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Week in Review

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Monday I cleaned a little.

Tuesday I did other stuff, and got very angry at Eden that morning. It was my first of a few disputes with my ornery girl.

The girls had their second song practice for the upcoming ward dinner, anyone who wants to go let me know and I’ll send you the info, and Eden participated with all her heart. I’m not sure if me being outside for the first part of it helped, or singing the song throughout the day, but either way she sang. ( I was outside talking to Sam and we both agreed that if we were having a hard day we should call the other so the girls could play and we could get adult interaction. She also had a very hard day with Britta. )

Wednesday we were gone all day. First to Target then to lunch with Anna, which was a picnic at a park that the Life learners, or unschooling group, was meeting at. After she left I waited and chatted with the different families that showed up and left early to get to my mom’s house. I then hung out at my mom’s while she embroidered names on towels for my friend. Eden fell asleep on the car ride home so Lilah and I went to get dinner. Jon actually came home around 4, but I was upstairs and hadn’t heard the cell phone ring, though the towels weren’t done so it wouldn’t have mattered much anyways. I just hate losing that time.

Thursday was the class with Beth and not a very good day.

Friday I did a grocery store run and then Sam and Britta came over for lunch and the afternoon. The girls had fun playing and we had fun talking and making granola. I also tried to pick up a hot pan with my bare hand, that didn’t feel too good and the ice pack I think saved me from getting any blisters.

I made a delicious Chicken Teriyaki for dinner, only I cut off a small part of my thumb, it’s just a tip and really not that much, though I fear it will never be quite the same, it still hurts and bled this morning when we changed my bandage. I guess I should be very careful with my Cutco knives, and I think that every time I slice something with one of them, which is more often than I care to admit.
I actually cut myself at the very beginning and carried on through cutting up the vegetables. Using only one good hand and three fingers, since my pointer finger was busy holding the paper towel to my wound. I don’t think I got any blood in it and was careful to throw out the chicken that I was cutting when I cut my finger. I’m not a restaurant, so I don’t have to be up to code. Some days are A days while others are you cut yourself and carry on so your dinner isn’t extremely late days.

Today was a bit of a lazy day. I am wounded and all. I’ve worked on my lesson, talked to my MIL, watched a movie with the girls and all that jazz. Jon went to his office to have some time alone for studying. Lilah and I posted two posts on her blog, which has been greatly neglected.

Soon it’ll be time for putting the pizza in the oven and enjoying Lilah’s smoothie creation, which will be posted on her blog soon. (She loves to make up recipes, though most are not viable ones, but this one sounds like it might work out. )

The weather is finally suppose to turn cold this upcoming week. We’ve been enjoying above average temperatures, in the 70’s during the days. I’m not a fan of Winter so while I want it to turn cold so I can wear some cute long sleeves I’ve bought, as it turns cold and I have to sit at the computer wearing a blanket, I remember why I don’t like the cold.

I’d much rather be hot than cold.