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Lilah’s Birthday

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

For Lilah’s birthday we all woke up and had a late start to the day. I showed Lilah the video I made for her, which I will have to add another time and she loved it and watched it twice.

We had a very late breakfast and then got ready to get Lilah’s present.

She thought she was getting swimming goggles because she’s been asking for some, but after much research we decided to get her a pet Betta fish. They’re relatively easy to take care of and can live for a few years.

Meet Blueberry, Lilah’s new pet.



Lilah thought of his name all on her own. She had asked for suggestions so I gave her many names along the Bob and Fred area and even toldĀ  her we could name him Blue or Bluey. Once at home she thought of Blueberry and it has turned out to be a perfect name for our new addition. He is also a similar color the the fruit. We made a little name sign and decorated it with some stickers she had gotten for her birthday.
He’s the perfect pet for our family and oddly enough I already feel attached to him. He will come and look at you if you go to his tank and he just seems aware of his surroundings. We really like Blueberry.

After we got Blueberry Lilah and I picked out flowers for her birthday. The night before she mentioned getting flowers in a box, like I had from Jon on our anniversary. I had completely forgotten she had wanted flowers delivered to her on her birthday. She still seemed happy to pick out her own and she choose the Crazy Daisy bouquet.



We then had lunch and tried to get Eden down for a nap. Eden was too excited because we were going to go to Applebee’s and she did not sleep.

We went to Applebee’s for dinner. Lilah had chosen it earlier this month. The girls ate very little of there food that night. They really don’t eat a lot when we’re out. Lilah was too cold and thus unable to eat very much according to her reasoning. It’s funny because our bill with tip was around the same amount we paid for the ten pizza’s we bought for Lilah’s party. I was also reminded that you should never buy a steak unless you’re at a steak house because there is no comparison to the expensive steak I had on my anniversary at Austin’s Steakhouse.

It was a fun family day. Lilah had invited Britta, unannounced to us, so she was sad the her friend could not be at Applebee’s with us, but I think she still had fun.