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Isn’t it Saturday?

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

I feel like it’s Saturday, but since I’m just getting started on my lesson for Sunday I’m happy that it’s Thursday.

Jon’s home. He took two days off with only one to recover and tomorrow he goes back to work. He has to drive the Subaru, or our manual car, oppose to my nice automatic car, because of the parking permit he needs and I don’t have. You gotta love working on a campus where you have to pay for your own parking and they’re stickers that can’t be easily removed.

Today we went to a community pool with the mommy/ preschool group. It was the last hurray. The girls had lots of fun and it was a nice, clean and quiet pool. It’s kind of off the road and you don’t see the pool easily. My friend Emilie says it’s never been too busy during the week for her, but Saturdays can get busier.  It’s $3 for adults and $2 for children three and older so I will probably try to go one or two times before Eden officially turns three. I think I’ll also have to hit Sweet Tomatoe’s one more time till I have to pay for her.

It’s a nice pool with less stuff than the one we went to last summer with my sister in Henderson, which is good. My girls don’t like water in their eyes so to have less made it easier to avoid and thus better.  It had a slide that had water coming from different areas and just one mushroom with water. I don’t know how to describe it except as a mushroom with water coming out of the top to make a water wall around it. The girls really enjoyed it, though Eden had to warm up to it but once she was comfortable I couldn’t keep them with me. They wanted to go in different directions so I just sat and watched them at one point since it was open and not too busy. I did lose Eden when she tried to go onto the slide with her life jacket. (I thought she was just walking around it and waited a moment to see her come out from behind it, but she decided to climb up to the slide.)  The life guard got there right as I got there, so it wasn’t that long that I lost site of her, and she was sad that she had to get down, but she didn’t want the life jacket off or water in her eyes from the slide.

It was nice and we stayed for just two hours, which was definitely long enough. I have pink areas where I didn’t get a lot of sun screen on me, like the middle of my nose and my right shoulder, which faced the sun most of the time anyways.
I think the girls are OK and not too pink anywhere.

After coming home I got Eden down for a nap then me. Then while getting dinner started I totally thought it was Saturday. Luckily I have two more days till my lesson, even though I’m looking forward to next week. Monday will be cleaning day. Tuesday making cinnamon rolls day. Wednesday delivering cinnamon rolls to those I need to thank for letting us use their house for Lilah’s party day and lunch with Anna. It’s been over a month since I saw her and it will be nice to visit.

Plus I think we might go see Wall-E this or next Saturday and I can’t wait.

New position

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Jon will be moving job positions. He’s decided to take a position where he’ll be on a team of employees that are implementing a new computer system for the university.  One of the people decided they didn’t want to be apart of it for personal reasons and he was the next best person.

It has it’s pros and cons. One is more money, but he will probably be putting in more hours around deadlines too. He’ll be in a cubicle still, rather than the office he was going to be getting this summer.

It’s also guaranteed for only two years and nothing after that, but as President Ashley stated in a budget meeting discussing the budget cuts last week even some professionals might be getting pink slips at the end of June stating their contracts won’t be renewed next year and his position won’t be needed after the system is implemented. So now, at least he’ll know the system and hopefully they will keep those who’ve implemented the computer system.

This will change the course of his masters a little. I just want him to get his masters so the next couple years are going to be hard, and hopefully he won’t be too grumpy of a husband and dad with all the added presure.