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Lacey’s maid service

Monday, March 9th, 2009

We have some family coming into town next week and they’ll be staying at my parents house. It wouldn’t be a problem except we have two families coming and both guest rooms will be needed and the downstairs guest room had been overtaken with bow making and Christmas stuff.

My sister Carolyn wanted to help my parents get ready for our siblings arrival, so we went over there Saturday night to help out. I also wanted to give Jon alone time for studying.

We cleaned and got Subway out of it since my parents were going to a dinner and were not there to make dinner for us while we sat around and talked, I mean cleaned.

We got the upstairs great room cleaned up and ready for my one year old niece to play in and the downstairs bed cleaned off and ready to sleep in. We also hung a mirror that my father doesn’t like, but how often does he go in the guest room? Not often, and if it weren’t for the fact that we were hanging it while he was there it probably would have been months, if not years before he noticed.

Since the kitchen counters were still filled with papers and other things and I needed to go back to Henderson to pick up things I went over there today to clean up some more. I admit that I keep my kitchen counters relatively cleared off, but mostly because my kitchen is so small. I have to worry about our desk and end table piling up. I definitely inherited the ‘cover every horizontal service with papers’ gene and Jon inherited the ‘cover every vertical service with books’ gene.

I mostly just help organize and then clean a few areas. I then made some cookies for us since they had the just tear apart and bake cookies.  I ate way too many because cookies are a weakness of mine and I just love them.

After cleaning I picked up my wedding ring from the jewelers and came home.

I’m making pizza tonight.

I don’t think I’d be a very effective cleaning lady. It makes me too tired to cook dinner or clean my own house.