make frosting and watch me frost the cake.
I talked for a while with my sister so my floors didn’t get mopped, oh well, and I just made a wonderful dinner of black bean enchiladas and we had some hummus on that side that I had bought last week.

Jon got some candles out so we had dinner by candlelight.

The red velvet cake was fun, since it’s red, but it’s not our favorite.
The girls loved making it though.

Then I found a note from Jon.

We played a little and put the girls to bed.

More on accident than on purpose we had Hitch from Netflix and Jon fell asleep while I watched it. He did wake up for the ending though.

Valentine’s day usually turns into my day to do stuff for Jon and the girls and we keep it pretty low key.
Our anniversary ends up being his day to do things for me.  (I can’t wait, especially since it’s on a Saturday this year so we’ll have the whole day together.)

Things Eden does.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

With my recent post about Lilah I thought I’d write about Eden.

One things she’s up to is being a monster. She loves to growl and eat people. She’s also eaten the grocery list, her clean diapers, and on Sunday she ate play dough.
Hot pink play dough always hits the spot.

Luckily play dough is non toxic, I think, and I’m pretty sure she just had a mouthful and I had her spit it out.

Another thing Eden does is come up and spank you and says “spank spank”, or she’ll pound her head into your butt. Lilah also loves to spank people too, but she doesn’t do the butt head butting. Eden also tries to pinch your butt, but it’s more a tickle. (I pinch and spank their bottoms teasingly.)

Eden also asks “Are you OK?” if she hears a loud noise. Like you drop something. “Are you OK?” or if you run into a wall. “Are you OK?”
She’s very thoughtful. To the point that she annoys Lilah with her “Are you OK?”‘s.

So there’s a little about Eden and a video of her animal noises.