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Stuff I was able to do because I stayed awake at 7:15 this morning

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Cuddle and play with Lilah and Eden for a little bit.
Call animal control for the cat we caught last night. (This one was skinny and more temperamental. I think it was a true stray cat.)
Get dressed- which was good because animal control was at my house at 8 am. (They’re only a few streets down from my house.)
Get the girls and myself breakfast.
Get the girls dressed and to the library to return the video that was due Saturday.
Go to the grocery store for a few items. (We’re having a yummy turkey meatloaf tonight!)
Get gas in the car.
Come home.
Call Quest Diagnostic on the $220 bill they sent us that was not billed to our insurance.
IM with Jon. ( Dinner was suppose to be a surprise, but he’ll read this and know we’re for sure we’re not having moose. )
Return call to dentist to confirm appointment for tomorrow.
Call Campbell’s about our watery clam chowder. Reimbursement coming in 7-10 days. Yay!

And all this was done before 11:15 am.

Now I’m so hungry because I ate at 8am instead of 9.

Things I still need to do today in no particular order:

Make hearts with the girls to hang on our window
Fold mountain of clothes.
Put flannel sheets on my bed that I washed last Monday.
Wash our clothes. (halfway done)
Wash our sheets from our bed.
Do dishes in the sink.
Change water for the class fish.
Make lunch.
Get stuff ready for making truffles with the Jewitt’s tomorrow.
Plan lesson for this Thursday. (I won’t have time Tuesday or Wednesday.)

Things we’re doing special for valentines:
Hearts for our house.
Muddy Buddies party mix to give with valentines on Thursday. (Thanks for making me crave them Mary.)
Truffles with the Jewitt’s on Tuesday.
Heart chocolates for the class on Thursday, we might make them as part of the lesson though.
Red velvet cake for Valentine’s day.

It’s only Monday and I’m tired already, but that might be from getting up at a normal time.