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I think I’m crazy.

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

My friend Beth’s daughter, Hannah, is going to be in the play Aladdin for her acting class. She needs her costumes sewn, and Beth asked me and I said yes.

I thought it was a shirt and some pants, but it’s a shirt, pants, sash, long gown, like a Shepard, with a cover coat, also like a Shepard, it’s literally from a nativity pattern. (I don’t blame Beth though because she didn’t know how much had to be sewn until we looked at the web page.)

Oh, since we were both so busy with the Holidays I have a week, maybe a week and a half to sew them. The play is on the 23rd, but of course they have dress rehearsal earlier that week.

Beth and her daughters be watching the girls for me when they can so they’re not totally neglected and so Lilah will still get some school in.

I’ll be cutting out the patterns tomorrow and the fabric on Monday. Hopefully I can start sewing something Tuesday and be done by Friday.

Most of the things are relatively easy, the shirt will be the most difficult part.

I don’t know what we’ll be eating over the next week, so maybe I should go to Smith’s and stock up on Pizza’s, or have Beth pay me in dinners, though she doesn’t cook much so she’d be buying them and that would total more than I’d want to have her pay me. She’s wanting to pay me, but I’m not really wanting her to pay me, except it is a lot, but she does a lot for us.

I think I’m crazy.

On an up note I did sew yesterday and finish some gifts for my friend Sam. I’m giving them to her tomorrow so I’ll post pictures after I know they’re in her hands. It felt really good to sew and create something, since I was kinda avoiding my machine for some unknown reason during the holiday.

I think I now know why I was avoiding it.