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Almost a fire?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Yesterday Lilah and Eden’s dance classes were cancelled for the week. With it being Thanksgiving this Thursday and past experiences, dance class is pretty small, so she had us take the week off and we’ll go one extra week past the schedule.

So with no class we decided to do a Costco run for my MIL. Lilah wanted to eat lunch at Costco, but I said no, so she asked if we could eat pizza at grandma’s house. (I was buying mini pizza’s for them.) So we had a lazy afternoon at the Blake’s house. The girls sat on the couch eating lunch and watching Bambi with Grandpa.

Jon had taken Eden over on Sunday night to help move the computer, and Grandma let Eden choose a VHS to take home, Bambi, but our VCR is broken, so we couldn’t watch it. When I told my in-laws why we had to return the video so soon and that some day we plan on buying a DVD VCR combo due to too many plugs,  my mother-in-law later emerged with a DVD VCR combo. She had bought it for Dara or Jason when they were moving into their group homes, and they ended up not needing it, and my in-laws don’t need it, so she gave it to us and we’re calling it an early Christmas present.

After enjoying a nice afternoon we headed home. I went to go use our bathroom only to have the light burned out and a funny smell in the room. I instant messaged Jon and since we use compact florescent he said I should turn on the bathroom fan and open the back door in our room to air it out.

Later that night when Jon came home and got around to changing the bulb he noticed the bulb had a burn mark and our breaker had been tripped.

We’re not sure what happened. I think I left the light on when I left that morning, but I’m not sure since I try to turn off all lights when I leave. I didn’t see any sparks when I tried to turn the light on so I imagine it happened while we were gone.

Either way I’m glad no real damaged happened and that we had no real fire, though we’re not positive it could have caused a fire, it’s still scary to have a burnt light bulb, a tripped breaker, and a stinky house.

Eden’s run in with scissors.

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

The girls have been doing a lot of crafts lately. I would let them have free range with the scissors, crayons, glue, and tape until Lilah’s roll ran out.

About two weeks ago I was going to give Eden a haircut after her bath, but it got to late so we just got the girls to bed that Wednesday night.

Friday night Eden was using the scissors and she came over to me and mentioned cutting her hair. I thought she was asking me to cut her hair but as I looked at her I noticed she had a clump of hair hanging down from her hair. I pulled at it and it came out. I didn’t notice the damage at first, but then I went to the table to put up the scissors she had been using and noticed more hair on the floor.

Eden had cut her hair.

Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, like up to her hairline, and I almost kept her hair longer, because if her hair was combed just so you wouldn’t really notice her shorter hair, but for the 95 % of the time her hair is not just so, you could.

So Saturday night I cut her hair short once more.

I’ve been trying to grow out her hair, but keep it short with a cute A line type bob, but I guess I’m back to square one.

She is really cute with short hair, but I think she looks slightly boyish, especially since the pants I thought were girls I think are boy pants, they’re straight legged and just baggy on her.

I also worry that Eden might gain a complex as Lilah’s hair is long and gets done in more interesting ways, and when I have Lilah’s hair curly she gets a lot of compliments, but the one day I had Eden’s hair in pig tails before she cut it off, she wanted them out by lunch time.

She’s cute and I love her no matter how short her hair is.

What Eden cut off.

After I cut her hair.