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Little sleep

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Last night I made rolls with my friend Beth. She’s attempted to make rolls two or three times and they’ve never risen, so I was there to tutor her step by step and to get the rolls I’m bringing to Jon’s family dinner.

After showing her how to make sure the liquid wasn’t too hot and what not we covered to let them rise, watched to see if hers were rising and I went home to give the girls a bath and enjoy an evening with Jon.

We watched Kite Runner and I baked the rolls. We got to bed really late, around 1:45 am.

At 5:20 am Eden came in saying her tummy wasn’t feeling well. I picked her up to here her kinda breath like she was going to throw up, but luckily she didn’t, at least not at that moment.
I gave her some food, she wasn’t eating it very well, and then she did throw up.
I gave her some crackers  and juice and she came to my bed while Jon got up. Later she threw that up.
We gave her a carrot that she hardly ate and some water, and she threw that up eventually too.
She also gagged at the applesauce and wasn’t able to even get it down.

What a fun Thanksgiving morning.

I was going to make a special breakfast, but decided I was too tired and to wait for a day where Eden can enjoy it too.

Jon’ll be staying home while Lilah and I go our family’s homes. Yes, I’ll even be going to his family’s dinner without him.

He’s not much of a socializer, so it’s not a big loss for him. I’d like to stay home and cuddle with Eden, but Jon’ll do that and I’ll instead get to eat a lot of food and gain 5 pounds, something he could stand to do, and socialize, something I like to do.

Happy Thanksgiving to us.