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What a morning.

Monday, June 30th, 2008

My morning went pretty well for the first part.

I got Eden to poop in the potty! This was the first time and hopefully not the last.
I was setting the timer and putting her on the toilet every 15 to 20 minutes during her normal poop time, or after 10 o’clock,   and the second time she went poop in the potty.


Now sometimes she poops once a day, sometimes 4 times and some days not at all. I didn’t want to be putting her on the potty all day long, since I still like to let her take the initiative and I just remind her at key times of the day. (When she wakes up, mid morning, before and after her nap. )

So I let her go on her merry way for the rest of the morning.

Around 11:30 I started washing dishes. Towards the end Lilah comes over to me holding a powdered sugar bag. I look over to see that she had spilled about 1-2 cups of powdered sugar on the floor. I was nearly done  washing dishes so I made her wait, and while she waited she created a pile of powdered sugar.

Then as I’m doing the very last dishes I hear Eden in the bathroom calling for help. I made her wait till I was finished also.

Then I heard Eden say something about poop.
Had she pooped in the potty again?


She had pooped in her pull-up and then tried to get it to the potty and in the mean time was cleaning it up using wipes and getting it everywhere at the same time.

There was poop on the floor, toilet, step stool, her, and her hands. It was gross. Really, really gross.

So Lilah was still making a powdered sugar “castle” while I got Eden cleaned up and then the bathroom poop free. I’m glad she made the effort, to get the poop into the potty even if it was a little late, but I hope that next time it gets in the potty or stays in the pull-up.

Then I had to sweep up the powdered sugar. I swept while Lilah got her feet and hands washed off. Then she had to come clean my floor because apparently powdered sugar on my floor is like those pink tablets you chew to find plaque on your teeth as a kid. Powdered sugar sticks to anything on your floor including spots where a little girl walked while “cleaning’ up the powdered sugar. I had Lilah wipe the floor down with a rag while I supervised.

I was pretty upset between the two accidents and Lilah got the brunt of it since I was trying to be calm for Eden. For whatever reason I’m having a really hard time keeping my temper lately.  Plus, my girls rarely make messes like these. Spilled water or juice every once in a while is the worst.

It was a rough morning.