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Personal Space

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Eden likes her personal space when it comes to strangers.

While at Payless the girls were playing and I was looking at shoes. These two women came in with a toddler, somewhere around the age of 2, but just barely 2. The little girl was very nice and gentle but she kept hugging Eden and patting her back, but Eden was not enjoying it. She kept coming over to me and wanting me to pick her up, but I couldn’t so she’d tried to hide between my legs once or twice. The little girl just kept hugging her. Lilah thought it was cute.

I felt a little bad in letting the scene take place since Eden was obviously not wanting it, but there was never any meanness in the other girls demeanor, just curiosity and love.

I’ve also noticed that she is either oblivious to some strangers that wave or smile at her, or she tries to ignore them and not make eye contact.  While walking around the gym last night during Lilah’s class, it’s just a big circle like Woodbury for those who went there, an older woman walking the other direction would smile at her each time they passed but Eden always had her head down when she passed the woman. She was five or ten feet ahead of me so I was never able to ask her to wave, which she does if I ask. She may have been shy since she was on her own and not right next to me.

She also ignored the car wash attendant that was waving at them before we entered the wash.

I think she just likes her space and that includes smiles and unwanted attention.

Just kidding

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I thought I’d be home all week doing nothing so I’d be able to blog, but uh, I haven’t.
I’ve decided my scar will be big no matter what and that sitting at home is no fun.

Tuesday at 10:30 am they have story time at the library within the Springs Preserve so I thought it’d be fun to go, plus we could visit Jon’s parents and then hit Trader Joe’s ’cause they’re all relatively close together and I only needed light things like bread and crackers.

So we went to story time. The grandma aged worker, or around 70 aged worker, read stories and then began interacting with the family of three kids and a mom that had been there when we got there. The worker/ volunteer was interacting with the other three kids and not talking to Lilah, like at all. Eden was by me and not wanting to sit at the table so she wasn’t there to ignore.  I felt like it was a little awkward  and left, but I’m pretty sure that the three board books she read was were all she had planned since the last book was read at the request of the little boy.

We had fun and visited the places the girls love. Lilah was a huge help. She carried all we needed in her back pack, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to go. She did leave it behind one time and we had to retrace our steps to find it.  I don’t mention that she forgot the bag to others while she’s around because it was an honest mistake, I forgot it too, and I want her to remember how much she helped me and not that she almost lost the backpack.

We went to the Blake’s for lunch and the girls had fun playing. Lilah ate two pieces of half corn on the cobs and finished Eden’s off. That has got to be her favorite way to eat corn, or any food.

I then got a little lost looking for Trader Joe’s and had to call Jon to look it up for me. We got there and it went mostly OK. I was the mom letting my kids run a little wild in the frozen food area. They were just being silly until they almost tipped over my cart by climbing onto the side of it. Then they stayed by my side.

Today I did a number of errands in my Target shopping center. The girls got pretty good at staying by my side once we got to Target, we’d gone to three other stores, and they behaved the best they ever have in Target, at least for not being in the cart. The worst part was the heavy shopping cart that I had too push.

I’ve left all the stuff in the trunk for Jon to get out when he gets home. Most of the bags would be fine for me to lift with my left arm, but I’m too lazy and Jon would want me to wait anyways.

Britta had made gifts for Lilah and Eden so they came by this afternoon. The girls played and Sam and I talked. It was nice since she wasn’t up to doing much and I’m not suppose to do much.

I also had my car washed this morning and it rained this afternoon.