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Eden’s video

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

So, I actually forgot to make Eden’s video for her birthday. (I think it was lost in my mind somewhere.) So, today I made the video celebrating her first three years of life, though half of it is pictures from her first year. (She was such a a cute baby.)

Since I’ve made a few of these some of the pictures will be duplicates, but what can you say, if it’s a cute picture it’s a cute picture.
And the song is the same one I used for Lilah’s, but I love it too much and have not found another song that I like better.

Eden watched the video twice tonight and enjoyed it. I’m just happy she’s young enough to not care that it’s a little late.

I’ll post events and pictures from the birthday celebrations later.

Where does the time go?

Monday, July 28th, 2008

For one of the the first times in my life, I’m really busy, or at least a lot busier than I would like to be and on a regular basis, at least for the time being.

Last week was a little crazy. We had swimming lessons, visiting Jon’s parents, a new class for Lilah, shopping for Eden’s friend party, Eden’s friend party, Eden Day at Chuck E’ Cheese and then Saturday, which was spent doing random things while I waited for the thunderstorm to pass so I could turn on the computer to work on my lesson for Sunday and the FHE lesson for my family, which was Sunday afternoon.

It’s been a little chaotic around here.

Yesterday was the climax of everything and today I decided to do the things that have been driving me up the wall.

Our house has been super cluttered lately with the new gifts coming in, stuff we buy, and then the regular papers and things that are already piled up. Worst of all my floors were so gross that I, myself, had just stopped sweeping because what’s the point when cupcake or bread crumbs will just continue to flow to the floor after each meal and the spots on the floor just match the crumbs. It wasn’t totally disgusting, but it was really bothering me. Jon could have cared less, or he said it wasn’t that bad.

So today I did stuff. Lots of stuff. I cleaned my kitchen, mostly, which included really cleaning the sink, not just a wipe down after doing dishes. Cleaning my stove top and wiping down counters. I got the crayon that had transferred from Britta’s seat out of the head rest and now I just have to clean the seat and my drivers side mat from when I stepped in gum.
I organized some bookshelves so I could find a place to store the puzzles Eden got from Carolyn and I organized the girls toy shelves to make room for new things. I read stories, got  Eden down for her nap, I got a short nap, Lilah no nap even though she’s been up since 5:30 am.

I’ve also vacuumed my living room rug and mopped my floors. Lilah said I shouldn’t wear dirty shoes on the clean floor, but I’m pretty sure her feet are just has dirty as my shoes. Having dirty floors and piles of books and toys waiting for a spot was really stressful on me. Especially the dirty floors.

Now that I’ve had a good day of cleaning I feel prepared for the busy week ahead with more swimming lessons, a class for Lilah, a trip to the mechanic, and needing to go help my in-laws, which will be on a regular basis, or should be.

Luckily gymnastics is done till September. I’m hoping I get get Eden poop trained by the time it starts.

Where does the time go?

In February 2009…

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

We’ll be having a baby… no, but your TV signal will be going digital and so you need to get your converter box otherwise you may lose your signal. (Cue blank TV set.)

I’m sure we’ve all seen the adds about TV going digital. Jon ordered our $40 coupon, for our $60 converter box and we bought ours last night.
I’m torn between liking digital and enjoying the regular old signals, but really I don’t get why we have to go digital? It’s either there or it’s not, which is really annoying.

I’d rather have somewhat fuzzy channels that are always there, than clear channels that might be there most of the time.

We already have to spend another $20 for an antenna. We don’t get NBC with just the converter box so we’re gonna see if the HDTV antenna helps with that problem and helps with receiving the channels a little more reliably. PBS and ABC were in and out last night also.

It’s funny because our TV was free, won at a work party, and now we have to spend $40 to continue to use it, $80 if we didn’t get the coupon.

There are some cool features with the digital, but I really don’t think the change is necessary.

If we’re too cheap to buy cable or satellite TV, why do we care if it comes in clearly or not?

Odd things.

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Jon crocheted me a shawl for our first Christmas. It was funny because I thought he was a total nerd. He would crochet while at work as a lab worker on campus. (So he would be surrounded by other college students and be crocheting as he sat at his station until someone needed help.) He carried around a bag with yarn and would pull it out when he had nothing to do.
He made me the shawl because I was always cold at church. I brought it a few times, but it wasn’t really my style, it’s more my mom’s style, or grandma. 😉
It works wonderfully as a personal blanket during winter months, so it does get used.
I was cold  this Sunday at church, as usual.  Later that day we were cuddling on the couch and he asked me about bringing my shawl to church.

