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Lilah’s 5th Birthday Party

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

On Saturday we had Lilah’s fifth Birthday Party.

First, I have a five year old daughter. Yikes!

Second, the preparations started Friday. My good friend Sam volunteered to help me, well I asked and she said yes. She even went to the doctor Thursday to get pills to help her nausea from pregnancy so she would be feeling well enough to help poor crippled me on Friday.

We spent a lot of hours on Friday doing errands and getting ready at the house. The girls, or Lilah, Eden and Britta, kept themselves occupied and it went pretty smoothly. Sam also came early on Saturday to help. Luckily most of it was done on Friday, except the cake, which I finished on time only because everyone was late. Those who were there helped tidy up and get the food out.

Saturday was the big day. I ordered way too many pizzas, and everyone had fun swimming and the kids loved the pinata, at least as far as I could tell. I have a video of the pinata and the singing of happy birthday, but Google video is being weird and not working right now.

All the pictures are of the kids swimming because I took those and Jon uses the video part of the camera for everything. Supposedly I can freeze shots for pictures, but I don’t know how to do that. I think we just need a DVD recorder  and a regular camera for pictures.
He did take a picture of the cake that I designed and made. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Everyone but those who were very early arrived at 12:30, opposed to noon the planned starting time. We ate and let the kids play. Then the kids hit the pinata. After the pinata we sang Happy Birthday and had Lilah open presents. Then people went swimming. After swimming people had cake and ice cream and left when they were ready.

Almost everyone took home half to a whole pizza. I ordered 10 pizzas and we had 6 left over. ( I did the math and should have ordered 6. 4 for the adults and 2 for the kids. Jon thought I might need more for the adults so that stuck in my head. I then heard from my SIL that she and her husband would be coming. Somehow I thought I was planning on ordering 8 total (6 for the adults and 2 for the kids.) and since Jon thought I needed more I made the 8 an even 10. )

I gave pizza and cake as parting gifts for all who would take any and we still had 2 pizzas left over for ourselves. I decided it was only fair to give those who came another meal since they all had to drive so far.

Here are the pictures of the pool part of the party and my cool, yet definitely home-made by an amateur, cake.


The cake.


Lilah was kicking around the pool a lot. I was impressed because this was her first time swimming since last year.






Jon right before he blew water on Eden.



After he blew water on Eden with his silly self.



Julie and Naia having fun. Julie is also like five months pregnant.



Gracie was not liking the pool.



But her sister Aurora loved it.


Aaron, one of the two boys in Lilah’s class.



 Aurora saying hi to my great niece Emily and her grandma, my SIL Elana.



Closer look at Emily, my niece Tasia’s daughter.



Eden on six noodle floats.

Lilah loved the party and said her favorite part was the balloons. She carried them around until people started coming and then I put them on the table.  I think everyone could have just given her balloons for her birthday and she would have been a happy camper. I’m happy I asked Carolyn to pick some up when she got the ice cream that morning.

Crazy Morning

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Sunday was a crazy morning. I had Lilah’s birthday party on Saturday, blog post to come, and a lesson to prepare for Sunday. Laundry hadn’t been done due to my shoulder and so we washed whites that morning. I had to wait for my garment top but once  dry I was able to get dressed and I focused my energy on getting the girls out the door. Then I realized it.

I didn’t have a bra on.

I almost went to church not wearing a bra.

I’m sure it’s easier to overlook this when you’re small like me but I did notice a difference in the way my dress hung and that prompted the bra check.  My wonderful husband, the irreverent man that he is, thought it would be “awesome”. Silly men.