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Part-time Parent

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

This week I was a part-time parent. I had the girls Tuesday and Thursday and The other “parent” had them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Yeah, I was sewing or doing something sewing related on my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so Beth and her daughters watched the girls.

Tuesday I babysat for Kristi and did other things. Thursday I watched Britta in the morning for Sam and then after lunch we went over there to let the kids play and to sew and serge the pajama pants. Serging them was so much easier than french seaming and I know if I ever decide to sew for money I will invest in a serger.

Beth had the girls from 9:30 am till 2:30 or 3 pm when they were over there. They were very well behaved and let me tell you always excited to go over. I packed school stuff to do, though on Monday they were so engaged in playing with the Lincoln Logs and animal toys that Beth didn’t want to stop and do school stuff with them. Beth is a firm believer in letting kids play and do things for as long as they are engaged, as to help with attention spans. The longer they can do things without being directed the better.

Beth is one of the few people I people I trust with having my girls for long periods. Her and her daughters are so good to my girls and they really take an active part, especially Hannah who probably played more than she should have, and should have done more school work, since the girls were there during school time.

I finished all the sewing Friday, and sewed the buttons on at Beth’s house since I was lonely and not feeling well on Friday. I thought it was due to not getting enough sleep and not eating as much as I should have. Jon and I went to the movies that night while my parents watched the girls. I had a sore neck the whole time because of the position of the chair.

With having sore muscles I borrowed a heating pad from my mom and used it Friday night. It helped but I woke up Saturday morning with a low fever, headache, a hurting stomach, and I felt nauseous whenever I stood for too long.

Jon took good care of me and the girls all day since I’m a baby when sick and couldn‘t do much. I  just laid or slept on the couch the whole day, taking breaks to go to the bathroom and to take a short nap with Eden in our bed.

Today since I am feeling mostly myself, I still get a little lightheaded when I stand for too long and tummy aches after eating, Jon is studying all day and has sequestered himself in our room. I’m in charge of the girls and I’m hoping to resort to a day of movie watching only if they start fighting a lot since I really don’t want to deal with fighting today.

I’m just grateful I was able to get all the sewing done before I got sick. I think my body may have known that my stress would be going away and it was OK to get sick, though it wasn’t an ideal time for Jon since he’s in school and needs regular studying time.

Life will be back to normal and, at least for a long time, I don’t see  myself being a part-time parent. It was lonely being by myself on the days Beth was watching my girls. I had no one to show me the cute things they were doing or to watch me as I sewed.

I like being a full-time parent.