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Stay clean

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

I swept and mopped my floors on Monday so they would be nice as I do a ton of things this week.

Well, it’s Thursday and they’re dirty!

I don’t understand why things can’t just stay clean for like a week before getting dirty again.

So, before I start making the center mixture for the 350 truffles I’m making, it sounds like a lot to everyone except my friend Amber who catered and made the cake for her sisters wedding recently, I have to do dishes, though I’ve done them at least three times this week, wipe off counters and sweep, though I think it was Monday that I last swept.

Then tonight I think we’re going to plant some plants in our front dirt spot. (You’ll understand why I call it a spot when I post pictures later.) We bought the plants Monday for FHE and I was so grumpy. Little girls running around playing in water fountains is not my idea of fun when in a public store. Plus I was tired and hadn’t had a nap.

I’m gonna try to be more laid back as they plant and get dirty tonight.

For now I’m gonna go clean, again, and cause myself some trouble as I begin my truffle making experiment on a large scale.