I replied it wasn’t really my style.

He told me someday I’d grow into it.

Today while in the car I sat in the backseat with Lilah. We had a rough time getting out of the house and Lilah wanted cuddles, so Jon drove and I was chauffeured around.

Lilah made the observation that if we had a third baby we wouldn’t be able to take Carolyn to Utah with us. So we shouldn’t have a third child.

I guess I should go get my tubes tied now.

Secret wishes

Friday, July 18th, 2008

I know while growing up we all had things we secretly wanted to be, do, or be recognized for. I had several things and in a way I would still love to accomplish some of them, if only I knew how or maybe if I put a lot of time and effort into them. For the most part I’m happy just dreaming about them and maybe someday I’ll accomplish one.

I’d like to share some of my secret wishes for talents I wish I had.

When I was little I wanted to be the voice to a major character in a Disney cartoon. Of course when I was little I wanted to be Ariel in The Little Mermaid, or Bell in Beauty and the Beast. I knew every line and hoped that one day my voice would somehow be discovered.
I continue to dream this, though I know singing is not something I’d want to do, but talking, I could do that and how awesome would it be to be in like a Pixar film, and I’d be happy with just two lines.

Becoming a wonderful writer is next on my list of my secret talents that I want to develop. Now I’m still young and I have a lot of life to live, but writing something unique and interesting or making the norm interesting is hard for me or I only get the creative bug every once in a while. I love a few blogs where the writers can make anything funny or elegant.
I’d be happy just being a really good blog writer, but I would also love to write a book.

I’m sure most writers would love to be featured on Oprah’s book list and if I were to publish that would be an honor. Now I’m not some big Oprah fan. I don’t even watch her, but to be on her book list would mean millions of dollars in free publicity, probably after spending a nice sum to be noticed. I’ve wanted to write non-fiction, fiction, a memoir or even a book about dealing with skin cancer and collecting stories of how it’s affected different people. Things that I find interesting, but wonder if I could make them interesting to others.

Next on my list is becoming a great public or motivational speaker. This wasn’t something I wanted when I was younger, but it goes hand in hand with wanting public approval on a grand scale, like writing a best seller. At one time I wanted to be a great singer, which I still do to some degree, but that’s kinda morphed into wanting to be a great public speaker. I really enjoy teaching adults and speaking in sacrament. I just have to have a good topic to speak on so I can speak for a long period of time. I don’t have any training outside of what I’ve learned at church and I wouldn’t want to be one of those phony public speakers, but a genuine one without all the gimmicks. I just need to become an expert in something.

I’ve always wanted to dance but I have very poor rhythm so it will probably never happen, but like my friend Elizabeth I love watching dance shows and wish I could be even half as talented as those performers.

A great cake decorator, baker, or candy maker. I feel I lack some of the natural creative talent, I’m good at mimicking but not always coming up with ideas. Plus all the time it would take to practice and all the weight those around me and myself would gain as I practiced.

Lastly a great criminal psychologist. I minored in criminal justice because it’s fascinating to me, though I don’t know if I could stomach being a criminal psychologist in the serial murder or sexual abuse way, though that’s the most fascinating at the same time.

It’s funny because I know I could accomplish many of these goals to some degree, but I’m not sure how to take them to the next level and I doubt my creative talent immensely. Which Jon says creativity in all in your head. If you think you are creative you can be creative. If you think you aren’t then you’re not.

Sewing is one of the few things I feel I’m somewhat good at, but then I read my Sew News magazine and realize how little I know and understand. I feel I could get really good at it if I had the time and space for all the right materials and became proficient in the lingo.

Jon sent me a link to this video on Ira Glass from This American Life air on getting through the suck. It’s about how everyone has bad periods where they’re learning and the finished product is still not as good as they want it and they know they can do better.

I feel as though the finished project isn’t what I want, but I’m not sure how to get it better because I have little confidence in my abilities.

I hope to get through the suck someday and tap one of these hidden desires/ potentials.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do/ become?

Shoo fly don’t bother me.

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Yesterday was a shopping day.

Tuesday night I went through the adds to see what was still on sale, at least for that night and what would be going on sale for Wednesday.
I did a quick trip to the store across the street form us that night, one I rarely travel to because overall it is a lot more expensive than Smith’s or Food-4-Less. I got the meat I wanted plus some pizzas that were on sale. Yes Andrea, I still buy frozen pizzas instead of making our own.

