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Daylight savings

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

So Sunday was Daylight savings and stake conference. Since it was a satellite broadcast I was not very inclined to go, so I stayed home, slept till 10, and didn’t go. (Remember 10 am was really 9 am since it was daylight savings.)

Anyways even though I’ve lost an hour of time, this week has been the longest week of my life, especially yesterday.

I’ve been trying to get up early and exercise, which means I’m waking up at 6:50 am which translates to my body thinking I’m waking up at 5:50 am. Yesterday I did my workout and the girls woke up right as I finished and as Jon was leaving. They laughed at me while I did the ten minute ab work out. I told Lilah it wasn’t polite to laugh at people, something she’s been doing lately that has been rather annoying/ rude to those in her family.

We had breakfast and got dressed. I accomplished the first school task I wanted to with Lilah and then we worked on a 300 piece puzzle. It was only 11:00, but boy did it feel a lot later.

The girls played I did nothing of importance and I started making lunch at 11:30. We ate, did more of nothing,  I let the girls finish watching Monster’s Inc. and read or something.

The day just dragged on.

I got Lilah’s math stuff together and Eden and I took a nap, then I woke up at 5 to make dinner.

We ate, or I ate since the girls both had to go to the bathroom at the same time, dinnertime, and they both entertained themselves by singing or telling stories to themselves, so I was finished with dinner before they even began.

Jon came home around 6:47pm and I wanted to end the night right there. I had such a long day, but only accomplished the school things I needed to and dinner.

No laundry was folded, no floors were swept and the house was in a slight chaotic state that just annoyed me.

I could have done so much, but I didn’t want to.

He motivated me to do a 15 minute tidy around our living room which improved it and my mood a little more. I mostly felt bad that I had so much time but hadn’t accomplished much, besides school stuff.

Do you have days where you do nothing but have so much time to do something?