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I’m not dead yet!

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

On Saturday I dished out the last pieces of my birthday cake to the girls and I. I hadn’t asked Jon if he wanted any at first because he usually doesn’t like the temptation. In fact he’s decided next year he doesn’t want a cake for his birthday and he mentioned not wanting one this year but we baked him one anyways since the girls were already looking forward to baking him one. I ate most of his carrot cake birthday cake because he was trying not to.

Apparently avoiding my birthday cake was not as easy. He likes German chocolate cake more than regular chocolate cake and the buttercream frosting was tasty too. I’m sure being home all day and having the munchies didn’t help. (He’s always hungrier when he’s at home and the only snack foods I have for him is cereal, crackers, cottage cheese, nuts and fruit. He goes through his daily intake of each snack food easily each day, as a snack and with meals, when he’s home all day. )

So I dished out my piece of cake and asked Jon, mostly to be polite, if he wanted any of the cake. He said he did. I didn’t really want to share and pretended to be sad as I gave him a small piece. He joked that he was eating the cake to help me. So I joked back that he thought I was fat. His response was he didn’t think I was fat but wanted me to live longer. My response was I probably am going to live longer than he does, so I need to catch up with him so he doesn’t die first. (I should outlive him by sixteen or so years if you look at the life span of men verses women and the fact that he’s eight years older than I am.)

Lilah has taken off with my comment about dying.
After our joking she asked if I was gonna die soon and then insisted that I was gonna die soon when I told her that I’d live for a while longer.

At church she mentioned I was gonna die soon.

Then today after lunch she mentioned it again.

I’m not dying anytime soon!
At least of natural causes.

Farmer’s Market

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

On Thursdays the Springs Preserve host the Las Vegas Farmer’s market in the pavilion there. You don’t have to  pay or have a pass to get in and go to it, but you can’t go into any of the exhibits unless you’ve paid and gotten your hand stamped.

Jon and I thought it would be fun to go, so I told Sam, since she had also mentioned being interested in it, and we met up with her and Britta that night. It goes from 4-8 and we got there around 6:30pm. All the produce vendor’s were from Southern California. Their were also hand made items like necklaces, bears and other more natural products. I thought of my BIL Brien when I saw the handmade necklaces because they had colored fresh water pearl necklaces and he buys those for Andrea. She has like twenty different pearl necklaces that are all different colors. OK maybe not twenty but a lot.

The produce prices weren’t too bad. We bought most of our produce for the price of sales we’ve seen around town.

Avocados: $1.25 each
Cucumbers:$.50- down from $.75 each
Cantaloupe: $1 each

Then what we paid the most for:
Peaches: $3 a basket, a basket held 4 small peaches
Strawberries: $3 a basket, or 3 baskets for $8. A basket being around 16 oz. (The small strawberry baskets that strawberries use to come in.)
We were buying the 3 baskets for $8 but the guy only had 7 baskets left, so he tossed in one more basket, so we got 4 for $8 and then he had only one more “deal” left. He also told us a reduced price for asparagus, but we didn’t need any asparagus.

I learned if you go later in the evening the vendors start reducing their prices if they still have a lot left or if they’re trying to move out the last of it, so I think they just reduce their prices as a whole.

I got my cucumber for $.50 because she was talking to a man there who buys a lot of cucumbers and she reduced the price for him, no doubt to encourage him to buy more. I think they were gonna buy 15, then I bought one and the vendor said they were going fast, so then I heard him say around 20.

The produce we bought has been delicious. Literally the best peaches I’ve ever tasted and the strawberries have been sweeter than we’ve gotten at the store. Sunflower Market has had some pretty good strawberries, but these were much better as a whole.
The cucumber was also very tasty, I wish I had bought 2 or 3 and the cantaloupe was ripe and ready to eat when we bought it.

My avocados are still ripening but that’s normal. They’re nice large avocados so I can’t wait to put them in a salad or on a sandwich.

After the market we went and looked at the animals with Britta and Sam. Lilah wanted to show Eden the fox. It hadn’t been in it’s cubby hole when we went there as a family but she saw it on her date with Jon. Sam hadn’t even seen the fox yet because it’s always hiding. We were lucky and it was awake and in the display area. The girls loved watching it and loved it when the fox  would yawn. They love it when any animal yawns for some reason. I guess it’s just funny to kids. Then we let them play and they had lots of fun before we packed up and went home.

Jon was also a doll. He took Eden to the bathroom since you have to lift her onto the toilet, carried our bags of produce, and held my purse for me.

I’m so happy my husband is manly enough to carry/ wear his wife’s purse.

Back to Work.

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Jon went back to work today. Eden asked where Daddy was this morning since he’s been around so much. He had left while the girls were still asleep and he let me stay in bed and rest rather then get up. She was a little sad that she wasn’t able to say goodbye, which they usually are whenever he leaves while they’re alseep.

I really like having Jon around. At Christmastime he takes a mandatory week off and it’s always nice to lounge around, do whatever and leave parenting to him. Well, not all to him since I get impatient quicker.

My shoulder is already bothering me a little this morning. Who knew 2/3 of a gallon of milk could be so heavy? Jon’s been pouring milk and pushing Eden up to the table so I had forgotten how heavy she was too. I know I also overdid it last night before bedtime . I wiped off the table, left handed but you still have to bend over and use your back muscles, and I swept. Two things that were greatly weighing me down. (I like to keep my table crumb and spot free and a crumby floor really gets to me too. ) I just hated the thought of asking Jon to do those two chores because he had so much he’s had to do and I know how hard it is to have no help. (He helps often, but when he’s gone on business trips I get pretty down on all I have to do.) Eden was also being very difficult and not going potty before bed so I put her on the toilet and then I picked her up to get her to wash her hands. It was a very difficult bedtime and probably one of the worst tantrums she’s ever thrown.

I’ve learned that icing my wound really helps to relive any aches it might have, though I’m sure I’ve already stretched out the wound with all I’ve been doing. She tried to reinforce the wound with stronger stitches, no doubt because my other scar is so big.

I’m taking it easy for the rest of the day. Lunch should be pretty easy and I’m not sure what I’ll make for dinner, but I’ll try not to lift anything more than a pound. I’ll just try not to lose my patience with the girls. They’re in their room playing so I’m gonna let them be and put on a movie to distract me. Hopefully they don’t make too big of a mess, and even if they do they’ll just need to willingly clean it up.

I actually have a few different blog post to catch up on or do, but I figured I’d do them throughout the week since I have nothing else I’m allowed to do.