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A little late

Friday, June 6th, 2008

In April we went up to Utah for my cousins wedding.

Here’s when we saw Zarina before the wedding.

The girls love her and had so much fun rubbing her head, holding her hands, letting her touch them and touch their soft dresses.
It was too cute and that is why I have a lot of pictures from it and a video.







I love the last two because of Lilah’s smile and then in the last one you, or at least I, can tell that Eden has a smile on her face.

Here’s how cousins interact when one’s a baby and the other two love her.

I’m shy.

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Eden today did not want to go to class. She told me she was shy.
I wonder if waking up at 6:30 am and going to bed late had anything to do with it?

I stayed in the nursery ’cause I had nothing else to do and I thought it would be easier for Eden. She stayed with me the first hour and sat on my lap.

The second hour we had Home and the Range, a RS activity that’s the first Thursday of the month for our ward, and she sat with me once more. She kept telling me she was tired, but she didn’t want to lay on the floor. There was a toy that another little girl had brought and she played with it until the little girl noticed and came and took some of the characters. It was a house with plastic Winnie the Pooh characters. Eden then got sad and didn’t want to play. I got one character back and that only cheered her up a little. Then the older kids came in and took over. There were three, besides Eden, and they all pushed and shoved their way to the toy and took the characters. Poor Eden was so sad.

Eventually she decided she wanted to play on the stairs with the other kids and cheered up.

She just hasn’t been herself lately.

Potty training has gotten harder. She hates going on in the morningĀ  and she only goes once maybe twice in the potty when we’re home.
Whenever I ask her to go sit on the potty she gets really upset and it becomes a fight.

If I thought I could handle cleaning up the messes I would put her in panties and try to have lots of patience as she pees on my floors and towel covered couch or poops in the underwear on a daily base, but I know my shoulder can’t handle that.

She just hasn’t been her usual cheerful self, but a stubborn 2 year old who goes to time out two or three times in a row because she refuses to listen or do what she’s been asked.It’s just not like her. Usually one time in time out and she’s ready to do what she’s been asked.

Evenings are the hardest but thankfully I usually have Jon home to help me deal with her, but it’s still frustrating.