Wednesday I ventured to Food 4 Less because they had a lot of great produce sales, and since Jon’s back’s been out of commission he hasn’t been doing our produce shopping at Sunflower Market on his way home.

In an effort to save on gas, I went to a Food 4 Less that is down the street from us. When we first moved here it was so gross that I only went there once or twice. Since then they have really cleaned up their act, at this particular store because I’ve been to two very nice Food 4 Less’, and it has been a nicer shopping experience, except the weird lay out of the store and one other major factor.

They have horrible fruit flies.

Not like one or two here or there, but swarms of flies wherever you go. I pass my hand over the piles of fruit to choose one and anywhere from 5 to 30 flies are disturbed and this was with every produce pile, at least the ones I wanted.

It was really gross and once again another reminder why I do not go that particular store.

I will just travel my 2.6 miles when I need to go to Food 4 Less rather than go only 1.2 down the road to just a really gross store.

We are crazy grocery shoppers.

We buy certain nonperishable foods and other supplies at Food 4 less.
Dairy and meat at Smith’s, or Albertson’s if there is a sale.
Bread and other more natural foods at Trader Joe’s.
Produce at Sunflower Market and soon to be brown rice ’cause the rice you get there just taste and smells better than the Kroger brand we normally buy.

Of course there are exceptions when we don’t have time but we’re kinda strange about our shopping.


Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Since Elizabeth left a comment on enjoying some past memories and since my sister Andrea just posted this I thought it might also be fun to do.

Here’s how you do it:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn’t matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It’s actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I’ll assume you’re playing the game and I’ll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don’t want to play on your blog, or if you don’t have a blog, I’ll leave my memory of you in my comments.


Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I think Eden may have a crush on Derek, my sister Carolyn’s husband.
Lilah got a play phone as a birthday present and Eden will call Derek or Carolyn on the phone.

Lately it’s just been Derek.

Then today while at the store we were getting things for Eden’s friend party and Eden asked if Derek would be there. She seemed a little sad when I sad no, he would be working. I tried to tell her that he would be at FHE for another birthday celebration.

It’s just funny because Eden is quiet with Derek, but always happy to give the hug goodbye, though she gives anyone a hug goodbye if we tell her and is pretty quiet with everyone lately now that I think about it.

Derek is also a pretty quiet person, but he is friendly with our girls and always says hello and tries to play with them in his quiet way. (He’s not one of those people who does silly things or tickles kids a lot to get them to smile or laugh. He just talks  and lightly tickles and my girls just stare, because well, they stare at everyone, like our mail lady today, and aren’t overly friendly or happy unless they’re in a good mood or know you really well. I could count on one hand the people they’re automatically friendly or themselves with, and yes two of them are Jon and me.)

At least she likes him and wants him around.

The Past

Monday, July 14th, 2008

This weekend I had a couple of events where I saw people from my past.

The first was a baby shower for a peer whom I’ve known since we were about eight or nine. Our parents are good friends and our families got together each Christmas for a period of time. We were also in the same Stake growing up and went to the same middle and high school.

I had seen Anne at the retirement party for my choir teacher. She was pregnant and I made sure to tell her I’d love to go to her baby shower. I love baby/bridal showers and will use any excuse to go to one.
It was a fun shower. Even though I didn’t win any games, I’m so competitive, my friend Sarah won twice and gave me one of the prizes. (It was a close call as to whether I had the diaper or whether she still had the diaper for “musical diaper” and since she won she gave me one of the prizes.)

It was a good time and I saw old friends.

The other was a wedding. It was for a young lady I grew up with. We were in the same ward while my family lived in Vegas, or the house I grew up in. We never really got along completely though. Something bothered her about me and her bossiness is what bothered me about her, plus the fact that she never liked me and I always wondered what it was I did to cause those feelings.  We avoided each other outside of church until high school, where we had the same circle of friends, and towards the end of our senior year we finally got along and understood each other a little more, even if it was for just a few months.

One specific memory I have is sitting around the campfire pit at girls camp as a YCL (youth camp leader or age 16). The previous year the Stake had changed camp so you were with all the girls your own age. Compared to previous years where you were with your own ward and Sunday church leaders. (You had first through fourth year campers in the ward camp. YCL, or your fifth year,  was normally the first year with all the girls your own age because they helped do activities and run the overall camp. Once changed to camp by years all the first years were in one part of the camp with leaders from a specific ward and all the second years were together etc. and you may or may not be with leaders from your own ward. I know it’s all kinda confusing and I’m not explaining it that well if you’ve never been.)

