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The obvious

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

This morning I asked Lilah what the letter and number of the day were on Sesame Street. She couldn’t remember what they were and said:
“It must have been a letter in the Alphabet.”

I think it must have been one of the 26 letters.

Then she started counting and saying it had to be one of those numbers.

Jon stayed home for Lilah’s birthday. We had been up very late the night before. (I was working on a video for Lilah til 3 am that I can’t get loaded on Google. Arg, Google video right now.) Eden was in our room playing and I made the comment that Mommy and Daddy were still trying to rest so could she go to the living room? Her reply.

“But it’s morning. It’s time to get up.”

I really wish you could have heard how she said it because that’s what made it really cute.

Father’s Day

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Father’s day was a bit of a bust. I was so preoccupied with the party and the lesson that I had to give on Sunday that I didn’t have the girls make anything for Jon and I didn’t make breakfast because lets face it, I don’t get up any earlier than I have to and I was very tired from the previous day.  Lucky for me Jon has very low expectations, I think I keep them low by not doing anything, and he thinks Father’s Day is a manufactured day of appreciation anyways, even though he always does something for me for Mother’s Day and I like it that way.

Anyways. Sunday while at church our organist, and also first counselor on the Relief Society, came up to us to get Jon’s name and tell him how wonderful of a dad he is. She said how she’s watched him from the stand and is always impressed with how he treats our girls.

This isn’t the first time someone on the stand has noticed him. I remember one week he had carried in both girls to Sacrament and the chorister thought it was so cute that he was carrying the girls and also mentioned how he is always so loving towards the girls. The organist in our old ward also loved to watch the girls and said Jon was always so good with them.

Jon is a great dad and I appreciate all the love he gives our girls and patience he has with them and myself.

Happy Belated Father’s Day my love.

More surgery…

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

…but not for me.

Jon’s had two moles removed, both precancerous, and one will need to be sutured, like mine.

We have it scheduled for the 25th. Four weeks after mine was performed, so I can technically do all my normal activities. It’s also the last Wednesday in June so her last operating day before July thus keeping it in this years deductible. (Our insurance goes by the fiscal year or renews in July.)

Jon’s suture will be in the middle of his back right on the spine. Such a fun place.

I told him I’d have to do all the heavy lifting and he said I might find out how little he does. 😉

He does help a lot in a lot of little ways so I’ll be on my own in a very big way after 3 to 4 weeks of doing very little. I did the dishes yesterday and today I’m already back to the ‘I don’t want to do dishes’ mode.

So much fun.