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Black Friday

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Last night I spent the night with my sister Carolyn at the house she was house sitting. We talked and decided to do some Black Friday shopping and since all the stores were in Henderson, and she was in Henderson, and I didn’t want to drive to Henderson early in the morning, it just worked out better to stay the night there.

I had met her at her in-laws house. Derek had gotten off work late with it being a Holiday and they were playing games. I played Scene It with them and didn’t do too bad. I knew some answers that others did not, but I didn’t know a lot that they did. Derek is a huge movie buff, where as we watch movies from Net Flix and not all of them are in the main stream.

We left his parents house around 11 pm and then got to bed around 1am. You know girls, we like to talk and Carolyn and I can often talk about almost anything with one another. I really cherish the friendship I have with her and my other sisters. It’s nice getting older and being able to share one another’s burdens or talk about silly things that you think are ridiculous, or might make you a little weird, only to find out someone else is just like you!

We went to bed at 1 am and set our alarms for 5:30 am, and got up at 5:40 am. I didn’t want to hold her up so I was actually the one to get her up and startle her at 5:40 am.

We left the house around 6:45 – 7 o’clock and went to Kohl’s first. It was a bit of a bust and had the longest lines of all the stores we went to and the $20 that Carolyn was going to spend was not worth the wait.

We then tried to find Radio Shack but the first one we went to had had closed down. It looked like our Black Friday might not be very productive, but eventually we found a Radio Shack, thanks to Carolyn’s cool phone, and she was able to buy what she needed.

We then went to a less traveled Michael’s that was close by. I was able to get my chocolate for truffles for $1.29 a bag plus an additional 25% off my total purchase, so around $1.05 a bag with tax, the normal price at JoAnn’s is $2.59 or so, it was a total score. (Thanks Carolyn for noticing the ad!) They also had the cheapest gingerbread house kits so we bought some of those to put together with the girls also.

After Michael’s we went onto Old Navy to buy dresses for the girls, and I found a sweater for myself too.

We then stopped for a bite to eat and hot chocolate at Starbucks.

Then to JoAnn’s. Carolyn was buying a Christmas tree and the amount of people there was crazy. Nearly all the fabric was 50% off so the cutting lines were the worst I’ve ever seen. It took over an hour to cut all the fabric for one woman and she took out three cart loads of fabric! My poor mother was there buying fabric for my aunt, she grabbed a number right when she got there, #67, and when we left, around two hours after my mom got there, they were only on #20. It was nuts. Luckily the line for check out wasn’t too bad and Carolyn saved a  lot of money, while I just bought a few things I needed since I was standing in line with her.

We then went to Costco and I bought my final gift of the season for my little family. I still need to get something for my brother and his wife, my dad, and I probably will be doing the shopping for my in-laws once again this year. The girls will be buying gifts for one another, but that’s not anything I need to worry about for right now.

I dropped Carolyn off and before I came home I went to Target to get a blanket I desperately wanted and was on sale, along with a couple other things. I was able to get in and out very quickly, so over-all it was a pretty good day and I think we saved a bit of money on the items we needed/ wanted to get.

Normally I do not participate in the whole Black Friday craziness, we honer Buy Nothing Day, but since we are in an stable situation, the economy is down, and there were deals to be had, it seemed like the right thing to do, plus I had someone to go with me and it makes it a lot more fun if you’re not by yourself.

I had a great day and to top it off I came home to a tidy home and Jon doing lots of laundry and dishes. I also took a way too long nap this afternoon thanks to my wonderful husband. ( I don’t function well on only four and half hours of sleep, especially when it happens two nights in a row. I am a person who needs sleep and I’ll admit it.)

Black Friday turned out to be pretty bright.