The point being within the ward camp  setting fourth years would originally be the ones over the ward camp and the responsible ones for helping the younger girls.  On the last night each ward camp leaders would chose a young woman to receive the white rose award from their camp, or an award for being Christlike, and it was usually a forth year from that ward. It was something our stake did.
With changing camp our forth year we were tossed with leaders that we didn’t know and all the girls our own age, thus making receiving the white rose award harder.

While sitting around the fire pit, again this is our fifth year or YCL year, talk turned towards the white rose award since it was towards the end of the week. This young woman said how she felt gypped out of the award last year because she would have “totally gotten it had we been in ward camps”. I said excuse me, because her and I were the two and only fourth years in our ward and thus it probably would have been given to her or me and she said that she could have wooed our leaders to like her best during camp even if they favored me at church.  Where as we were with leaders that didn’t know her and it was between all the girls that level rather then just two. I found it funny that she would say that to my face while in this group. We were also only 30 or so feet away from the leaders camper who where taking naps at the time.

Anyways I also found it ironic because I received the white rose award that year, along with one other young women in our YCL camp. We had the same leaders from our fourth year, and honestly I had just been myself, which made it that more special to receive the award for myself.

Side note: I remember the leaders giving examples of things I had done that week and crying before they said my name, they also do a program and different things that get you crying before hand anyways. My friend Elizabeth was sitting next to me and I remember her giving me a smile and saying they were talking about me. For example, and this is for posterity not my own puffing up,  they said how I had helped a homesick first year, and a stake leader happened to see my friend and me comforting her. I had also stayed behind while some of the other girls went to town because their wasn’t enough room in the car plus I watched over our camp while they were gone. I took over being a secret sister for a first year who’s YCL secret sister hadn’t come to camp. Things I did just because they needed to be done, though I would have gone to town had there been room.
My prideful side says “Yeah,  I got the award while you didn’t because you’re a fake.” While that really shows I’m not too Christlike and only wanted it for the recognition. I’m sure she’s forgotten all about it and the words she said.

So for most of our relationship we weren’t the best of friends and it went very much like the above, a competition, though I’m not sure what we were competing for.

Our senior year we were in two choirs together. For some reason we got along a little better. I felt her cheer me on with my nervousness of singing in front of people during some solo days and she saw me get angry at people and enjoyed that I wasn’t always the “Nice Lacey”.  We were finally being nice to one another, though I would say she was finally being nice to me.

The nicest thing she ever said to me was senior night for choir. Usually on the last road trip of the year there is a senior bus coming home. Each senior would be on the bus and they could bring one underclassman. This year our trip was in April and it was just too early in the year so Mrs. B did senior night. It was  a few days after the choir concert and my nervous solo. As part of the night Mrs. B would say something nice and each person around the circle would also have time to say something about others. It was to be only kind words and uplifting.
This young woman, whom I felt very little approval from and did not get along with, said the nicest thing and the only thing I remember from that night specifically.
She has sung and performed since she was a small child. Her mother is an amazing singer and she is also.
She said how she had long gotten over any stage fright, but how she was so proud of me for performing and doing so well despite my nervousness. It was one of the few times I felt genuine kindness and sympathy from her towards me.

It was a good ending.

I saw her in a psychology class in college that we shared, but it was the semester I got married and I wasn’t there as much as I should have been. That would be the last time I saw her till at the choir concert in May and retirement party for our choir teacher. She was engaged and I got her number but never called her to give her my address. I called another friend and was able to find out the date, time, and place and I went to the reception Saturday night.

It was odd to be there. It seems that the many years of not liking each other is what sticks. We have few close times and not many happy memories of being together as friends.

I’m not sure why I wanted to go besides that I wanted to be there to show support and I hope she knows that even though we didn’t get along I still want her to find happiness and joy.


Thursday, July 10th, 2008

A while back Jon found a website that automatically tracks your spending from your credit card and checking accounts.

It allows you to state a budget and categorizes what you’ve spent into the budget.

So the point being it keeps track of your budget for you. No entering receipts into a spread sheet, no guessing what you have left since you haven’t entered receipts into the spread sheet.

So all you have to do is log on and see where you are that month in spending and see what’s left.

Of course it only works if you do things electronically, and since we do it’s perfect for us.